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TCJS – July 30, 2015

Crazy Joe holds a mock court to try Patrick for harassment. Though Patrick has literally done nothing. Pretty funny rant show.    

TCJS – July 28, 2015

Crazy Joe is back with one of the shittiest shows ever. Lots of sound clips and screaming in this one.    

TCJS – Fake Out Show

Joe pretends to be live with a prerecorded show. The fans catch on pretty quick. It’s still shitty.    

Crazy Joe – I Don’t Fuck With You

A mix of some of Crazy Joe’s sayings. In song form.    

Preshow 1115 – Shooby on the Street

A top secret pre-show including Shooby with a wireless mic on the street interviewing people! Patrick is waiting for some drug lord Shooby invited over to start the show. It’s so baaaaad.    

AS 1115 – Drunk Shooby, D-Fritz

We’re eating pizza and Shooby is telling boring stories about things. Patrick is as well. And D-Fritz is just loving it all.    

TCJS – Thursday, July 23, 2015

Crazy Joe is back and making some SERIOUS allegations about Patrick. Join us for another FOUR HOUR epic edition of Crazy Joe – the only guy in radio who seems to want calls but not want calls. On this edition, you’ll meet a guy named Wally, callers annoy Joe, come between Joe and his producer […]

TCJS – July 21, 2015

Patrick introduces the world to Crazy Joe and his show. Found late night perusing Craigslist, this guy and his show are a hoot, and he sure doesn’t like it when NLO fans take over his show from beginning to end. This is being called one of the most epic sessions in NLO history by the […]

AS 1114 – Shooby Shots, D-Fritz

Shooby sticks around to do birthday shots until he’s obliterated. Then we order pizza and ice cream for his birthday, and he dumps all the ranch dressing out on the pizza. Enjoy a very Shooby birthday!    

AS 1113 – Tony Gaud

Tony sticks around for an aftershow. We show him some of our favorite YouDorks and get his opinion on Fag Dad.    

March of the Pigs 4 – Oooof

Josh does his third installment of the pig march. This time his buddy Jeff May sits down with him to listen to his stories and try to make him seem normal. It’s the normal three hour dissection of a mad man.    

AS 1112 – Patrick Solo

Patrick does a short aftershow after Dante and Cory take off.    

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