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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1088 – Amazon Dash

Patrick does a short aftershow with Kevin from Toledo. The phones crap out. Patrick talks about Shyp and some new thing called Amazon Dash.    

AS 1086 – Chip Chip Chris

Patrick and Chris dive deeper into Carolla on this aftershow. We find out about some drama between him and his former news girl.    

PM in the AM 34 – Podnutz

This is one THREE HOUR bonus show you are not going to want to miss. Patrick gets a tweet from someone saying they dedicated their Android app podcast to him and his recent request for “must have” apps. Patrick listens to the show live, and Lukster calls in to co-host the review. Enjoy this awesome […]

Chef Shooby – Omelette

The long-promised, highly-anticipated cooking show with Shooby is here. In this show, Shooby makes a delicious omelette with cheese, kale, sausage, and some of that patented Shooby spice. How does it come out? Does he burn himself? Does he burn the omelette? Find out now!    

AS 1084 – Foreigners Eat Food

Patrick does a short aftershow where we watch ethnic people eat ethnic fast food. Mexicans eating Taco Bell. Asians eating Panda Express. It goes pretty much how you’d think.    

Preshow 1083 – Chip Chip Chris, D-Frtiz

A small preshow from London with Chip Chip Chris. D-Fritz calls in from his mail route. Patrick gets insulted.    

AS 1081 – Shooby, Robbery Story

Patrick does a short aftershow with the Shoobs. He tells a story about being robbed on Friday the 13th at a grocery store.    

The Android Show

Patrick wants to go all Android, all the time. Or does he? We look at some phones and make fun of Android. We take donations. We talk to everyone’s favorite Hobeiche.    

The NLO Mayo Show

It’s a show, but it’s all about mayo. It’s the NLO Mayo Show! Brought to you by Hellman’s and Best Foods. That’s right. Spread some mayo on a cracker for a treat. Don’t be a stranger! Who doesn’t love eggs?    

AS 1078 – D-Fritz, Hangout

Join D-Fritz, Lukster (kind of) and more for this hangout. We talk about all kinds of stuff and make fun of some new weirdos who are appearing on our screens.    

AS 1077 – Mike D, ZipperGuy

It’s a two-hour aftershow with some good old Zipperfun. Lots of talking and making fun of stuff on this one, so you’re gonna love it. Rub it on your skin.    

AS 1076 – Lukster’s Comedy Critiques

It’s an almost 3 HOUR aftershow with the one and only Lukster. On this show, we talk about all the recent standup specials that are making their way around this comedy circuit. You won’t believe what Patrick shoves in his mouth. And we find out exactly what’s wrong with women.    

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