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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1179 – Cory Conspiracies

Cory sticks around for an aftershow of conspiracy talk. Cory really believes some of this stuff. We take a look at Alex Jones.  

AS 1178 – James Hesky

James Hesky sticks around for an aftershow, and we take some calls. We go over Derek Savage and his continued failures, including a recap of who the hell Cool Cat is, and what he’s about.  

AS 1177 – Shooby, Roy Johnson

Roy Johnson and Shooby stick around for an aftershow, and shit gets druggy! Shooby has some kind of leaves he wants us to chew on. He rolls a Mexican cigarette blunt. Steve Curran calls in to hang out with Roy. We drink a lot more.  

PM in the AM – Tues, May 17, 2016

Patrick does a PM in the AM after flying from LA and being awake for thirty hours. Michael Madsen was on his flight and Patrick snapped in his face. We watch some of the latest Crazy Joe stuff. Have a day!  

PM in the AM – Weds Apr 27 2016

It’s a PM in the AM before Patrick heads off to the west coast for a couple weeks. Watch as some idiot quits Best Buy.  

AS 1173 – Shooby, Tickle Test

Patrick and Shooby do an aftershow for the ages. Find out if Patrick gets tickled and what happens if Shooby goes through with it.  

AS 1172 – Patrick

Patrick does a short aftershow, elaborating on the Beyonce Lemonade release. There’s also and in-depth discussion on buffet bacon.  

PM in the AM – Tues Apr 19 2016

Patrick is behind the morning news desk once again. Russian planes are zipping over our aircraft carriers, Bernie can’t comb his hair, and much more.  

PM in the AM – Fri Apr 8 2016

Patrick does a quick show before heading off to Albany for a comedy show. We find out Hannibal Burress has released a Netflix documentary on Edinburgh, and Shooy is kissing everyone in sight.  

Aftershow 1170 – James Hesky

James Hesky sticks around for a short aftershow. We watch a video of a white guy and a black guy open carrying an AR-15 through the streets to see what happens when cops stop being polite and start being real. The real cops!  

PM in the AM – Weds Apr 6 2016

A quick check of the news on this edition of PM in the AM. We dive in to some political stuff and also find an old Pete Holmes podcast that might be interesting. Or not.  

PM in the AM – Mon Apr 4, 2016

Patrick has spent two hours trying to repair something on his Mac and is pissed. Sean calls in to talk about some Edinburgh stuff. We look at the Panama papers and more in the news.  

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