Members Only: Minnesota Racist Radio Host APRIL ANDERSON Wants A New Life!

Aaron Imhote has tossed April Imholte to the wolves, letting her start her life over and reclaim her once-promising future in the stark Minnesota landscape. April Anderson is out looking for work, wondering where the next chapter of her life will take her. But will the habits and hauntings of the past make things difficulte for her to forge ahead? You decide.


Patrick is here on a Friday night to continue watching the appearance of Jesse PS from PodAwful as he attempts to navigate the muddy waters of St.Cloud Minnesota. Jesse mostly plays with Aaron, trolling him with confusing narratives about Opie and Anthony and his missing wife. Aside from hammering Aaron with the same truth bombs that the rest of the internet has been screaming at the weak-chinned non-man for over a year. Let’s watch a troll mess with a man who thinks he is beyond trolling and see what happens.

STAR80 Movie Watch – April 21, 2024

Patrick settles in to watch the film STAR80 starring Eric Roberts and Mariel Hemingway about a famous playboy model that got murdered by her jealous and bitter husband. The parallels between the movie characters and Aaron Imholte and April Imholte or soon to be April Anderson are startling. Let’s watch this disturbing film and make our own predictions.

MEMBERS ONLY: April 19, 2024

We talk to Mr. Kill Everything from Misery Loves Company fame. Patrick is sure Kevin is not going to like it. Patrick tries to do a watch of the movie Star 80 but gets got good. Was it a plan by Doom to get Patrick expelled from YouTube? Probably not!


Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You’re everything I wish I could be. I can fly higher than an eagle. You are the wind beneath my wings. Seriously. You are. Look. I know it’s a song. But for real, and I’ve never told this to anyone before – you are like seriously my best friend. It feels right when we are together, ya know? Thanks for listening.

DRAMA! Stevie Lew, Ian Hawk, Steel Toe Morning Show

There’s a feeling in the air. You know you shouldn’t care. But why worry or despair? Your tires are in need of air. When buying a Snickers, get a size that you can share. Never hold an open flame near your hair. For cardio it’s always better to take a stair. Why get a pony when you can adopt a mare? See you at the Renaissance Faire. You pay the fare, though, ok? Seems fair.

MELTON & DIXON: Saints For Life

Join a duo of Patricks for a special St. Patrick’s Day celebration. You better where green or Santa will pinch you or something. Pull up a bowl of Lucky Charms and put some food coloring in your dad’s beer. It’s time to appreciate everything that Patricks have to offer.

UH-OH in AUSTIN! JOE ROGAN Gets Annoying Gay Comedian THAI RIVERA Blackballed in Austin Comedy!?

EXCLUSIVE! Agent-O has learned that Thai Rivera, the most annoying and narcissistic gay comedian in the world, may have just been blacklisted from all the comedy clubs in Austin for attempting to pick a fight with Joe Rogan over his comedy club The Mothership! Let’s comb over what happened and break down Thai’s options after being run out of Phoenix twice, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles prior to his latest scape to Austin. What’s next of the rapidly aging comedienne?

BONUS SNIPE SHOW – March 11, 2024

Join Patrick in watching Chad’s latest disaster with Mazur where he hopes to one day experiment with drugs and stuff! Then we head over to watch Steel Toe gush about their invites to the wedding of the year! And finally Chad gets bitch slapped around MLC, proving the cycle will always begin anew.

MEMBERS ONLY: The Porsalin MERSH Documentary Watch! You Won’t BELIEVE How Gross He Is!

Turn up your nose and turn down your speakers! Patrick’s here and he’s gonna do something, probably! Let’s dive in to Mersh, or Mike Schiele, and see how he’s become one of the internet’s largest lolcows. Join us on a very long journey to discover what makes Mersh a permanently damaged indicidual, scrounging for monetary opportunity like a rat looking for cheese.


Come join Patrick and an army of animal critters as they take over the underforest and save the Amazon from the likes of Evilcorp! Don’t forget to use code BEEEBADABEEBADABOO at Lake City Quiet Pills for a huge discount!

NOT A SHOW! The Show You’ve Been Waiting For!

Strap on your hats and get ready to spunk your bunk! Patrick is back to rain on your parade. Call your dads, prep your parents and berate the local ethnic! It’s NLO in the night time, and you’ve never looked better than you look right now, you monster!

MEMBERS ONLY: GLUG GLUG! Chad Zumock Is A Walking Red Flag!

Happy Friday night and welcome to a members only stream. There’s lots of members streams out there, but this one is just for making fun of comedian Chad Zumock as he navigates a world that has rejected him. Determined to make people thing he is a still a working comic, and clamoring for relevance with some of the most B-list comics ever, Chad continues his fight for mediocrity and we are here for it!