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PM in the AM – Tues, Oct 11, 2016

Patrick talks about the days issues in the only morning show that matters. We cover Ann Coulter on the Comedy Central roast, the latest from TommyNC 2010, and more.  

AS 1217 – James Hesky, Shooby

James Hesky and Shooby stick around for a drunken aftershow. Just try to hold on for the ride.  

AS 1216 – Karen Hobbs

Karen Hobbs sticks around for an aftershow. We talk about everything from Oktoberfest to Irish accents.  

PM in the AM – Mon, Sept 26, 2016

Patrick is primed for the debate tonight with The Donald. We also talk about some other news stories that occurred while Patrick was away, including a girl who probably killed her parents and faked her own abduction. Brad and Angelina are breaking up and it’s no one’s fault.  

Trump Assassicast

In the spirit of equal time, we talk about ways to exterminate Donald. This one gets cut short due to some extraordinary circumstances We can’t talk about it.  

FringeCast – August 22, 2016

We turn on a microphone in a room with tons of drunk fans and anything can happen. Join Patrick, Edinburgh Mikey, Wes, Steve, and Shooby as they sit around and just talk about their fringe experiences and things they’ve seen.  

Assassicast – Hillary Clinton

Patrick and fans Chris, Wes, Steve, Shooby, and Mikey sit around and bullshit. We are the worst assassins in the world, and our plans have no details or follow through. Enjoy this new Overdose series where we are the most unlikely mercenaries the planet has ever witnessed.  

FringeCast – Aug 19, 2016

Edinburgh Mikey and other fans sit around and do a drunk Edinburgh update cast. These are all recorded in the early hours of the morning while drinking. We aren’t responsible for any of this shit.  

Fringe Drunk Cast – Aug 12, 2016

Patrick and Edinburgh Mike are smashed and have been drinking until the sun comes up. Hear about our latest Fringe adventures and our night of debaucherous drinking on this bonus show.  

PM in the AM – Thurs, August 4, 2016

Patrick and Sean recap the first fringe night of Patrick’s run. Spoiler alert. Lots of drunks.  

PM in the AM – Tue, July 19, 2016

Donald Trumps wife is accused of stealing a speech. We watch some boy scouts be creepy.  

PM in the AM – Mon, July 18, 2016

Patrick is back from Florida to recap racial unrest. We watch the troubling videos of police and black people dying.  

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