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Court Docs! Nick Rekieta and April Imholte Are FREE! Did STEEL TOE’S Aaron Imholte SNITCH?!

Another BANGER week in the Dabbleverse as it collides in to the Rekietasphere once more! All of our wildest speculations are turning out to be true. It appears that April Imholte, with little money and only her lap wallet to offer, was being kept and turned out by BIG NICK ENERGY himself, Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law. Minnesota has never been so cold! Let’s break down the bond hearing, the circumstances of the arrest, the “anonymous tipster” and so much more. PLUS – how wrong can MLC get things? Kevin Brennen embarrasses himself stream after stream with bad instincts, poor logic, and the most clueless boobs as sidekicks. Patrick breaks it all down on this very whatever episode of Nobody Likes Onions!


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Members Only: Minnesota Racist Radio Host APRIL ANDERSON Wants A New Life!

Aaron Imhote has tossed April Imholte to the wolves, letting her start her life over and reclaim her once-promising future in the stark Minnesota landscape. April Anderson is out looking for work, wondering where the next chapter of her life will take her. But will the habits and hauntings of the past make things difficulte for her to forge ahead? You decide.

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