Bonus Stuff

Hitting On Gross Cougars

Patrick goes out drinking with Mike Bridenstine. Mike Bridenstine gets HAMMERED. Mike hits on these two cougars relentlessly, and then after the blonde tells him to give up, he hits on two lesbians. This is…

Flip Schultz / Alli Weber Podcast Pilot

This is the podcast that never became a pocast. Flip doesn’t want this posted, but you guys are OVERDOSE – so you get it all. Fuck the haters, bitches!   Download MP3  … This content

Songsmith Singing – Patrick and Johnny

Patrick and Johnny mess around with Songsmith, a new magical song composing software that Microsoft is selling. You just sing and then it puts music to whatever you sang. This includes four files, including the…

Patrick’s Standup – January 7, 2006

Here’s an 8 minute clip from 2006 of Patrick performing standup and breathing hard in to a microphone in Tampa, FL. This is so hard for me to post. It’s so bad.     [download#51#size]…

Bed Monkey Pictures – FUNraiser

Thanks to Jessica D. (not the disgusting one) for donating for pictures. She requested the return of Bed Monkey, so I dug him out of his shit box and here we are. I haven’t showered…

Halloweenies Song

In 2010, some listener musician sent in this song he was trying to get popular by soliciting play on the radio and podcasts. It. is. fucking. AWFUL. Now you can listen to it all you…

Johnny B’s Drunken Texas Van Rant

Heading home from the bar in Houston in May 2009, Johnny goes off on a hilarious drunken rant for the fans in the van riding back to the hotel with us. When we get to…

Audio Outtakes from NLOL 2007 DVD

These are audio clips we were recording for the DVD menus on the NLOL 2007 (Tampa) DVD. These didn’t make it, for obvious reasons.   [download#47#size]  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In

Nick Starr’s Punched Donuts (2006)

NICK STARR got angry and fled Patrick’s house one day and before he stormed out, he punched a box of donuts to show how mad/tough he was/is. He won.      … This content is

Podcast Expo 2006 – Shooby’s First Boobies

We went to the podcast expo in 2006 in Ontario, CA and there was some body painting going on. We made Shooby awkwardly mingle with these naked trolls…. This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log

NLO on Dawn and Drew (2005)

This other podcast, Dawn and Drew, had a regular Sirius Satellite spot in 2005. We took over for them one day while they were on vacation. Here is that thing.   [download#34#size]  … This content

This is Why I’m Fat (Patrick, Johnny B)

Patrick and Johnny cover “This is Why I’m Hot” in their own way.   [download#33#size]  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get instant access.

Patrick Janka Preshow Awful

Patrick and Adam sit down with comedians Patrick Janka and Angelo Cianfrocco. Patrick Janka sucks and just can’t understand what the hell is going on. You should go listen to that train wreck of an…

Johnny B Sings ‘Yesterday’

Johnny B sings The Beatles Yesterday to Oliver, a fan in Australia who did a lot of production work for the show? Patrick chimes in.   [download#29#size]  … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log

Horrible Celebrity Ringtones

A few years ago, Patrick and Jake Lloyd, along with friend Sean, decided to try to make a funny ringtone CD with celebrity voices that sounded nothing like the actual celebrities. They got bored and…

Unreleased Phoenix Show (Josh Denny)

We recorded this show in Phoenix but our recording setting we’re wrong, so it sounds like shit because it was recorded through a MacBook Pro built in microphone. It covers the same material on the…

Johnny B Can’t Do Intros

Johnny B keeps flubbing a show intro and gets racist about it.   [download#21#size]      … This content is for OVERDOSE MEMBERS only.Log In SUBSCRIBE NOW and get instant access.