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Nobody Likes Onions

Join Patrick and Alex Ansel for the fast food argument to end all arguments. We’ve broken down our favorites, as well as many items suggested by listeners, in to brackets for your judgment. We’ve got milkshakes and French fries. We’ve got sandwiches and burritos. We’ve got breakfast, lunch and fourth meal. Which item will take […]

Singer, songwriter and one-man band Van Tastik sits down with us in Edinburgh. Van is a half French and half American artist whose unique blues style has been winning over crowds at the Fringe, getting him attention from major media outlets such as the BBC. On this hybrid talk and music podcast, we talk to […]

Patrick was a guest on StarTalk All Stars podcast. If you want to hear scientists talk about what makes us human while he cracks jokes, listen to this.  

Patrick was a guest on StarTalk All Stars podcast. If you want to hear scientists talk about teeth while he cracks jokes, listen to this.  

The gang sticks around for an aftershow of more drinking and fun. We listen to an old clip from 9 years ago when Patrick got in to another beef with Mike from Red Bar about his lies and whiny bullshit. It’s very similar to the ongoing situation. We talk about comedy and much more.  

On this aftershow, we listen to a clip of Crazy Joe like you’ve never heard. We take a call from one of the finest trolls Red Bar has to offer, and more.  

Patrick is joined by Shooby for a late night show from New York. Shooby is fresh back from a work trip to Chicago, where he engaged in sight seeing and sampling the local cuisine. Patrick doesn’t understand deep dish pizza and wishes they’d just put some cheese on top of it. The internet is reeling […]

John Jacobs is a comedian and MTV reality show celebrity. You may remember him from such franchises as Are You The One? or The Challenge. But you might not. We talk to John about what it was like riding the wave of millennial fame that is MTV. We find out Ron Funches is on Tinder […]

America has a birthday and you have a PM in the AM. We talk about rap, and go over some news stories sent in by listeners.  

Patrick is joined in the studio by the one and only Shooby. Patrick talks to the young millennial about smoking and drinking. We watch a video of comedian Margaret Cho having a meltdown at a comedy club in New Jersey. We debut a new segment called Hot Shit, where we check out all the Nelly […]

Patrick is in the studio solo to rant about the peeves of the week. Patrick is sure there’s a conspiracy to make his iPhone shittier by the day. He’s also super proud of his new Old Navy credit card for some reason. Clothing is a big issue right now, and a listener with a new […]

On this aftershow, we check out the Microsoft Zune with James Hesky. There’s some other stuff, too, but you need to listen. I can’t be typing up descriptions all damn day.  

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