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AS 1053 – Fan Hangout

Join a hangout with some fan favorites and also some newbies. We see a new shy girl, guns, and much more. Cliff shows us how he guzzles Pepsi and also smokes. It’s super cool!    

AS 1052 – Moody, D-Fritz

Moody and D-Fritz make this final aftershow of Moody’s visit amazing. We take a call from Lukster and cap off this funny hangout aftershow with a lengthy review of the latest Tommy Talks video.    

The Chloe Show w/ Moody

Pretty much a complete show that is a bonus for listeners. Patrick left the feed on overnight, and when he came in to shut it off, he ended up doing a 90 minute bonus show with Moody. We talk to Chloe, a weird canadian listener who lies a lot and doesn’t tell us what’s going […]

NLO Hangout 3 – D-Fritz, Fans

It’s another NLO fan hangout, and this one has tons of creeps. Meet new fans and of course hear from old favorites. We talk about a lot of stuff. Enjoy.    

AS 1051 – Moody, Shooby

Shooby joins Moody and Patrick in studio for a long aftershow. Patrick and Shooby are talking about their upcoming move. Moody gets his sister to call in from Melbourne to tell us about how promiscuous she’s been lately. We also learn about art.    

iPhone 6 Order Debacle

Patrick and Shooby decide to order iPhones together on a family plan. At midning on September 12, orders for the new iPhone 6 went live. This is the live show from when we tried to order.    

The iPhone 6 Announcement

Patrick covers the iPhone 6 announcement by Tim Cook and that guy with the things on his face. You won’t believe how much of a clusterfuck this presentation was. Oh and the Apple watch. Oh man! It’s so cool!    

AS 1050 – Stolen Website Hangout

We are still dealing with a host that has run off with our websites. A fan tracks down someone who works for the company and we start a text dialog. Patrick does a hangout with fans and we also talk to Cory in NY. It’s a pretty wild hangout, and even Jipperfish Zim joins in. […]

Bubba the Love Sponge – Sept 8, 2014

After receiving a supportive tweet Sunday night, Patrick tunes in to Bubba. Apparently the crew over at “The Bone” all went behind Bubba’s back to get him fired. Check out this show to hear the latest of a weekend of radio revolving around Tampa, Florida.    

The Mo Show – Sept 6, 2014

Patrick and Moody spring out of bed after receiving a tip that they are being bashed. Comedian Maurice Jovan is talking about Moody’s call from Friday night to Johnny B, and making fun of podcasters. Enjoy this FOUR HOUR rollercoaster while NLO pretty much runs “The Cat Named Mo Show” for it’s entirety.    

AS 1049 – Moody, Johnny B, D-Fritz

Moody calls the Johnny B and Mo show and kicks off a bit of a radio war. D-Fritz and Patrick are here as well, and lots of drinking is going down.    

AS 1045 – D-Fritz, Web Videos

Stick around for this awesome aftershow with ya boi! We watch some videos of people who apparently just like getting hit.    

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