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BONUS: Lawsuits, Rappers & Roommates

It’s a Vanilla Ice type of evening, and Patrick is in the mood to kick holes in the ground, because his style’s like a chemical spill. Enough of that nonsense. Patrick is here to update everyone and explain that Dillion Dilligaf aka Jack Spear is rumored to be mounting a legal battle against Patrick (and boy are his wheels tired.) We check out comedian rapper Polly Wolly and Patrick demonstrates how easy rap comedy is without even trying. We try to count how many roommates Adam Dominguez has. Patrick thinks about what it would be like to have his own sandwich at McDonald’s called the McNeckbeard. Skippy Sprinkles loses his show at The Hard Hat Lounge thanks to Agent O.

FREE BONUS: Thai Rivera RUNS AWAY To Austin!

Grrrl can you believe it? Our favorite little Asian girl, Thai Rivera, has run off to Austin, Texas, exactly as predicted by Patrick over one year ago. She is nothing if not super basic! We watch Thai explain in his normal exhausting way the basics of moving as only he can. Poor Bijou! Patrick has new predictions that you’re going to want to bet on down at your local sportsatorium. Will Thai find the friendships, respect and popularity he is looking for in Austin? Or will he be spit out the bottom of the open mic scene just as he has in Phoenix twice, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas? Will he be banned from the clubs there like he is here? Will his “friends” like Tim Dillon and Tony Hinchcliffe put up with his ignorant gay sass in their town?

BONUS: Getting Weird and Looping

Patrick has a looper and it’s Friday night, so why not get together and see what happens about it? Thanks so much for making NLO a part of your being! Some guy tries to get Patrick into a crypto scam called VECHAIN! Patrick has some vodka for a change. A troll throws money at the show and claims victory! We talk about the Established Titles scam with a real scotsman. We get in to how insane Kanye West is, and someone in the chat brings up a video that Kanye was in about Joe Rogan and mechanical bees. I’m not sure what’s edited and what’s real, but one thing is for sure – Kanye is bananas on a level we can’t begin to comprehend.

BONUS – Skankfest Recap

Patrick checks in after a short hiatus without shows. Some medical issues have been plaguing Patrick’s ability to move about this earth without being in pain. Patrick recaps attending Skankfest Las Vegas and watching Thai Rivera walk half the room in five minutes. The movie Bros is awful and Billy Eichner is having a tough time with it. Patrick tries to wrap his head around dads and their love for Over the Top Chili. Casper ThaComic refuses to put up the recording he covertly made of Patrick at a recent open mic. Patrick tries to explain what he’s going through but he gets a little choked up and just has to leave. Or maybe it’s a bit. It’s hard to tell anymore.

SPECIAL: Hunting of the Ghost

Nobody Likes Onions is proud to present one of its deep dives! For fans of conspiracies and the mentally ill, Patrick is proud to present Casper ThaComic, Las Vegas’s very own bad-boy rapper turned chuckle cuck. But who is this comedy newb who showed up in Vegas pounding his chest? Agent O has provided the show with so much information on the previous career attempts of this young try hard. Before his fledgling attempt at comedy for the past 9 months, Casper ThaComic was Casper ThaGamer, and before that, he was Casper ThaGhost, a lower-tier battle rapping nerd with the sporadic cadence of a Tourette’s school marching band. We go through the battles, from the rap stage to the gaming console, both virtual and verbal. The cringe is real

Trouble in Vegas AGAIN!?

Pull up a Thai and order some chair. Patrick predicts an ending to the Thai Ocha Open Mic live streams and fanfare very soon. We are watching the slow train wreck that is Casper’s ego collide with the ever-changing permitter of Thai Rivera’s insecurity. It could blow at any moment. We still don’t have time for new people. Patrick thinks Vegas is turning him sour. A comedy club in Vegas has a real problem with their videos. Patrick calls Ocha Thai to see if the open mic is cancelled or if Thai is genuinely in hiding. We cover a recent violent incident on the Las Vegas comedy scene which involves a past NLO lolcow getting popped and locked. Patrick reveals never-before-seen messages from Trouble in Vegas.

BONUS – Vegas Comedy Specials, Ahoy!

We are holding Laugh After Dark accountable to the standard of other Las Vegas comedy specials. Adam Dominguez. Skillz Hudson. The comedy cube is on fire! We check them all out. Patrick tells the story about getting drunk with Todd Glass in Tampa years ago. We fire up Amazon Prime and purchase Diaz Mackie’s special to see what standards are being set in Vegas comedy. It seems like our old pal Trouble aka Artemio Rios aka Gutter Breath aka Coke Throat has produced and put together a night like no other for the taping of this release. But has the special caused a riff between Trouble and Diaz? How did Diaz do? How does it look and sound? Did they pay to play copyrighted music in this thing?

BONUS – Thai Tries: Kill Tony FailFest!

Let’s watch Thai Rivera’s latest blunders and his appearance on Kill Tony, which is a show where rich comedians throw garbage at poor comedians. Will Patrick have his logo fixed? Who knows! Your guess is as good as the next them’s. Patrick is coughing a lot. He challenges the chat room to a BBQ competition, and our old friend Steve Curran is offended at the notion. Thai does a new video in which we get a glimpse of some of his professional camera equipment. He also boasts about how he didn’t edit the latest episode of Unbothered, which allows us to get glimpses of his life in his sad studio, filled with flies and an air conditioner that doesn’t work. He also complains of car trouble and tells the tale of the worst mechanic “in the world.”

