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    You're from New Zealand. :P Too late !

    Good luck finding people on the internets that won't tie you up and inevitably kill you.
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    I'm glad you found another freak that likes BDSM.

    You crazy New Zealander.
  3. Every time I see your name I read santasprincess - howya doin'? - seeyabye
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    I saw your threae about fetishes, I am into BDSM in a big way too. Are you on Fetlife.com? Its a cool site and I thought I would ask
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    Hey, we're friends. Thanks for the help with my question. I ended up giving her the flowers today though. When you do things "just because" the more short notice stuff gets a little harder to pull off. She liked the flowers.
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    So, I've had all of that Sonya bitch that I can stand.
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    The thread is about solar power. The user made a burn.
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    I did? Sorry :P

    It was completely aimed at SonyaK though, why are you upset... It's late at night and things are generally going over my head.
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    will do now! i have been busy with school and such and have fallen behind on the forums. i'll update right now
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    so far nothing big. a little texting here and there. this friday is the big day! I'm pretty pumped.
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