Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 1

This Steel Toe universe is ever expanding, and we’re on night six of our multi-hour conversational hangs exploring every facet of this show, from it’s storied history to it’s current incarnation of complete retreat while surrounded by comedians of questionable talent and morals. Patrick gets his first ever taste of Geno Bisconte, we talk about the “kind of guy” Aaron Imholte is, and learn about his unique ability to go to town on that hot wife of his! Aaron’s cohost Corey Adam teaches us how to cook a brick as we watch him destroy a $250 wagyu steak, and then he talks about how Aaron has been cutting back his pay because the show may be having some money issues.

BONUS: Chad Wins Against Steel Toe!?

Steel Toe Morning Show’s host Aaron Imholte along with shiny new wife April Imholte are iacting weird. For six months, he intimidated, challenged, baited, taunted and ridiculed comedian Chad Zumock about his physical appearance, sense of humor, podcasting chops, relationships and family issues, personal issues and much more. And as Chad tried fighting back relentlessly, he began to chink away at Aaron’s armor, discovering a weakness in the radio-man’s apparent thick skin. As Chad began taunting Aaron about his past fidelity with his expectant wife, his relationship with his children, his parents, and April’s role in those relationships, Aaron and April have waived the white flag and stepped out of the ring.

Aftershow 1459: Zumock Unhinged!

The ordeal between Steel Toe Morning Show and comedian Chad Zumock continue. We listen to Steel Toe’s Aaron Imholte try to make his case more and more that Chad is an unhinged and broken danger to himself. And with some of Chad’s most recent videos, we can’t say that it’s hard to agree. Patrick is a little taken aback by how graphic and far Chad goes with some of his rhetoric and insults when it comes to Aaron. Perhaps the comments about April are even more distasteful, if far funnier. Listen as Patrick sets Chad’s amazing rants to some banging beats for the hip hop sensation of the summer. Who will win this epic battle of comedic wits? it’s too early to tell!

[BONUS] Steel Toe DESTROYS Nobody Likes Onions

Chad Zumock has blocked Patrick on Twitter and called him a cuck for simply exploring the very conflict that Chad was directing everyone to check out through his ongoing feuds on Twitter. Why so mad, Chad? Is there more to this than meets the eye? Or is there less – a lot less? Aaron Imholte and Corey Adam from the Steel Toe Morning Show cannot stand Patrick and rip apart the Nobody Likes Onions program. Corey Adam becomes more and more emotional as the show goes on, first pretending to not know much about Patrick, and then expounding on his alcoholism, podcast origins, show prep ability, inflated ego, and much more

[BONUS] Chad Zumock VS. Steel Toe Morning Show! You Decide!

In late 2021, Patrick was introduced to a comedian named Chad Zumock when they worked together in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A year later, Patrick has noticed an increase in chatter about the Z-Man, and Chad has recenly been arguing with a radioman named Aaron Imholte based in Minnesota. Allegations of stolen credit cards, drunk driving, a mysterious Dry Bar Comedy special, ties to other podcasts and hosts, and so much more! We try to unravel this mess of broadcaster ball-busting, but the thread we pull just keeps getting longer. Watch as we trace the history of Chad Zumock through Kevin Brennan, Anthony Cumia, the Steel Toe Morning Show, and so many others. Who’s side are you on? Who’s the unreasonable one?

Aftershow 1458: Tim Can’t Tech!

We’re watching some vintage Dillion Dilligaf, who makes some great appearances with old show favorites. We also watch some of the latest content from Donkey Lips that is meant for his fans only. And of course we let Summer Sinclair wrap up her insane presentation to four people somewhere in a black box theatre in the warehouse district of Las Vegas. But the main entertainment of the night is waiting and watching as our boy Tim Chizmar emails frantically trying to find out from Patrick how exactly to join the YouTube channel to watch live. By the time he is able to figure it out, after multiple emails and a phone call, Patrick and the chat celebrate by wrapping it up!

Aftershow 1457: Spy Balloons

Patrick does an aftershow and gets sucked in to the political stratosphere, so to speak. Maybe nobody here is a scientist, but Patrick doesn’t believe in the theory that this ballon was a Chinese spy balloon, and the chat makes fun of him for being a bit behind in the news. Why are shooting down balloons anyway? Speaking of balloons, Micheal Ray Bower has some new videos and is still pushing his channel and march as hard as he can. We also try to make it through seven minutes of David Hollywood Hulett interviewing Summer Sinclair on his Paprika Show podcast, live as usual from his kitchen with several wackos stumbling around and drinking beers! Don’t miss!

Aftershow 1456: Patrick’s Cringe Content

OVERDOSE Members only – have we got a treat for you! Never before seen videos from October 2015 of Patrick headlining Butch Bradley’s Comedy Hideaway in Atlantic City, NJ. Watch Patrick host an open mic with a lot of bumbling new material. We have a very special appearance from William Strange! Watch Patrick’s odd behavior melt away as we then see Butch Bradley act like a complete maniac on stage in before bringing Patrick up, yelling at audience members, rearranging chairs, and even taking a woman’s phone! You won’t believe how Butch ran his club – we have the lost tapes! Patrick shows a bunch of his own cringe comedy to the chat audience and wants to hide under the table.

