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NLO 1442: SWAT Dream

There’s a good chance we aren’t going to make it. All aboard the crazy train! Patrick Is hopped up on Indian food and promoting the new stuff over in the NLO Store. Patrick is excited about his upcoming birthday so please buy him something immediately or send dollars. Patrick wants to really start using the PO Box so send in your weird stuff immediately! We go over a brief history of SWATing and how it works. Is Less Than Jake dead yet because Patrick has memories about it. Apologies for the crappy sign, but it could be a lot worse. Captain Paprika himself, David Hollywood Hulett cuts his live stream when they discover NLO watching! Thai goes to Ocha to “hang out” now. Patrick makes a mistake about GrandTheftGinger Ryan Bourassa..

NLO 1441: Musk Mandates

Patrick is in a mood and he’s here to take it out on your ear holes! We’re relaunching PM in the AM over on Rokfin and Patrick has some plugging to do about it. Patrick thought there was a ghost in the studio and yelled at the curtain for no reason. The midterm election is right around the corner, and Patrick has some opinions on how stupid all of it is. Paul Pelosi has been hammered in the head, which is crazy! The chat gets very uncomfortable as Patrick tries to shake people away from being radicalized robots. Reboot your brains and start thinking again for the sake of society. Patrick talks about why starting your own whatever never works anymore. Practical home alarm system advice is hard to come by, but we’ve got it here

NLO 1440: Is Comedy Broken?

Patrick is in a mood as the show kicks off and he has frustrating issues with his Mac and iPad. Patrick talks about the return of PM in the AM which will exclusively be available on RokFin and the Overdose. There’s never been more options for content creators to lose money on! Comedy is changing, and comedy in Las Vegas is a weird creature on its own. Patrick rants about comedians who constantly headline bar shows over and over and over and continue to advertise them like it’s special every week. Patrick rubs weed dust in his eyes and has to scream for seven minutes about it. The Paprika Show is one of the most revealing and sad productions on the Las Vegas comedy scene. We listen to an ex-UFC fighter and a hairdresser talk about nothing.

NLO 1439: Separated at Girth

Patrick is joined by a doppelgänger live in studio. Don’t adjust your graphics cards. Sean Conway is here and Patrick is gonna make him pay for it. We kick off the show with Alex Ansel pulling pranks. We then dive in to a story about Sean wanting to do his laundry at Patrick’s place. It seems simple, but there’s a workflow issue that Patrick can’t let go. Find out how long two people can argue about something neither cares about. A new idea for a business has emerged in the back of Patrick’s brain that could save people a lot of money. Patrick screamed at a stranger at the dog park recently and it felt really great. Sean does a lot to live up to the racist stereotypical Aussie loose unit.

NLO 1438: Under the Rug

Is there news from the desert sands of Las Vegas? Thai Rivera prepares to eject from the Las Vegas comedy scene once and for all. What’s next for comedy’s favorite little disaster magnet? Pour a warm tea and join us, won’t you? Patrick briefly addresses why he won’t be discussing the recent incident that occurred at his comedy “special” taping. Occasionally on the show we have to hide some things and backtrack. Have you guys heard the one about the two guys who don’t know what they’re doing starting an open mic? Thai Rivera has so much time on his hands that he goes over to David “Hollywood” Hulett’s place to sit in his kitchen and record an episode of The Paprika Show, Las Vegas’s hottest new meh-cast.

NLO 1437: Pause Your Emotions

Free popcorn to the first eight people in the chat! Patrick is off to Colorado to run some content. Diaz Mackie calls out Patrick for downloading his special. Lots of hot BBQ talk. Patrick reveals an insane rumor about a recent brawl on the Las Vegas scene. We have a bombshell coming soon about Casper that you won’t want to miss. Josh Denny wants credit for a joke he said earlier. Anthony Cumia and Gavin McInness have had enough of Josh Denny bringing weird losers around their shows and roast him on Compound Media. Apologies to Angie Krum for revealing her joke theft. Thai Rivera is turning in to a skull before our very eyes and seems very confused about his own confidence. Patrick breaks down why Thai won’t ever have massive success in comedy.

NLO 1436: Hot Chicken & Cold Engines

granpapa set aside for emergencies! Patrick’s back with a whole bag of new “meh” for you to twiddle your little brains about. Patrick is concerned about fans who donate with unrealistic expectations. Patrick has a new favorite chicken spot. Is anyone else getting too fat? There’s some hot takes on the death of the queen and the integrity of the powerful. What is going on in the world? Steak is too expensive and everyone is broken. Smart people are believing insane things. Ryan Bourassa lashes out about his recent allegations of atrocity. Thai Rivera has learned some more video editing tricks and he can’t stop making manic home movies.

NLO 1435: A Night of Apologies

Patrick is fresh off his appearance on the Laugh After Dark podcast and he’s going to spill all the dirt. Our chat room members are all hiding something. Patrick has a big announcement about the Overdose to kick off the night on the right foot. There’s a word of warning for people thinking about home invading Patrick in the future. Johnny Brim spent his Monday trying to find enough signal out at Hoover Dam to post multiple cope fits about the recent show that covered his roast with Casper. There’s been a giant misunderstanding and tonight we get to the bottom of it. Johnny Brim shows up in the chat and the boys bury the hatchet like gentlemen of means. Casper the Comic might be more insidious than we originally realized.

NLO 1434: Gato Genial

Patrick is here with a basket full of life lessons that are sure to apply to you somehow, so grab a spork and dive in. We kick off the show talking about people who go gray at a young age, and how embarrassing it is to try to hide it. Patrick has some new creations from Daddy Derek Savage and Cool Cat. These videos are short and disturbing, and are sure to make you feel better about your life. We watch Big Irish Jay’s infamous “blacks joke” and decide if it’s racist. Patrick taks about Josh Denny and Gavin McInnes trying to prank their audience with a fake raid by the authorities. It’s a fail of such giant proportions that it has to have been concocted by Josh behind the scenes.