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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1015 – Cornell Reid, Scott Bowser

Cornell and Scott stick around to check out some more YouTube videos. We also make fun of Bar Rescue some more.    

Chip Chip Chris – Airport Anxiety

Chip Chip Chris is flying back to London, and Patrick is delaying him. Hear this secret recording as his tension ramps up. Listen as Moody becomes aware of the recording and begins to play along. No Chris’s were hurt in the recording of this audio    

PM in the AM 18 – Other Bort Shows

It’s a PM in the AM that never gets off the ground! Patrick just ends up making fun of other Bitcoin shows on iTunes. And there’s a lot of rambling and stuff. Not one of the greats!    

PM in the AM 17 – BK Edition

Patrick returns with another great edition of P-Melt in the Morning, sponsored by Burger King! You’re going to love the way the new BK breakfast menu rolls of your tongue! Featuring calls from Jon in Ohio, and some weirdo from Israel. Can you even BK-lieve it?    

Moody Gets High – NLO Week

Moody smokes 1-2 puffs of weed and loses his mind. Kirstin and Adam, fans in town for the week, are also in the car as we drive to Umami Burger for lunch. Moody talks about falling, smoking, walking, sleeping, and kangaroos. It all ends with a burger.    

AS 1012 – Brian and Kenzie

In probably one of the funniest/creepiest aftershows ever, Patrick talks to a 13-year-old girl. I mean, her father is the one that put her on the phone. He lets her listen to this show. Isn’t that crazy? Talk about bad parenting. You hear this, Brian? Shame on you. Buy that girl an Overdose membership.   […]

PM in the AM 16 – Megan in Buffalo

PMelt in the Morning brings you fun and entertainment with news of the day. This show features a call from Megan in Buffalo, NY. Let’s see what craziness this brings in to your already sunny day!    

AS 1011 – D-Fritz, IJHATT Kyle, Hamcast

It’s an extended Friday aftershow with D-Fritz, Kyle from IJHATT, Adam the ham-goblin, Kevin and more. Lukster even calls in on this one. We get a visit from some hackers, and we also get shut the fuck down. It’s really gets to us. Kyle order pizza while Adam and Patrick try to make a coin […]

PM in the AM 15 – Return of Buddas

Long lost fan Buddas calls in with some horrible new raps, and Lukster calls in too! Patrick talks to Buddas about his life, where he’s been, and more. Buddas snaps and goes off on Lukster about something. Who knows. This is a crazy one.    

PM in the AM 14 – Mostly Singing

If you hate singing along, skip this one. There’s some talking and a phone call or two, as well.    

AS 1010 – Josh Denny, Rap Battles

Josh Denny sticks around and we watch some rap battles on YouTube. Patrick also takes a challenge from Josh that he can’t make a rap that isn’t about S’ing that D. We’ll let you see what happens.    

AS 1009 – D-Fritz

D-Fritz sticks around for a fritz dot aftershow, involving Moody and some of the regulars, and a new Fritz website. You’re going to love it. And if you don’t, you can take it up with D-Fritz. He’s pretty tough.    

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