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Nobody Likes Onions

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Preshow 1253: Paula Gahan, Chip Chip Chris

We setup to record show 1253 with Paula Gahan and Chip Chip Chris. Enjoy these bonus conversations before the show began.  

Preshow 1150: D-Fritz Mic Issues

Daniel Fritz can’t figure out his microphone. It’s pretty rude stuff.   `

Patrick on the Legion of Skanks Podcast

Patrick recently went on the Legion of Skanks podcast. The reddit for the show has been responding with a ton of hate about this show. Check it out for yourself. Does Patrick suck? Should he kill himself? Is it time?    

Cory Tattoos Luis from Legion of Skanks

Cory is live on the Legion of Skanks podcast. She is tattooing the finger of one of the comedians, Luis J. Gomez.    

Crazy Joe – I Don’t Fuck With You

A mix of some of Crazy Joe’s sayings. In song form.    

Preshow 1112 – Dante Nero, Cory

Patrick loses all of his settings at the last minute and has to restart. It’s a typical thing around here.    

Road Audio: Tampa – Joe Comedy

Patrick records a rambling nut outside of an open mic in Dunedin, FL. This guy really tells it like it is.    

Preshow 1071 – False Starts

Patrick fails to start the show and has to play some clips to get in the mood. Lot’s of old Johnny B stuff in this short preshow! Sean from Liverpool joins as well.    

Patrick on Fubar Radio UK

Patrick was a guest on the Mark Dolan show in England. This is on Fubar Radio, a comedy-only network based in the UK!    

Chip Chip Chris – Airport Anxiety

Chip Chip Chris is flying back to London, and Patrick is delaying him. Hear this secret recording as his tension ramps up. Listen as Moody becomes aware of the recording and begins to play along. No Chris’s were hurt in the recording of this audio    

Moody Gets High – NLO Week

Moody smokes 1-2 puffs of weed and loses his mind. Kirstin and Adam, fans in town for the week, are also in the car as we drive to Umami Burger for lunch. Moody talks about falling, smoking, walking, sleeping, and kangaroos. It all ends with a burger.    

Calling 7-11: Hot Dog Edition

Patrick was bored in the studio the other night. He wanted to see if he could track down some dogs.    

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