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NLO 1395: Unwell, Unwell, Unwell

s Vegas is heating up, and the smoking embers of bridges here in the comedy scene can be observed from miles around. Nobodies are starting new drama, bored weirdos are making big accusations, and the rat king himself, Cry-Me-A-Rivera (aka Thai Rivera, aka Balentin De Anda, aka Candy-Ass Daddy, aka ET Torso, aka Mumblestiltskin), is beginning to find himself VERY unwelcome at more and more places in a city that is ever growing wary of his shirtless photos and awkward toothy grin, coupled with the not-quite-right eyes of a poorly-constructed children’s doll. Rumors, inside Information, and scandals afoot! We hear rumors of his next move, plans of a comedy special, and more! Find out who ASSAULTED the best LGBTQ+ comedian in the WORLD!


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Watching the Throne – Part 3 of 3

In this third installment of Watching the Throne, the complete Thai Rivera residency controversy gets even more spin, with Thai declaring the entire weekend a success on his social media and podcast. We listen as this toy boy spins yarns about how happy the venue was with the turnout, how well the shows went, and how impressed the audience was. Unfortunately for Thai, the audio and video evidence seems to contradict his rose-colored view of the entire residency, as well as his talent. We also get a response from comedian Ralph Tutela, who was intended to be Thai’s partner for the residency, but sobered up before the debut and backed out. Not even newer comics on the Vegas scene want to be a part of the implosion of a gay madman and his career

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the Thursday Afternoon @theMMPodcast is up!! I ramble about movie make-up, pile on teams, and bicycles.…