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Nobody Likes Onions

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TCJS – Jan 11, 2017

Crazy Joe is back and this time he’s really pissed. Oh wait, he’s always really pissed. His rants are getting crazier and his paranoia knows no limits. Joe is back, baby!  

AS 1229 – James Hesky, Ross Parsons, Tim Unkenholz

The gang sticks around for an aftershow of more drinking and fun. We listen to an old clip from 9 years ago when Patrick got in to another beef with Mike from Red Bar about his lies and whiny bullshit. It’s very similar to the ongoing situation. We talk about comedy and much more.  

Ginormous Foods Party!

We sit down and preview Josh Denny’s new TV show, Ginormous Foods, live! Join callers like Sean from Liverpool and Moody as we hang out and watch things.  

PM in the AM: Dec 23, 2016

Patrick can’t sleep so he decides to drink early in the morning. This show is basically all about drones and drone shopping. Fans call in.  

AS 1228 – Shooby, The Craziest Joe

On this aftershow, we listen to a clip of Crazy Joe like you’ve never heard. We take a call from one of the finest trolls Red Bar has to offer, and more.  

AS 1227 (Part 2) – BarWatch

The aftershow kickoff of BarWatch continues. More itching, more mini-Mike, making fun of feminists, and more.  

AS 1227 (Part 1) – Nick Starr

Nick Starr and Brian Street stick around for an aftershow. We fire up the first episode of Red Bar Radio from the Anthony Cumia network to watch how it’s done by the guy who hates everything.  

Christmas Eve 2016 – Part 1

Patrick goes live to discover he’s being talked about live during the show. Slowly and surely we begin to uncover the lies told by Mike David and the psychological tactics he is using to lure weak minds to his show. Mike calls in and tries to play diplomatic, throwing out hypotheticals like a bitch.  

Christmas Eve 2016 – Part 2

The shit show of pod-arguing continues. We uncover and expose more of the lies behind Red Bar Radio and Mike David.  

TCJS – Dec 21, 2016

Crazy Joe has had it with The Onions this time, and he’s ranting about it. He interviews some shitty band and takes calls from Onions. The usual.  

PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 1

We check out Josh Denny’s new Food Network show trailer. We take some calls from trolls and begin an afternoon of talking to dorks.  

PM in the AM – Dec 19, 2016 – Part 2

Patrick fixes the phone problem and takes some more troll calls. One caller named Dan Wolfe absolutely embarasses himself with an absolute lack of conviction.  

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