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Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 6

Aaron and April Imholte from the Steel Toe Morning Show is running in circles trying to cover the attacks from all around them, and the problems are about to get a lot worse. Patrick shows receipts that prove he is not, in fact, clout chasing Steel Toe, but rather that Steel Toe has been trying to get Patrick to come on the show repeatedly. Aaron’s mods are feeding Patrick information, and we also get some leaked DMs from Aaron trying to explain his past and the current looming legal worries. Something about his excuses and explanations don’t make sense. More importantly, the Steel Toe Morning show is breaking several state and federal laws, including multiple consumer rights protections, FTC and FCC regulations governing sweepstakes and lotteries.

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 5

There’s an energy shift in the air – Chad Zumock has a renewed sense of vigor and confidence and it’s becoming enjoyable to watch. Meanwhile Aaron Imholte is crumbling before our very eyes – the confidence is gone, the eyes are constantly scanning the chat, and there’s a hurried uncertainty in every breath he takes. Monday brought Steel Toe Morning Show his largest audience ever, but were they there for the Steel Toe show, or to watch the dram unfold? I think you know. Aaron says he may be the last guy who just does a fun show. Patrick has some startling results from the NLO Lab about April Imholte’s forehead. Join the Onion Army, fellow ToeJoes!

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 4

Patrick watches Steel Toe Morning Show’s “special” show that was released on Compound Media, only to be disgusted immediately with the level of pandering and stale show prep done by the St. Cloud dynamic duo, Aaron and April Imholte. The nerves, the dog whistles, and the complete lap-dog fantasy don’t stop for the entire show! Watch as Aaron and April expound on some crazy fantasy of beating Joe Rogan, joining Anthony Cumia, making millions, and being kings of the radio with their contemporary Ant! We also get some more background on Steel Toe and his past bullying with cohost Corey Adam as they attack a nice boy who goes by the name Wrestling Otaku. Join the hang that’s uniting the universe around the Steel Toe Morning Show.

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 3

Patrick continues down the rabbit hole of the Steel Toe Morning Show, watching Aaron Imholte join the guys over at Who Are These Podcasts in mocking some of Chad Zumock’s content to see if it matches the same energy Chad bought to the fight. We examine Steel Toe’s many logos and merchandise to see what sticks out, so to speak. Why does the Steel Toe in the logo have a hole in it? Why does it have a URL across it? Does Aaron iron his own merch? Yikes! Aaron Imholte is stuck in radio world,, fantasizing about Howard Stern coming on his show. You better hope Anthony doesn’t hear about this! Patrick wants an established title. Aaron’s confidence has been teleported over to Chad, who has a new glow.

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 2

The investigation of Steel Toe Morning Show and Aaron Imholte continues, by venturing in to the news archives to find out why Aaron quit terrestrial radio. Is he just doing a bad impression of his radio heroes to try to gain some sort of hardcore rep? We listen to an old show that sounds creepily familiar, and hear a different energy from the Aaron Imholte of days go by. Is there a level of hypocrisy to the Aaron of today when compared to his past self? Why won’t he just admit his priorities and personality has changed? Why try to spin the retreat as a win? We watch some tapes that expose Aaron’s relationship with his parents and his ex-wife. Is April sensitive?

Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 1

This Steel Toe universe is ever expanding, and we’re on night six of our multi-hour conversational hangs exploring every facet of this show, from it’s storied history to it’s current incarnation of complete retreat while surrounded by comedians of questionable talent and morals. Patrick gets his first ever taste of Geno Bisconte, we talk about the “kind of guy” Aaron Imholte is, and learn about his unique ability to go to town on that hot wife of his! Aaron’s cohost Corey Adam teaches us how to cook a brick as we watch him destroy a $250 wagyu steak, and then he talks about how Aaron has been cutting back his pay because the show may be having some money issues.

BONUS: Chad Wins Against Steel Toe!?

Steel Toe Morning Show’s host Aaron Imholte along with shiny new wife April Imholte are iacting weird. For six months, he intimidated, challenged, baited, taunted and ridiculed comedian Chad Zumock about his physical appearance, sense of humor, podcasting chops, relationships and family issues, personal issues and much more. And as Chad tried fighting back relentlessly, he began to chink away at Aaron’s armor, discovering a weakness in the radio-man’s apparent thick skin. As Chad began taunting Aaron about his past fidelity with his expectant wife, his relationship with his children, his parents, and April’s role in those relationships, Aaron and April have waived the white flag and stepped out of the ring.

BONUS: She’ll Come Back

If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger. This was a mistake. Do…

BONUS: Thai’s Money Meltdown!

