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Nobody Likes Onions

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Gentlemen Nutsacks Wallpaper

Now you can have the wallpaper from the Gentlemen Nutsacks show.    

Josh Denny Tattoo Photos

Photos of the progress of Josh Denny getting tattooed with his McDonald’s tramp stamp.    

Prayer Rug (Show 786)

This is the full image of the “prayer rug” Patrick got in the mail and talked about on show 786, and al the scribblings we did on it.    

Bed Monkey Pictures – FUNraiser

Thanks to Jessica D. (not the disgusting one) for donating for pictures. She requested the return of Bed Monkey, so I dug him out of his shit box and here we are. I haven’t showered in two days and can’t find a knife tough enough to cut my wrists.    

Nick Starr’s Punched Donuts (2006)

NICK STARR got angry and fled Patrick’s house one day and before he stormed out, he punched a box of donuts to show how mad/tough he was/is. He won.      

Podcast Expo 2006 – Shooby’s First Boobies

We went to the podcast expo in 2006 in Ontario, CA and there was some body painting going on. We made Shooby awkwardly mingle with these naked trolls.