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Nobody Likes Onions

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Fringe Drunk Cast – Aug 12, 2016

Patrick and Edinburgh Mike are smashed and have been drinking until the sun comes up. Hear about our latest Fringe adventures and our night of debaucherous drinking on this bonus show.  

PM in the AM – Thurs, August 4, 2016

Patrick and Sean recap the first fringe night of Patrick’s run. Spoiler alert. Lots of drunks.  

PM in the AM – Tue, July 19, 2016

Donald Trumps wife is accused of stealing a speech. We watch some boy scouts be creepy.  

PM in the AM – Mon, July 18, 2016

Patrick is back from Florida to recap racial unrest. We watch the troubling videos of police and black people dying.  

PM in the AM – Mon, July 4, 2016

America has a birthday and you have a PM in the AM. We talk about rap, and go over some news stories sent in by listeners.  

AS 1186 – Shroom Show Continued

The mushroom chaos continues with Roy Johnson, Shooby, James Hesky, and Mikala. This one is over TWO HOURS long, so strap in for a weird ride to what basically amounts to a severe underdosage of mushrooms. Plenty of funny shit, until we all wind down and pass out.  

PM in the AM – Weds, June 22, 2016

The UK is voting to leave the European Union tomorrow. It could get nuts. Patrick goes over the latest political news and we look at what the hell DJ Khaled is.  

PM in the AM – Thurs, Jun 16, 2016

A quick show before Patrick heads to Baltimore for the weekend for comedy. What’s wrong with this country? He rants about it here.  

PM in the AM – Mon, June 13, 2016

We take a look at the happenings in Orlando over the weekend. Not only the night club shooting, but the singer from The Voice who got shot after a concert.  

Crazy Joe – Checking in on a Madman

We check in on Crazy Joe and not much has changed. He’s ranting about the Onions even though Patrick hasn’t talked about him or checked in on him in months. A complete nut case.  

AS 1182 – Clinton, Kanye West

Patrick details how emperor Trump is going to win the world. We take a look at Kanye West causing chaos in the NYC streets this past weekend.  

AS 1180 – Shooby, Oomung, Moody

Shooby is here and we finally get Oomung on the phone. Oomung couldn’t be more disrespectful. After ranting, he hangs up. We watch the latest Tommy video where he gets drunk and rapey. We take a call from Moody from New Zealand.  

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