We’ve got a pair of dolphins doing stunts over here and if there’s time we will be visiting a local ice creamery to see how our favorite treat goes from a cow to your cone! Jkjk there’s a lot of technical issues lately and we try to work through them. Patrick talks briefly about his experience going to Wiseguys open mic. We tune in to the Ocha Bar open mic for a bit, to see how it’s going without Thai’s main lackey there to do everything. Thai has trouble operating a clock and engaging the crowd. Casper saves the day with jokes, energy and professionalism. Thai runs on stage to melt down for the second time in three weeks to his live audience about Patrick and about not getting enough money.

Sunday Funday! Krummy Komedy

It’s SUNDAY! It’s FUNDAY! It’s time to see what’s wrong in the world according to Patrick. We’ve got rumors swirling and comedy to watch! Pour yourself a glass of Tang and let’s get to it! Thai is removed from a show by local comedy mom Irma Ruiz, and he isn’t happy about it. That’s not going to stop him from pretending to be Unbothered for 30 minutes about it. Our friend TommyNC2010 calls in to talk about dead dads, and of course tries to turn the conversation political and controversial. Vegas comedian Angie Krum has been taunting her new comedy special, but Patrick can’t believe it’s only ten minutes long. Some chat members are frothed over Patrick krumming the water, but is it worth it?

NLO Watch Party – Thai’s Comedy Calamity!

BRING SOME POPCORN! We’re checking out Thai Rivera’s so-called “open mic”, which is really just an ugly narcissist’s cope party, where he weilds his small amount of leverage to be worshipped by clueless open mic mainstays. Enjoy this “comedy show.” We watch comic after comic compete for Thai’s cruel love, until Thai finds out we are watching and CUTS THE STREAM! As soon as this show went off air, he turned the stream back on and began the final 3/4 of the show! Boooo! This show is available on YouTube or for Overdose Members only on the membership RSS feed and website.

KATG 2021 Update

It’s time we talked about this. Keith and the Girl aka Thief and the Girl aka Wife Beater and the Hair are up to their old tricks again, scheming their idiot fans out of thousands…

NLO 1383: Umm, Bothered

Thai Rivera is back at it again, trying to explain away the same altercations for the third show in a row. This one is a LOLlercoaster of emotion, as Thai can’t decide whether or not he wants to make up with people from one minute to the next. He waffles from indifferent to incensed with the manic energy of a teen girl. He also cannot stop texting Patrick throughout the show, which becomes annoying by the end. Patrick reveals how he trapped Thai into all-but proving his vanity by getting him to buy YouTube views. Thai starts new fights with comics Spiro and Jozalyn Sharp, while doubling down on old beefs with Matt Markman, Gooch, Bobby and Krystle, Big Irish Jay, Trixx, and so many more. It’s uncomfortable, edited to shit, and lack focus and a cohesive point.

BONUS: Thai Claps Back!

Patrick listens live to the latest collection of clipped together sass Thai calls a podcast to see what’s new in the comedy world. Or in Thai’s little corner of it. After Thai’s long week of burning bridge after bridge, Thai goes in on even more comedians, bookers, and friends. He wrestles with the idea that he has a mental illness, and later in the show begins messaging Patrick DURING THE SHOW begging him to take down the videos and asking what needs to happen to make all this analysis cease. In this special show, we listen to Thai’s latest beefs, excuses, lies and even rebuttals to Patrick’s overwhelming and constantly accumulating pile of evidence.

NLO 1358: Farts and Minds

Patrick has just finished up a week of work in Tulsa and sits down with comedian Scott Schaffer to bitch about these kids today. Progressing in to straight-up “get off my lawn” territory, the two discuss the state of comedy and the world by basically bitching about people who can’t stop bitching. Anyone who posts on social media might be absolutely mentally ill, and blocking people is most definitely a sign of narcissistic dementia.

Twitch Tinkering 2020 – Part 2

Patrick is still trying to figure out Twitch, and it’s going about as well as you’d expect. There’s all these custom emoji things, and bits, and subs, and follows, oh my! This is not for anyone to try to lean anything serious about Twitch, but more of an exercise in frustration.

Preshow 1316: Alex Ansel, Adam Dominguez

The mics are on while we setup for this show, and we talk some mad shit. We found out the best and worst in Vegas comedy, sing about Alex’s favorite things, and find out how everyone will die.

Preshow 1253: Paula Gahan, Chip Chip Chris

We setup to record show 1253 with Paula Gahan and Chip Chip Chris. Enjoy these bonus conversations before the show began.   Download MP3  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW