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February 15, 2024: STEEL TOE Morning Show is DESPERATE! Chad Zumock Is An ALCOHOLIC FAILURE!

Patrick is back from Atlantic City and he’s ready to do a data dump from the weekend. This show should be a constant flow of thoughts and memories from AC, as well as an attempt to catch up with some of the insane occurrences we may have missed. Chad is fully off the wagon after a weekend of truth smacking him across his fat chins. Not only did Chad fail at putting on a good comedy show, he came face to face with his lack of support and fans. After being rejected from the NYC comedy scene after just one day without meeting any of his heroes to stick it to his haters. Steel Toe Morning Show keeps tanking and is now desperate to do anything for superheats. They want back in the Dabbleverse worse than anything, and they’re chasing Chad Zumock to make it happen. Mooby has even sunk to the low of allowing his wife to strip on stream next to him, but the superheats are NOT flowing.

ATLANTIC CITY: Stuttering John Confrontation Aftermath

Stuttering John Melendez gets approached by Patrick in AC to smoothe thngs over, but Stuttering John will have none of it. Listen to Patrick break down tonight’s incident while it’s fresh on the mind. Who knows what more the weekend at the Borgata will have in store? Will Chad Zumock come? Will Kevin Brennan show? Will anyone fight? Only time will tell.

February 8, 2024: CHAD ZUMOCK’S Delusion Spiral! IMHOLTE Divorce Watch! Bower Has NEW Excuses?

It’s Thursday, but it might as well be Friday! After today’s show, Patrick is packing up and heading to the airport to head to Atlantic City for the rumble at the Borgata! We check in with Aaron and April and it’s going worse than you could ever imagine for the Steel Toe Morning Show. Chad Zumock is flailing around, trying to find his place in the dabbleverse. Why is his show not working? Why is his relationship with Kevin Brennan tenuous at best? Let’s go down memory lane with Chad again to find out whrere it all went wrong. Michael Ray Bower aka Donkeylips is back, but he isn’t walking while talking. We have an amazing PO Box haul! Sit tight, kids!

February 6, 2024: EXCUSES Are Mounting! SOMEONE Is Counting! Who’s Afraid of the Dark!?

Let’s get muddy! Night time NLO can get weird, so make sure you bring your boots. We go over the latest insanity revolving around the upcoming massacre in Atlantic City. Chad Zumock panics about some mystery text and Patrick gets blamed for it somehow. Why won’t Patrick address some picture Kevin’s Brennan posted? Kate Meaney wants to leave the dabbleverse but she’s coming to Atlantic City? Kevin finds out Ray is performing at Hackamania and almost does a backflip. What more could you ask for in the festivities before the BIG GAME! Pour yourself a glass of Death Piggy vodka and come along for an adventure!

February 5, 2024: CHAD ZUMOCK’s Early Years! STEEL TOE Struggle Show!

Another weekend has come and gone, with Chad Zumock sitting alone in his dark apartment, drinking himself to the point of being paralyzingly afraid of hitting the GO LIVE button on his little Playskool laptop. How many shows will the Mudshark do this week before the big Atlantic City meetup? How will Chad’s big standup show – the one he’s throwing to ‘give back’ and surprise people by ‘doing something’ in this stupid podcast world. We listen to Chad’s own words describing how he thinks it will play out. We also take a look at Chad’s origin story to find out exactly where this preppy peanut got too puffed up for his own good. PLUS Steel Toe Morning Show is back with Aaron Imholte and his lil buddy Johnny, and they’re reading chats and cranking out no content better than anyone in Minnesota.