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Nobody Likes Onions

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PM in the AM – Feb 3 2016

On this PM in the AM, Patrick cruises news topics. We watch some Trump and ultimately land catching up with a lot of shit rock bands from the early 2000’s.  

PM in the AM – Feb 2 2016

We check in on a lot of what’s been going on this week. Bernie Sanders has nothing on Larry David. Have you heard about Louis C.K.’s new show Horace and Pete’s? We also watch Crazy Joe jerk off on periscope to a male caller.  

Grease LIVE!

FOX decides to put on a live musical production of Grease. We just end up getting trolled in our chat.  

AS 1155 – James Hesky

A short aftershow with James Hesky. Hesky points us to a new phenomenon the kids are into called Dewshine, which is just apparently guzzling Mountain Dew and racing fuel. Yeah, the shit they put in race cars so they go zoom.  

NLO 1153: StormWatch 2016

Enjoy this bonus show we did Friday night during winter storm Jonas. Shooby joins in, and we get callers from around the country for commentary. We talk to a Navy boy who’s been listening to the show for a long time. We get a call from a listener named Alexander who claims to be a […]

AS 1152 – Cory’s Birthday, D-Fritz

Cory stops in for her 40th birthday celebration and D-Fritz joins. We’re attacked and trolled in our chat room and Google Hangout by Red Bar.  

Aftershow 1150 – Sean in Liverpool

Patrick talks with Sean in Liverpool about the Edinburgh Fringe announcement. We also listen to a rape podcast.  

Preshow 1150: D-Fritz Mic Issues

Daniel Fritz can’t figure out his microphone. It’s pretty rude stuff.   `

Aftershow 1149: Shooby, Moody

Patrick and Shooby check in with Moody and things get embarrassing. More Oomung talk, and Shooby orders wings.   `

Keith and the Girl – Live Listen Jan 5, 2016

Keith and the Girl do a show and our fans listen live. Their chat does not take it well.   `

Keith and the Girl – Fat Pat Slam

Keith and the Girl respond to our big hate campaign. Basically, we didn’t earn it. Enjoy.   `

PM in the AM – Dec 29, 2015

We touch on the latest Butch stuff and get a call from Andy Julia. Andy runs a podcast that Butch called in to recently.   `

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