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Nobody Likes Onions

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Josh Denny’s March of the Pigs Podcast

Josh Denny starts his own podcast and Patrick and Lukster guide you while listening. This is the first episode of what we hope will be a weekly recurring thing. It’s hard to say what to expect, but looking at the runtime of this show (nearly three and a half hours) should give you some clue […]

Josh Denny is Str8Hustlin

Josh Denny does an exclusive interview on the Str8Hustlin podcast. These guys are in Tennessee and are country as fuck. Josh fits right in with some good ol’ low-country thinking. What companies need to do, what the government needs to do, and what you need to do – all things JD is an expert at. […]

AS 1109 – Shooby, Apple Watch

Shooby joins Patrick to show off his Apple Watch. We watch trailers for movies, including the new Jurassic Park. We learn way too much about shuffleboard.    

AS 1108 – Shooby

Patrick tests Shooby on things from the 1980s and so much more. Patrick teaches everyone how to fly with weed from California. Also Megan from Buffalo and Ben from San Diego call in. It’s a hoot!    

ZipperCrash – June 19, 2015

One of the most epic ZipperJim shows ever! Watch this mania ensue as Jim tells a story that no one can follow, and then our own Moody calls in to the show and gets beneath Jim’s skin in short order!    

Preshow 1105 – D-Fritz

Patrick and D-Fritz do a long preshow live in Los Angeles. Bandwidth issues and beers abound.    

PC Test Show!

Patrick has installed Windows 8 and it sounds like shit!    

AS 1105 – D-Fritz

Ya boi gets a VERY disturbing text message.    

Preshow 1103 – D-Fritz

Patrick makes D-Fritz wait even though it’s already super late.    

AS 1102 – The Bigger Picture

After his interview on another podcast gets intruded by Patrick, Tommy lashes out.    

Preshow 1102 – Cory the Tat Girl

Cory swings by the studio and we do a little pre-show for the kids. This is after a big blowout and before Cory goes out for a first date.    

PM in the AM 37: More YouTubing

Patrick talks about everything from Adam Carolla to fag dad. Fag dad is our favorite new gay dad on YouTube.    

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