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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1067: More Niko

Niko sticks around to redeem himself. Or not. You be the judge.    

ZipperCrash – Dec 7 2014

It’s been awhile, but Jim is back with boiling blood. How do we make this guy so mad by doing nothing? Watch as ZipperJim’s show deteriorates in to another cauldron of weird anger, jealousy, lying and dick-sucking. NLO fans call and press Jim’s buttons continually through this disaster.    

PM in the AM 32 – Racist Tour Guide

We listen to a racist tour guide take us through Chinatown in San Francisco. Patrick talks about NYC. Then some shopping for a new mixer for using in NYC. This is the last PM in the AM recorded in Los Angeles.    

AS 1064 – Shooby, Drone Show

Shooby sticks around for an aftershow and we learn about drones. Patrick wants to get a cool drone and fly it around events and the rest of the city.    

AS 1063 – Scott Erick

Scott Erick sticks around to sober up on this aftershow.    

AS 1062 – Shooby, CitySoundz

Our first aftershow in New York City. It’s nothing spectacular, so don’t expect a miracle.    

AS 1061 – Jake Lloyd, D-Fritz, COOL CAT

Patrick is joined by Jake Lloyd and ya boi for the last aftershow in LA. We chat with fans in a Google hangout, including Candita, Cory and more. We also prank call Cool Cat and get a phone call from a very angry Daddy Derrick.    

AS 1060 – Meet Vicky!

Patrick does a solo aftershow and we meet a fan named Vicky. Vicky is old and lives in Texas, and shit just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Come on guys, get in to Vicky!    

AS 1058 – Al Jackson, Cornell Reid

This is the one you’ve been on pins and needles waiting for. Al Jackson and Cornell Reid stick around for an aftershow that is sure to be talked about for ages. On this show, we do a table read of a television pilot with several fans who call in, and the laughs just keep on […]

NLO Hangout 5 – Dating Fail

Join us as we try to console Alison after she was stood up. We also talk to other fans, but mostly we are just trying to get Alison to give us the number of the guy who stood her up. But she must really want that D, because she ain’t budging.    

NLO Hangout 4 – Cory, Candita, Lukster

Have you heard about Candita? She’s the newest female listener that we’ve become interested in. Learn all about her and more on this special hangout show.    

AS 1056 – Lane & Stephanie Secret Recording

Lane and Stephanie get real when they didn’t know the mics were hot. Everything is going pretty good until Patrick snaps at Stephanie a little too hard. Stephanie reveals that she hates the show, they shouldn’t have come over, and other insulting things. Lane recovers slowly from mushrooms and tries to fix things, but Stephanie […]

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