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December 1, 2023: Extra NUTS For FRIDAY! Heather G Is About To POP! Ray Still Needs Help!

Happy Friday! Patrick is extending November for one more day- at least on paper. What a volatile week it’s been for the whatever this is. Chad Zumock has turned out to be one of the worst actors, liars, and comedians of all time. The LOLs don’t stop when Chad uses his imagination to wow his audience with dumb. Heather Gillispie is finding out about Chicago winter while being pregnant and homeless, and it’s going to go bad. Bower has started his walking tours, and you won’t believe the loophole this time! Josh Denny goes to Florida and doesn’t have time to stop by Publix for a sandwich. Summer Sinclair really wants the part. Why don’t you like her? Ray Devito is moving to his mom’s friends house even those his mom is dead and he’s a fifty-year-old man with absolutely nothing going on in life. Strap in, because the phones don’t work again today!

November 30, 2023: Chad Zumock DOUBLES DOWN On DUMB!

Chad Zumock is desperate for attention. He’s an unloved alcoholic with no income, no prospects for a career, and no friends or relationships to lean on as a support system. After being arrested over and over for victimizing veterans and the elderly, stealing identities and credit cards, stealing from stores, driving drunk in to trees, losing jobs at radio stations, and lying about career credits and highlights, what’s a loser from Cleveland in subsidized housing to do? Chad’s latest Thanksgiving grift is afoot! Watch as we dive in to Chad’s lies and Chad’s cope on the latest EMERGENCY EDITION of Nobody Likes Onions. Who is dumber? Chad Zumock or the person he thinks you are? The startling criminal history and the journey of cascading mistakes by a dummy at the end of his rope are in this crucial episode!

November 28, 2023: Happy Holidays? MAYBE NOT! Back to BASIC!

It’s Tuesday morning, and the plebs are frothing in the aisles for a new NLO. What will Patrick be mad about this morning? Will there be a classic rant against one of the fans for some minuscule reason? You can almost guarantee! We check in with some of our favorite nuts to see how they’re gearing up for the holidays. Is the loneliness enough to break some of our favorites, or will the holiday spirit prevail and allow happiness to shine forth? There’s no telling, but we are definitely here to watch it all. Mchael Ray Bower is at his lowest and his blurriest on the latest stream about his health and future plans. Steel Toe is terrified of medical news and has a cool new blackface story to tell you. Chad still has no idea what he is doing and his snipe streams are becoming less and less impressive. If you’re looking for a killer banana pudding recipe and need something to do with your gross boiled eggs. we have a woman with a few tricks up her sleeveless shirt.

November 27, 2023: CRANKSGIVING! Kevin Brennan Is a GRUMP, Chad Zumock Lies, SORRY!

Just a reminder than nobody owes you anything and Patrick isn’t your real dad. You should probably find a new life with a new family. Patrick is doing a quick show to give his thoughts on the past week and the events of the day, and we are going to try to resume our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Why is Chad pretending to be in some sort of peril? Kevin Brennan is very concerned with everyone else and their productivity schedules. Ray Devito is getting weirder and weirder by the moment. Tookie is in trouble or something. I hope you had a nice time with your friends and family. Let’s get back to the nuts!

November 17, 2023 – Steel Toe OWNS Chandler! Chad CRUMBLES Live! Josh Denny is LARGE Now!

Patrick isn’t the only one making a splash in the world of Big Beautiful Podcasters. Josh Denny, currently on his nineteenth attempt at a show someone will care about and/or watch, has ballooned to proportions that must be examined. Watch as over a decade of podcast experience culminates in more meh than you can imagine. Chad Zumock is in hiding after running away from his own show Thursday afternoon when Patrick surprised him with a snipe session. We catch up with some of our favorite nutty ladies, including Planet with a Palate and her rotund gal pals. They’re making dip or pasta or eggs or pickle juice. It’s hard to tell, really. But they are very, very fat and very, very chill about it all. This has gotta be good!

November 16, 2023 – R-TARD THURSDAY! Steel Toe DELUSION Peaks! Old Man Brennan! CRINGE Rap Group!

Patrick’s show rundown sheet overfloweth with many much more mopes to make mirth about! Sorry about that, but it’s hard to write a description for a show that hasn’t happened yet! Steel Toe is in dire straits, and they are putting out the early feelers to get their favorite benefactor Captain Chandler to send in piles of cash. Will he oblige them? Josh Denny is bigger than ever and has never had more podcast experience, but he still has no idea what he’s doing. Kevin Brennan has become too easy to impress in his old age and Patrick has some thoughts about it. There’s a new rap group sweeping the northeast and you’re going to want to grab your earplugs about it, fam. We out here on these streets!

SNIPING THE SNIPER! VOL. 1 – Can’t Wait To See His Face!

Chad Zumock is the Mudshark, aka The Sniper, and he’s the roughest streamer there is! Unless you try to do it back to him. Then you’re going to get a different guy. Ready to see what a complete bitch this Cleveland clown is? Watch his run, hide and quit his own show AGAIN after finding out he’s getting a taste of his own delicious sniper soup. Why can’t Chad hang? Why can’t Chad do a show? Why can’t Chad take what he claims to be the best at dishing out? Who cares? Watch with us and have a good time showing the world what a complete BOOB and total fake tough guy that comedian Chad Zumock is. Enjoy!

November 14, 2023 – Chad’s STALE Standup! Are APRIL IMHOLTE’S Bags Packed? Get K-Mart Ready!

Patrick has some theories and what a better place to air them out than the daily Nobody Likes Onions podcast live stream comedy program! April Imholte’s anxiety is through the roof, and winter is coming! Will this woods woman be able to weather the depression of another Minnesota locked up with her scrawny stick husband playing radio in the basement? Is she bailing on more and more shows lately because of her fragile ego? Plus – we go over Chad’s standup comedy set from this past weekend in Ohio, and find out he still hasn’t written one new joke. The cope from Chad about losing a roast battle to Ray DeVito continues. It’s Training Tuesday, and we’ve got the tools you need to be K-Mart ready!

November 13, 2023 – Ray Is MORE LOST Than Ever! Keith & The Girl’s NEW GRIFT!

Patrick is recovering from his weekend of birthday nonsense, and maybe now we can get back to normal about it. We may all have a case of the Mondays, but maybe with a little luck we can get through it. Ray DeVito has taken to YouTube to try to clear up any confusion about his roast jokes, but of course it comes across as confusing and defensive as usual. Watch as Ray defends nonsensical jokes that no one has any questions about, and gloss over others that were most definitely lifted. Keith and the Girl, the podcast no one can believe is still going, is back making a cash grab one last time. Their show has a big announcement to make, and it can’t mean anything good. Chemda is leaving, but somehow the show needs to keep going, and only your dollars can make it happen!