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BONUS – Oodles of Noodles!

Something about a pecan-topping on an ice cream cake or something. Probably don’t watch, I’d say. Jkjk this is a bonus show from one of our Sunday Funday shows, usually an OVERDOSE exclusive. Patrick is full from eating at a Taiwanese restaurant, and he’s got soy sauce and noodles spilling out of his pores. There is no plan, so this show ends up being a meandering journey through the forest of YouTube fun nuggets. We watch a cooking video from Michael Ray Bower to try to get back in to a healthy frame of mind. Stay tuned for a bonus recipe featuring salmonella. We check out Twitch for the first time in forever, and the freaks over there are more niche than ever.

NLO 1426: Krumplaint Department

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time to gather around a campfire and roast the toes of our rivals over the flames of our most deep desires. Patrick hears multiple reports about Angie Krum and how she can’t stop talking about Patrick to people around town. Patrick doubles down on his position on Angie, and asks if she’d like to clarify anything. Patrick talks about attending Wiseguys open mic last week, where Thai Rivera may or may not have been making eyes at Patrick across the room. We take a look at comedian Danny Bevins on Facebook for a glimpse at a grown man who is unraveling publicly with every passing day. Unfortunately, this sickness is spreading. Learn how to process your emotions

NLO 1425: Somebody Bosharted

Patrick and a group of select elders from the village gather around a campfire fueled by bricks of their own excrement to discuss the daily buzz! You’re not going to want to miss this week’s interview with the creator of the graham cracker! Patrick talks about his recent experience having an anxiety attack while a man came to change the battery in a smoke detector. We try to talk about the most contentious issues of the day in a monetization-friendly way. Patrick wants you to mostly not let everything that happens in the world be so devastating to your existence. Male feminists are cringe af. Tonight we revisit alleged purse thief and wannabe-comedian Gretchyn Boshart. Press kit, arrest records and more!

NLO 1424: Gestalt and Batteries

Join Patrick and a cast of animated characters as they sing all the songs you know and love from the Harry Potter movies back to back! Jkjk welcome to the only podcast that can’t stop talking about mundane everyday things like who makes these smoke detectors and what’s the deal with batteries? Patrick annoys Big Irish Jay and the rest of the live audience by edging them constantly. Angie Krum is mad at Patrick but this is all just a big misunderstanding. We check in on Ocha Thai open mic, but it’s just unwatchable for so many reasons. Thai Rivera has issued a complete cope piece about Patrick and his interview with Dee Lila regarding his recent alleged assault. Thai doesn’t have one bad thing to say about Patrick!

BONUS SHOW: Dee Lila Interview

Patrick is pleased to bring you one of the most wild and eventful group viewings in quite awhile. I hope you’ve all brought your bucket of crackered jack and caramelized corns. This Tuesday prior, Thai Rivera was at an open mic at Wiseguys Comedy Club in Las Vegas, one of his favorite klerbs, and honestly, one of the few he is still allowed to step foot in. After completely melting down on stage with a tirade of predictable slop directed at a peer comedian, Dee Lila, he was made to leave the stage in a fit of emotional panic. After this incident, Thai made the decision to put his hands on someone. Patrick talks to to comedian Dee Lila to get the real story, and find the truth about her claim that Thai yanked her venue, the Ocha Bar, from her well-manicured claws.

NLO 1423: Breaking Brad

It’s been a rough week. Patrick is super broke now, so please send in your offers of tribute. The Tesla was repossessed and Brad has been been through a terrible ordeal while away at training camp. She’s home to tell the tale, and the pictures will sicken you. While doing what he thought was best for his sweet dog, injuries on each and every one of her paws forced her to have to leave for a vet inspection, and the results are awful. People are getting more and more dug-in and stupid. Thai Rivera wants $5000 to perform on a show with Patrick, once again cementing his intense fear of competition and exposure. Patrick would love to do something to benefit a charity, but Thai needs more money for table tops.

NLO 1421: A Salt Waffle

It’s been a crazy week, but things could be worse! Join Patrick in discussing all the hot news and topics of the day in a fun new way! You’ll never believe how broken everyone is, and there are plenty of receipts to go around. Did Patrick make the most extravagant purchase of his life? Ask his new Tesla, baby! Patrick describes some recent difficulty with paint matching. DL Hughley and Mo’ Nique are fighting about who the headliner was at a show nobody cares about in Detroit. Denny does eBay, and you’ll never guess how much a pair of jeans with some guac cost in his silly broken brain. Did Josh Denny steal a tweet from Patrick? Mike Boudet has really let himself go. Nick Starr is old and want to move to Cancun.

Sunday Funday – May 15, 2022

Patrick returns after hunting for sharks in the Andes and he has souvenirs for all the children, and receipts and health tips for the elderly. Patrick talks about his recent activities in the Las Vegas comedy community. We listen to Thai Rivera and wonder how a man can be so delusional and project as much as this comedy zero. We watch him show off another video of a show that is super empty, cringe and embarrassing. It’s worse than can be described. Patrick talks more about Butch Bradley and his “issues.” This s a wholesome family show about how to cope with your worldly desires while balancing your relationship with the almighty. Enjoy!

Sunday Funday – May 22, 2022

Patrick’s got tech problems leaking out his holes, but he’s still here for you baby. Patrick was supposed to be doing a show tonight but it got cancelled due to lack of audience. Most of this show is just endless meandering conversation, with no real point or lesson, but that should be no surprise to long-time fans of the show. Rumors from Agent O about Thai’s living situation. We revisit Alex “Kool Aid” Ansel’s hit song, “Squeezed.” We take a small detour down NLO memory lane, looking for old clips and songs from show days gone by,. More unseen footage from Thai’s Comedy Dojo, the most disastrous open mic in Las Vegas. Thai continues perpetuating the lie of running a productive and nurturing scene.