BONUS: Lawsuits, Rappers & Roommates

It’s a Vanilla Ice type of evening, and Patrick is in the mood to kick holes in the ground, because his style’s like a chemical spill. Enough of that nonsense. Patrick is here to update everyone and explain that Dillion Dilligaf aka Jack Spear is rumored to be mounting a legal battle against Patrick (and boy are his wheels tired.) We check out comedian rapper Polly Wolly and Patrick demonstrates how easy rap comedy is without even trying. We try to count how many roommates Adam Dominguez has. Patrick thinks about what it would be like to have his own sandwich at McDonald’s called the McNeckbeard. Skippy Sprinkles loses his show at The Hard Hat Lounge thanks to Agent O.

Aftershow 1452: Neil Degrasse Tyson Meltdown

Neil deGrasse Tyson has a complete meltdown on a podcast when confronted with facts and data regarding the big pandemic shot, and it does not sit well with the Internet. Emotional, flailing and unable to self-soothe, Tyson spirals out and we are here for it! Did you know he’s a scientist? He will remind everyone over and over, so don’t worry! “Okay. By the way, I’m — I’m not claiming to be the expert on all this. I read all the same things you have. But I’m a scientist, so I read it as a scientist. Okay. They were trials. That’s what the point of phase 1, 2, 3 trials are all about. They’re tested enough to get data on how to then advise the larger population. Yes, It was tested. For you to say it wasn’t tested, is a gap between your awareness and understanding, how things work and what actually happened.”

Aftershow 1451: Wild Women

Patrick doesn’t want the fun to stop. Join him in catching up with some of the most wild stories on the internet that were popping off during the holiday season. We watch a big old fat lady who thinks she was kicked out of an establishment for being too fabulous and sexy while revealing her giant tub of a gut to everyone. Patrick recalls that this was a common sight on any flight with lots of Indian people. We also watch a woman lose her mind at a Florida airport by smashing everything around her and throwing computers at employees and customers. We should all use this a lesson to keep our composure and watch how we behave when the world and more importantly Worldstar is watching.

Aftershow 1446: A Donkey Lips Christmas

Remember the show Salute Your Shorts on Nickelodeon in the 1990s? Of course you do, you little rapscallion. Donkeylips, aka Michael Ray Bower, has been an actor his whole life. But a few years ago his parents passed away, he ran out of money, and moved in to the saddest apartment in Hollywood and started cooking tacos in his own toilet. This latest update from Camp Anawanna’s favorite fat fuck is even sadder than the ones before it. Pour some egg nog, maybe fry up some toilet tacos or another disgusting snack, and sit back and listen as Michael Ray Bower tells us why things have been so hard for him for the past few years. God speed, little friend!

FREE BONUS: Thai Rivera RUNS AWAY To Austin!

Grrrl can you believe it? Our favorite little Asian girl, Thai Rivera, has run off to Austin, Texas, exactly as predicted by Patrick over one year ago. She is nothing if not super basic! We watch Thai explain in his normal exhausting way the basics of moving as only he can. Poor Bijou! Patrick has new predictions that you’re going to want to bet on down at your local sportsatorium. Will Thai find the friendships, respect and popularity he is looking for in Austin? Or will he be spit out the bottom of the open mic scene just as he has in Phoenix twice, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas? Will he be banned from the clubs there like he is here? Will his “friends” like Tim Dillon and Tony Hinchcliffe put up with his ignorant gay sass in their town?

Melton in the Morning (Dec. 1, 2022)

Join Patrick LIVE each Tuesday and Thursday morning to walk through the days news, weird stories, and rambling thoughts and rants of a comedian trying to wake up and start his day…. This content is

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Join Patrick LIVE each Tuesday and Thursday morning to walk through the days news, weird stories, and rambling thoughts and rants of a comedian trying to wake up and start his day…. This content is

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Join Patrick LIVE each Tuesday and Thursday morning to walk through the days news, weird stories, and rambling thoughts and rants of a comedian trying to wake up and start his day…. This content is

BONUS: Getting Weird and Looping

Patrick has a looper and it’s Friday night, so why not get together and see what happens about it? Thanks so much for making NLO a part of your being! Some guy tries to get Patrick into a crypto scam called VECHAIN! Patrick has some vodka for a change. A troll throws money at the show and claims victory! We talk about the Established Titles scam with a real scotsman. We get in to how insane Kanye West is, and someone in the chat brings up a video that Kanye was in about Joe Rogan and mechanical bees. I’m not sure what’s edited and what’s real, but one thing is for sure – Kanye is bananas on a level we can’t begin to comprehend.

Melton in the Morning (Nov. 15, 2022)

Join Patrick LIVE each Tuesday and Thursday morning to walk through the days news, weird stories, and rambling thoughts and rants of a comedian trying to wake up and start his day…. This content is