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NLO 1420: QR Anon

A special live gathering where we will be having some beverages and giving away Jetskis! Patrick is feeling very philanthropic and will be giving away things through QR codes all show long, so get in on the fun! Kenan is cancelled! The stock market is tanking and Patrick isn’t happy about it. This will have a significant impact on any future car shopping deals. Learn why NFT’s and garbage coins are a scam, and how the creators make money. In another iteration of The Tweets I Seen, someone tries to sell Patrick weed, and of course the latest nonsense from Thai. Leaked footage from Agent O shows what really happens at Ocha Bar during open mics.

NLO 1418: Ass Me Anything

Patrick is back after embarrassing himself last show with excessive drink. That won’t be happening this time. Patrick is still trying to get an Xbox, so somebody please get on that. Kenan Thompson is a bad person and is running a scam for the ages. Patrick has done some research and has uncovered one of the biggest comedy grifts going, perpetuated by a Saturday Night Live all-star and a real estate agent. It’s worse than it looks! Nick Starr-Street is in the chat room and wants to call in but Patrick knows the rule about inviting vampires in. Wait until you seen The Tweets I Seen! Josh Denny is up to his old shape-shifting ways. Thai Rivera has tweets that make no sense, border on racism, and constantly miss the

NLO 1416: Whine Country

Patrick is back from a wedding in California and has some stories. Shooby’s wedding was fun, even if it was a long one and Patrick had to rent a tux. Tuxes are magical at making fat people look important. Of course there’s also some complaints. Avelo airlines is a little nuts and their planes may be falling apart. ACE rental cars is ripping people off and the employees aren’t quite sure if you need insurance. Artisan coffee shops need to get it together if they’re going to walk around like their beans don’t stink. The Santa Rosa airport is more tiny than you can imagine. Elon Musk has purchased Twitter, nothing has changed, and yet weak-minded dopes everywhere are losing their minds.

NLO 1415: Smoke Show

It’s 4/20 bro, so toke up and stuff and feel the burn and stuff! Weed, right! There’s a brisket on the smoker and Patrick has to keep an eye on it during the show. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to smoke a brisket right, this show has everything you need to know. The world has had enough of your self-esteem and it has to stop. Patrick is heading to wine country for the weekend to attend the wedding of Shooby. There will be news, and no lettuce on the floor. Patrick shows his ignorance of YouTube personalities while roasting Ethan Klein, a lost boy with a show that sponsors and fans are turning on fast. Andy Dick is acting erratic and may be in serious danger.

BONUS SHOW – TommyNC2010 Calls In!

BONUS SHOW! Patrick fires up the stream to hang with the common people, and see what there is to catch up on in the world of freaks and Greeks! Patrick is surprised that Keith and the Girl are still trying to get people to watch their YouTube channel, despite putting absolutely no effort in to production value or quality of content. We get a surprise call from TommyNC2010, one of the premier YouTube personalities in the world – just ask Daniel Tosh. We wrap up trying to get through another clusterfork of a show put out by Thai Rivera, but who has the time? LIKE THIS? Bonus shows like this and much more are typically available to Overdose Members only.

NLO 1414: Return of the Rick’s

Patrick has been going back and forth with a dentist all week to get his teeth right. It’s a cautionary tale to those of you who may still have time to save your chompers. Rick’s returns to sponsoring the show, and considerable time is spent with the chat discussing his latest innovations. Patrick wants advice on how to hang out with kids in his neighborhood without looking like a real creep. Some chat members creep Patrick out with references to really old show bits. Next week Patrick is flying to California for Shooby’s wedding. One of the comedians Patrick warned you was a bad person was allegedly caught stealing on video at an open mic. Butch Bradley did an interview and left out a big part of his life.

NLO 1413: Go To Your Room

but Patrick will stumble through a show with a painful temporary crown just to bring you the hot tea. Thai Rivera is texting friends frantically, trying to find a place to live for the second time in just a few months. Will he ever claw his way back from comedy obscurity and the dankest open mics around to be a force of laughter ever again? Let’s check out the motel Thai is considering making his new home. The Academy Awards was exciting. No one watched but we all saw the clips. Patrick will break down the Will Smith slap like none of your regular shows does. Patrick has beef with a company that sent him some beef.

NLO 1412: Doggy Door Drunk

Patrick is back after weeks of not doing shows, and while he was a little under the weather, he isn’t going to use that as an excuse. The truth is, sometimes a man has to step away from the digital and get in touch with the material world. And sometimes a man has to cut a hole in his house to put in a doggy door. And sometimes a man has to blab in to a microphone while drinking scotch. On this show, Patrick catches listeners up on what he’s been up to as well as answers questions about tough accusations from other comedians. We talk about Roy Johnson, old friend and co-host of the show, and how he’s completely lost it when it comes to joking around.

NLO 1411: Crossing David

Patrick is back after a week of lethargy and food-borne illness. Vomiting on your dog can be therapeutic, if anyone is asking. David Cross is mad at Patrick about a tweet, and it did not go well. Patrick tries to explain this giant misunderstanding, but who knew David was so sensitive? This Why is everyone so obsessed with lying to themselves? We talk about comedy specials and why yours probably isn’t great. Did Aakash Singh blow his comedy load too early? Thai Rivera is serving ice cream and performing in dark desert tents, and is trying to gaslight the world in to believing both of those thing equal success. If you’re hate watching, it’s fine, just know that Patrick will win you over.