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October 27, 2023 – Kevin Brennan “WINS” Ray From Shuli! What Say You?

Happy Friday, fellow Earth-dwellers! So much has happened over the last couple of days, we’ve got to throw out the bath water and change the gender of this whole baby! Kevin Brennan has unleashed relentless amounts of bullying on soft-brain Ray Devito this week, putting pressure on the young upstart comedian to choose between his fatter paycheck at MLC or his weekly slog slot at The Shuli Network, where his show is increasingly becoming an outlier amongst the other John-centric programming. Will Replayables be left as the only non-John show on the Shuli schedule? And if so, what does this mean for the future of the network? Plus, more great Mersh moments and your art contest submissions for our latest contest.

October 26, 2023 – It’s THARRRRSDAY! Steel Toe Cope! EVERYONE Is Using Ray!

Happy Thursday, you little speckles of fun! Patrick has to do a shorter show today because of a very serious appointment he has this morning. That means he’s probably going to be grumpy and you shouldn’t start anything with him. Steel Toe is undergoing some sort of weird metamorphosis and we have to get to the bottom of it. Spider Alomar is the most pointless and profound dummy in the Joey C sphere of top tards. Shuli and Kevin are now using Ray as a pawn in their battle to injure each other, and it’s tearing him apart. Chad is more dumb than ever, and needs daddy Brennan to save him from having to do his own show and be his own man. Strap in, nerds!

BONUS: Kevin Brennan BULLIES Ray Devito! Will He Turn? Chad Zumock is EMPTY Headed!

What’s up everyone! This isn’t a show. This is just a stream. Let’s watch some idiots. Let’s see how fast we can make Chad run out of steam and run offline! Will the power go out? How about the internet? Maybe a SWAT or a neighbor knocking? Who knows? MLC is pretty boring but Kevin starts laying in to Ray and it gets soooo good! Will Kevin be successful in turning Ray against Shuli? It’s Melton’s day off and he’s bored and bananas. Come join the fun!

October 24, 2023 – Being a LEXUS Guy, Bower is REBOOTING, Have a Slice for Training Tuesday!

Patrick is a Lexus guy now, so you’re going to need to show some appropriate respect when you address him from now on. Who knew cars could do all this stuff! What will they think of next! Summer Sinclair isn’t giving up on Hollywood and has some new audition tapes. Michael Ray Bower has a new agent and a new outlook on life. Will he be accepted by the acting community again, or is this all just another pathetic attempt at feeling better about himself? It’s Tuesday, so pin on your name tag because these salads aren’t going to make themselves.

October 23, 2023 – Brennan Can’t Focus, Fan FREAKOUT, Gillespie Q&A, Steel Toe’s Latest Event

Good Mooby Monday, my little porcelain pirates! Drop your kids off at the pool and grab some coffee and some fuel! It’s NLO for your big phat phanny! Patrick is probably going to get a Lexus but it feels too fancy. Brad is scared of the bathtub. Kevin Brennan can’t seem to get anything right, and Patrick isn’t ashamed at all. We’ve got another instance of a fan losing their bananas. Heather Gillespie did a live Q&A and it’s weirder than normal. We’ve got a new woman to creep on, so get out your trenchcoat and prepare your sausages!

October 19, 2023 – Steel Toe Is QUITTING! Angie Krum Readies a NEW Show, Keanu Is a SITTING DUCK

On Thursdays, NLO gives thanks to the gods above for bestowing upon us a bounty of idiots to comb through. Angie Krum has been quietly headlining some of the crappiest Vegas gigs while secretly preparing to do a haircut show. You’ll see. Keanu got shot at and showed the world exactly how to act like a helplessly marooned idiot. Stuttering John keeps coming for Patrick. Heather Gillespie thinks people are wearing skin suits and she likes cooking in her tent with a hair dryer, Chad Zumock is being paid a fist full of cash to talk to a psychiatrist this afternoon, and we will be here for it.

October 17, 2023 – STEEL TOE Has a GROSS Penis! Derek Savage Wants You ARMED! Training Tuesday!

Leave the Dabbleverse behind and join Patrick on a magical carpet ride, touring nuts from far and wide and allowing you to forget the same old rehashed nonsense. Patrick thinks the Derek Savage ATM robbery story is worth a revisit, and you most definitely will as well. Kitty Pineapple was the biggest up and coming star nine months ago, and then Patrick pointed out she wasn’t. How’s it been going since? Steel Toe and his woman have a lot of opinions about yeast and want to expose you to some chunks. We’re starting a new segment today in response to the overwhelming joy created by the recent Waffle House training video. You’re going to LOVE the way you look!

October 16, 2023 – BON DIA! Comedy Shaman is LOOSE! Summer Was BORN To Sing! Another Missed Goal!

Happy Monday, fellow nerds! Patrick covered a podcast by the Comedy Shaman aka Put Down The Pork Pete aka Clay Combing Through Career Options and it did not sit well with the man. While Comedy Shaman has been a polarizing member of the community, it’s important to realize that once you try to be a guy, you are opened up to a world of criticism and unsolicited feedback. Summer Sinclair has the same problem with recognizing and calibrating her own level of talent. And Steel Toe? Don’t worry about Steel Toe – they are still missing goals and tell you that they don’t, all while begging you to help them help you help them have a show.

October 13, 2023 – SCARY! Friday the 13th, Chad Is CHOKING, P.O. Box Treasures

Hello, fellow humans and others in their midst! It’s Friday, and we’ve got some many misfits to study in our hopper today. Chad Zumock is quickly undoing his entire persona – OGAIN – to get back in the graces of his papa Kevin. What is Kevin doing? We watch some of Chad’s most embarrassing recent videos and breakdown his confidence for the world to see. Joey C and his family are a complete nightmare. Wait until you hear about Chrissy and Tracie, and some other degenerates branching out from this family tree. We have a Stabby C mugshot to comb over! It’s Friday the 13th, and our PO Box has some packages that might need the hazmat unit to stop the entire studio from being cursed.