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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1043 Part 3 – D-Fritz, Douche Garbanzo

Part three of the aftershow that has the OD buzzing. More from Whitmore, and of course the fans. Patrick gets really drunk and demands food. Fritz may or may not decide to help.  

AS 1043 Part 2 – D-Fritz, Douche Garbanzo

Part two of the aftershow you’ve been waiting for. We continue the Drew Garbanzo show where he bashes Johnny B. The war is heating up over Twitter, and we get a phone call from an old show friend and one of Johnny’s buddies.  

NLO Hangout 2

It’s another NLO hangout with the fans! Come be a part of the madness until it unravels and becomes unfun. Then we just end it! Ok?  

PM in the AM 29 – Buddas Calls In

Patrick talks about the current Josh situation and friendships, and a little speculating about NYC.  

PM in the AM 28 – Patrick Solo

Patrick talks about the current Josh situation and friendships, and a little speculating about NYC.  

Titanfall Launch – Part 2

Patrick hooks up his Xbox One to the broadcast and downloads the new game Titanfall. This show is mostly waiting for the download and installation of the game, but still fun.  

Titanfall Launch – Part 1

The game is downloaded and we’re ready to kill robots or whatever. This game is stupid, and Patrick hasn’t played it since. But here he is, playing it for hours. And yelling.  

San Antonio Bonus Show

Patrick does a show from his hotel room in San Antonio over New Years week. This one has been in the queue for awhile!  

Late Night Bonus Show

This is a late night bonus show with a lot of babbling by Patrick. It also has another one of Patrick’s famous tours around what’s addicting on YouTube right now.  

Rord Bor Rordio – June 29, 2014

Patrick calls in to the Mike David show to talk about something. I don’t remember what. This is so old, man.  

Preshow Bonus with “Heather”

This is a short preshow from months ago that’s been sitting around!  

NLO Coin Launch – Part 2

NLO coin is chugging along, and Brendan shows up drunk in the chat. He’s drinking wine by the barrel. Come with us and watch the unraveling of a man.  

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