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June 10, 2024: Nick Rekieta SHAKES Aaron Imholte! How Long Until EVERYONE TURNS On Steel Toe?

Aaron Imholte has enjoyed a week of swimming in the deep with no natural predators, bragging about his live views and continuing to run his mouth to his own detriment. There will be a day of reckoning where all of the stories and insane pseudo-bragging that Aaron continues to do about his druggie wife April Anderson and his former leather daddy Nick Rekieta cause him some life strife. But he can’t see the forest for the trees, and Aaron is hell-bent on controlling the narrative and trying to make sure everything is portrayed as another win for the Toe. Patrick is back to help settle the proverbial hash of this Minnesota mush mouth. And did we mention that the kids are involved now? This can’t miss!

HACKAMANIA AFTERMATH: The Highs, Lows, Rants, Raves and Stories! Your Questions Welcome!

Patrick is finished cleaning up his life after Hackamania and wants to sit down and yell some more. His voice isn’t gone enough. Come join in a Friday night hang with a lot of the people you may or may not have met at the event last weekend. Who was there? Who wasn’t? Will Patrick be itching because of all th bedbugs? How much did Ray get paid? Did LL Cool Lee even find the Hilton? All the stories and gossip get laid bare on tonights edition of Nobody Likes Onions.

June 1, 2024: LIVE AT HACKAMANIA in Las Vegas!

Patrick has lost his voice, and is dealing with curveball after curveball in Las Vegas for Hackamania. Missing performers, promised audio and video components are missing, and cameras start dying left and right. It’s day two and things are going smoother, but Patrick is frazzled and he takes a brief break to rest on stage during his own podcast. Pat Dixon tells the crowd jokes they missed, Bryan Johnson of Tell ‘Em Steve Dave fame joins Patrick to talk about Steel Toe and the latest insane drama with Nick Rekieta. Jason Bently comes up to talk about Kevin Brennan and his Hackamania experience. Tookie Aaron Imholte savs the show with a cloud of energy that fills the room.

Aaron CAUSES Search Warrant of NICK REKIETA! Steel Toe Begins It’s RELAPSE In To E-BEGGARY!

We finish our watch of Aaron Imholte telling the most saucy Steel Toe sexy time stories with Nick Rekieta and his wife, along with his ex-wife and super-spun sidepiece April Imholte aka April Anderson. The Minnesota mind warp continues, as this morning the search warrant circumstances were made public, and Aaron is over the moon about being the center of attention once again. It seems the Steel Toe program and April’s ambiguous role as the family’s live-in caretaker are at the center of the arguments for intervention at the Rekieta household. Wont’ some please think of the children? Steel Toe brings useless whiny cripple Johnny Crutches back on the show to add nothing as the Steel Toe show begins its steady decline back to the beg-cast we know it to be.

Steel Toe TRASHES Nick Rekieta Following Arrest! How Long Will Newcomers Fall For Imholte’s BS?

What a revealing weekend it has been on the Nick Rekieta and Aaron Imholte front. Everything this show has predicted has come true and so much more, and Aaron can’t stop himself from trying to make his hacky morning comedy stream more popular by cashing in on the Nick Rekieta and Rekieta Law reputation. Come for another deep Steel Toe dive as these universes collide and we help un-muddy the waters for newcomers to the madness that is Steel Toe. Moody is here from New Zealand to expound on theories and offer advice that we all know Aaron Imholte will never take. New court documents, new takes, and so many clips to watch. Come join us!

Court Docs! Nick Rekieta and April Imholte Are FREE! Did STEEL TOE’S Aaron Imholte SNITCH?!

Another BANGER week in the Dabbleverse as it collides in to the Rekietasphere once more! All of our wildest speculations are turning out to be true. It appears that April Imholte, with little money and only her lap wallet to offer, was being kept and turned out by BIG NICK ENERGY himself, Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law. Minnesota has never been so cold! Let’s break down the bond hearing, the circumstances of the arrest, the “anonymous tipster” and so much more. PLUS – how wrong can MLC get things? Kevin Brennen embarrasses himself stream after stream with bad instincts, poor logic, and the most clueless boobs as sidekicks. Patrick breaks it all down on this very whatever episode of Nobody Likes Onions!

May 23, 2024: AARON IMHOLTE Is Fooling The Dumbs! Why TWO BADS Don’t Make Steel Toe GOOD…

Aaron Imholte has found a way to make his show get half of the views it did a year ago – start trashing his wife and ex-partner April Anderson. Watch as the once-discreet radio man proceeds to spill all the dirt he can about his alleged druggie ex-wife and her proclivities for other men’s skin rods in her hair holes. But those are just rumors. Watch as the most easily-fooled smooth brains fall at Aaron’s feet, praising his recent honesty and renewed energy towards his program. People who cursed Aaron days ago are now becoming Toe Bros unironically, outing themselves as easily-distracted patrons of this podcasting cesspool. Why is everyone currently trying to bend reality to make Aaron a good guy? How can the display of basic parenting decisions make people forget about the core narcissist that is at the center of the human goo we call Aaron Imholte?

APRIL IMHOLTE & NICK REKIETA ARRESTED! Also Nick’s GHOULISH Wife! Drugs! Guns! Children! Oh, My!

BREAKING: Nick Rekieta and April Imholte aka April Anderson have been arrested in Minnesota with narcotics and guns and children! Lives are on the line! It’s an MLC for the ages! Hey Tio! MLC is good again! Kevin Brennan is in a spiral after his handler and tech boy Adam fled from the program a couple months ago. Dipping deeper and deeper into dementia daily, Kevin struggles to hit his own former numbers and is now being dominated by streamers like Tookie Soup, Tuesday’s at 9pm ET on the BeDabbler network. Chad Zumock sits in a corner and bounces and yells while Mooby regales KB with tales of his once-adored wife, who has now become a footnote of a cohost and the butt of almost every joke on the current edition of Steel Toe. Watch as a man with nothing pretends to have it all, an old man with no knowledge or the situation at all fails to ask any good questions while diddling away on his phone, and a short Cleveland middle loses steam and decides halfway through the show that he’s just happy to be here. Also, Melton sucks, right?

May 21, 2024: Did NICK REKIETA Spoil APRIL ANDERSON? Steel Toe’s AARON IMHOLTE Shared His Wife?!

The fascinating story of a Minnesota wanna-be radio man who keeps torching his life over and over again marches forward. Watch as a weak man with an even weaker constitution continues to spew details about his crumbling life, from the wife he let become consumed by narcotics and be passed around like a finger trap for the pleasure of a friend. Watch as a man struggles for relevance and identity in a world he’s not sure he belongs in. What is Aaron Imholte? Is he a hard-edged radio god that pulls no punches when it comes to dealing with hate? Is he a family man that does the right thing when faced with hard moral questions? Is he a single ladies man who can’t be tamed? No. He’s a lost man approaching forty who has yet to learn basic life lessons and find a personality that works for him.