BONUS – Allegations of Bourassment

Set your oscillospheres to fun! Let’s clarify the extent to which this program goes after people. Johnny Brim is upset. A refresh of the whole Angie Krum situation – no hard feelings involved. We find something called The Paprika Show, hosted by Thai Rivera’s favorite pianist, David “Hollywood” Hulett. We somehow go on a deep exploration of Ryan Bourassa, who pretends to be some successful YouTuber and has other dummies in the comedy community fooled. Ryan explains the reasons he has recently withdrawn from the comedy community. We’ve never seen more sad lies and coping from a pale stick-boy.

BONUS – White Knights & Dark Times

Patrick can’t believe people watch this program. What’s wrong with you? Go outside and play with a ball or climb a tree or something, We are being very careful on this program not to mention certain substances so we don’t get demonetized. Thai Rivera is accusing Big Irish Jay of stealing jokes from some very well-known comedians, but we can’t find one thing on the internet to back him up. The Las Vegas comedy groups on Facebook are full of the weirdos trying to get you to make an album or clothing line for some reason. Corseted Comedian Dee Lila is out on these streets selling worn panties and bottled urine. Josh Denny can’t stop stealing copyrighted music for his little iMovie projects.

BONUS: She’ll Come Back

If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger. This was a mistake. Do…

BONUS: Thai’s Money Meltdown!

We’ve got a pair of dolphins doing stunts over here and if there’s time we will be visiting a local ice creamery to see how our favorite treat goes from a cow to your cone! Jkjk there’s a lot of technical issues lately and we try to work through them. Patrick talks briefly about his experience going to Wiseguys open mic. We tune in to the Ocha Bar open mic for a bit, to see how it’s going without Thai’s main lackey there to do everything. Thai has trouble operating a clock and engaging the crowd. Casper saves the day with jokes, energy and professionalism. Thai runs on stage to melt down for the second time in three weeks to his live audience about Patrick and about not getting enough money.

BONUS: Thai Loses Another Friend!

Can you even believe it? The party doesn’t stop! Wind down your day with Patrick and his insane rhetoric as we explore the internet together to see what’s poppin’! Bring some champagne and cheese and laugh until your tummy aches or throw things at the screen while baiting Patrick or other chat members in to passionate arguments! Thai is stealing more and more from Patrick as time goes on and he can’t seem to help it. Patrick uncovers subtle changes in Thai’s podcast setup that expose his insecurity. Thai has finally had a falling out with his new bestie, AJ Rivera. AJ makes the flyers, hosts and organizes his Ocha Bar open mic, and without his workhorse will Thai be able to keep the grift going?

Sunday Funday! April 17, 2022

Join Patrick and his puppets for a night of wholesome family sketches that teach valuable lessons to our youth! Jkjk it’s our usual Sunday night hang, and Patrick is catching up on things he doesn’t know about. Tim C in the chat points out that Thai has taken part in a comedy showcase special on Amazon Prime and we decide we should download, watch and review it live. Not only is Thai in this production piss-bucket of a show, several familiar faces make an appearance! We also check in on the latest on his Youtube channel, which definitely has some fuzzy math going on. We remember Roy Johnson and his comedy prowess by watching some old footage.

Sunday Funday! April 10, 2022

Pour a glass of pickle juice and wind down the weekend with Patrick and his puppet friends! It’s Sunday Funday and we’ve got people to stare at! Patrick recaps his weekend, including doing a show with Big Irish Jay at the Dirty at 12:30, in which Jay embarrassed Patrick from the stage big time. Patrick is Juuling his troubles away tonight. We talk about how to quit smoking. The Ultimatum on Netflix is pure exploitative garbage. We watch Thai’s latest attempt to get YouTube fame, which is to upload a video and then try to name it something controversial and clickbait-y to gain attention. Spoiler alert – it didn’t work! This entire show is available for OVERDOSE MEMBERS ONLY! Join today!

BONUS SHOW – April 6,2022

You’ve been such well-behaved children that Patrick is doing a bonus program! Patrick is being assaulted by some lady in the chat who can’t decide if Patrick is hot or toxic. We explore the latest from some old NLO favorites, including Starline and Daddy Derek. Star appears to be married now and is still mailing out hand-drawn stickers to internet creeps. Derek has somehow managed to re-cut the same old footage in to several “new” videos. We are all on pins and needles for the fourth annual 420 Awards! Of course, we also check in on the latest drama surrounding Thai Rivera, including his last frantic videos before leaving his living situation.

BONUS – Vegas Comedy Monsters!

Catching up with some local Las Vegas comedy drama – this city gets weirder and weirder. Thai Rivera check-in and watch of his latest garbage fire content. Bring a juice, bring a wine, have a snack, have a time. In this episode we dive in to some of Thai’s favorite Vegas comedians to see just what then have that makes them so promising. We also explore comedy wingnut Gretchen Boshart to study what a train wreck attempt at a comedy career looks like. Put on your biker jacket and stain your teeth – she’s a keeper! We’re here for the lolcows, we stay for the friendships. I think I’m having a stroke.

SPECIAL EVENT: Bubbles in Vegas!

What is happening in Las Vegas comedy? While most of the community is positive and encouraging, a few bad apples keep spoiling the bunch. Who is responsible for all the Vegas comedy drama? What rumors are true? Is Trouble racist, homophobic and toxic? Is Diaz Mackie fucking up? And more importantly, is Thai Rivera the comedy tumor that, if carved out, would result in a flourishing comedy community? Let’s check out the latest rants by all of them and see if we can make sense of anything anymore. It’s all in good fun, except the mental illnesses. We ROASTIN’ mofos over here! Bring a body bag! Preview is free for everyone! Full show for OD members only!