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Nobody Likes Onions

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AS 1076 – Lukster’s Comedy Critiques

It’s an almost 3 HOUR aftershow with the one and only Lukster. On this show, we talk about all the recent standup specials that are making their way around this comedy circuit. You won’t believe what Patrick shoves in his mouth. And we find out exactly what’s wrong with women.    

AS 1074 – Sean Tries Spices

Sean sticks around and we are joined by Shooby for this aftershow. Sean tries several spices and sauces live on air, and we laugh as he struggles with each one.    

Preshow 1073

Patrick does a quick preshow to get the fans in the chat room pumped up for the show. There’s some real silly times afoot.    

Aftershow 1071 – Fan Sean, Film Tweets Live

Sean sticks around for an aftershow, and we go viral on this one. We examine Josh Denny’s new Film Tweets Live project, and participate in our own LIVE version. You’ll want to dust off your Twitter account for this one. Bring out your hashes and tags!    

Preshow 1071 – False Starts

Patrick fails to start the show and has to play some clips to get in the mood. Lot’s of old Johnny B stuff in this short preshow! Sean from Liverpool joins as well.    

PM in the AM 33 – Bubba Comeback

Patrick wakes up early to hear Bubba the Love Sponge return to Tampa radio. We listen to most of the show live (ads and all). Patrick doesn’t talk too much because of a sore throat. Bubba ends up calling Cowhead live on air. D-Fritz calls in at the end to let everyone know how much […]

AS 1069 – EZ Clinic

Patrick does a short aftershow and talks about a recent Yelp scandal. A doctor for a medical marijuana clinic in LA has be harassing him with tons of phone calls.    

Kickin’ It Sick – December 2014

Patrick has been cooped up in his apartment sick for days. He goes live to beg for pizzas, and it turns in to a singing show where we also make fun of some other dorks on uStream. You’re gonna love it.    

ZipperCrash – Dec. 19 2014

Another fun night with ZipperJim over at the FishTime studios. Patrick pretends to be in Tampa and calls ZipperJim to tell him he’s on his way over. We get drunk and watch this Walrus flounder about for hours. Watch as he screams at “fans”. Always a good time.    

AS 1067: More Niko

Niko sticks around to redeem himself. Or not. You be the judge.    

ZipperCrash – Dec 7 2014

It’s been awhile, but Jim is back with boiling blood. How do we make this guy so mad by doing nothing? Watch as ZipperJim’s show deteriorates in to another cauldron of weird anger, jealousy, lying and dick-sucking. NLO fans call and press Jim’s buttons continually through this disaster.    

PM in the AM 32 – Racist Tour Guide

We listen to a racist tour guide take us through Chinatown in San Francisco. Patrick talks about NYC. Then some shopping for a new mixer for using in NYC. This is the last PM in the AM recorded in Los Angeles.    

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