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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1312: Beatings and Bitings

June 18th, 2019 | Posted by Patrick

Patrick is back stateside and resurrects the podcast from Las Vegas, NV. Patrick catches up with Alex Ansel, who reveals some secrets of his recently concluded relationship. Spoiler alert – he has bite marks all over his body and likes it when women make him feel pain. Patrick talk a bit about his final weeks in Australia, gives an example of a positive Mexican story while denouncing an old bit he used to do, and discusses why men don’t send each other porn videos. Alex teaches us where to buy discounted shoes, and professes his love for the angry Whopper, whatever that is.



NLO 1311: Census Senseless

April 1st, 2019 | Posted by Patrick

Patrick sits down with Ruven Govender and Sean Michaels in Sydney, Australia. In the wake of the shooting in New Zealand, we talk about guns and killing, including the motivations and a machinations behind them, and come to absolutely zero solutions, other than thoughts and prayers. Ruven teaches us what a census is, which apparently has it’s roots in deep kiwi culture. We also discuss dick hair and color for some reason, 3D printing, and a bunch of other topics that just seem to roll out of our consciousness. It’s another down-under episode with no real beginning or end.



NLO 1310: Superman Sucks

March 17th, 2019 | Posted by Patrick

Patrick rises from the ashes in Sydney, Australia just to see if anyone is still listening. Comedians Ruven Govender and Sean Michaels are guests on this show of stitched-together conversations that took place on a recent rainy afternoon after the boys baking some drug-filled cake. Patrick and Ruven recount some of the happenings in Perth at the Fringe World festival, and Sean explains a deep loathing for Superman and all that he stands for. No, seriously. He has so many beefs with the man of steel that you can tell he has put a lot of thought in to killing him. Check the Overdose for even more.