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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1141 – Patrick

Patrick does an aftershow to talk about the Haley aftermath. Maybe in the future we shouldn’t let the guests see the chat.    

2015 American Music Awards

Patrick watches the AMA’s with fans, commenting throughout. We skip the shit we don’t want to watch. And we watch all the Ariana Grande.   `

PM in the AM – Mon, Nov 23, 2015

We start the week checking in on the latest happenings in the NLO universe!  

AS 1140 – Daddy Derek Learns Fair Use

Patrick does an aftershow and we check in with the latest Cool Cat happenings. Daddy Derek is losing it.  

TCJS – Weds, Nov 18, 2105

Crazy Joe is back and is on a rampage! He’s talking about onions, and taking calls from a lot of fans. Patrick even manages to get a call in for awhile on this one!  

PM in the AM – Thurs, Nov 19, 2015

This one is extra long, and features much entertainments! We watch some of the newer Joe stuff, talk about the scam behind daily fantasy betting, and Patrick has micro-invested in Square stock and is all worried about it. We also watch some of the great Adam Tod Brown, Josh Denny’s roommate, and learn more about […]

PM in the AM – Weds, Nov 18, 2015

We check in with anti-feminist Lauren Southern. More as well in this edition!  

PM in the AM – Tues, Nov 17, 2015

Patrick does a quick show to check in on the latest Joe periscopes. This man is an absolute hoot!  

AS 1139 – Shooby, D-Fritz

Patrick does an aftershow with Shooby and D-Fritz, and things get weird. Wings are on the way. Kat is making blackened salmon for dinner. Voice effects are go.    

PM in the AM – Friday, Nov. 13, 2015

It’s time for more PM in your AM. Patrick checks in on news topics, we see what weirdo Donald Trump is up to, and more.    

TCJS – Thurs., Nov. 12, 2015

We haven’t checked in on crazy Joe in a while. This time, listeners hit back in full force with phone calls, Joe moons the camera, and our very own turncoat Jonesy calls Joe and gets him fired up. Joe is fun again!    

PM in the AM – Birthday Celebrortion

It’s Patrick’s birthday and he’s scouring the web for things to laugh at today. We laugh at some lighting dork, and then we get diverted to our old pal Cool Cat. You won’t believe what Daddy Derek has been up to!    

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