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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1098a – Dan Nainan

Dan Nainan sticks around to take some calls. It doesn’t go well, as most callers seem to be trolling him or just plain name calling. It goes downhill really fast.    

AS 1098b – Shooby

Dan Nainan splits, but Shooby and Patrick continue the aftershow. We talk with fans about what just happened.    

AS 1098c – Shooby, Lukster

Patrick and Shooby come back for a third installment of this aftershow. Lukster also calls in.    

AS 1097 – D-Fritz

It’s an aftershow with ya boi in the house. Not a long one, but one nonetheless.    

Preshow 1097 – Making D-Fritz Wait

Where making Fritz wait is the new American past-time! We take donations to make D-Fritz wait and hate.    

VIP VyBz Webshow

Moody joins in to punk some stupid craigslist ad we saw. We build a website, YouTube channel, and so much more. This is a fritz.Production for tru niggaz!    

Meet the Slaton Sisters

The show meets the biggest thing since time. These two gigantic bitches eat and waddle around their world while we all just sit in wonder. Featuring Lukster!    

Zippercrash – April 2015

Patrick does a Zippercrash show and fools around with some fans.    

Shooby Gets Shitfaced

Patrick and Shooby go to brunch and come back and do a late show. Tanked up on bloody Mary’s and mimosas, this shit gets real. Shoobyi so drunk he’s yelling, throwing mics and phones around, and much more. Eventually he passes out, falls to the floor, climbs up to the couch, AND THEN PISSES ON […]

AS 1094 – More Nainan

We watch some more of Dan Nainan’s videos. Get in on the ground floor of Dan!    

AS 1093 – D-Fritz

D-Fritz sticks around against his will for an aftershow. He soon has to run to Del Taco to get some Mexican food for his girl. She LOVES Mexican food. And she HATES Asians.    

Preshow 1093 – Delaying Fritz

It’s time for a Fritz show, but Patrick is delaying. Here some classic clips in this preshow!    

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