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NLO LIVE: Reel Ray In, Keep Kevin Calm, Learn to Cook (July 13, 2023)

The same issues seem to keep presenting themselves in this world, and no one seems to listen. Everyone claims to have lines drawn and allegiances, but they get more and more blurry everyday. Kevin Brennan doesn’t even know who he’s mad at anymore. Ray can’t seem to grasp that he’s retarded. Patrick received his Rustic Cuts and has some thoughts. Michael Ray Bower helps us gain a more sophisticated palette. The hit single That EEEEE Sound kicks off the last day to send in entries for a song contest that may or may not happen.

NLO LIVE: Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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NLO LIVE: Loss of Loyalties, A New Summer Song (July 10, 2023)

Happy Monday! Patrick is back to catch up on the weekend drama from a healthy distance. Summer Sinclair is standing up to bullies, and standing up on stages all over town. She’s allegedly been very confused by another local comedian who’s trolling her with a new summer banger featuring clips of Summer. All this and the latest garbage fires from Steel Toe Morning show, including an update on the billboard project which is now looking very not possible. Grab a hoagie and come hang.

NLO LIVE: KC Armstrong is a Real Boy, Bower is Crushing It (July 7, 2023)

Happy FRIDAY! Join Patrick in putting a tight bow on this weeks mayhem. We have an art contest today, and it’s sure to make KC Armstrong squirm in his pantaloons! We want to see your best homo-erotic interpretation of KC Armstrong from the Howard Stern show – whether he’s dolled up with nowhere to go, or lounging around with the “boys,” we want to see it. Michael Ray Bower has been putting out no content and wants the haters to know he is killing it. What is this delusion that once “kind-of-celebs” have that makes them thing they have the clout and skills to be big stars today?

NLO LIVE: Ray Can’t Cook, Chad Can’t Win (July 6, 2023)

It’s Thursday, and boy, does it ever feel like it! Let’s keep on pushing to get through this week and just soak up some away-time from the Internet this weekend, ok? Patrick has wired up his cough button, but there’s a hum that’s driving him crazy. Will it cause him to storm out of the room and go back to bed? Find out why an email right before the show has Patrick questioning humanity. And what does Flimsy Greenberg say that hurts Patrick to his core? Find out all of these answers and more on this show. Also, Patrick may or may not be a victim of a Cash app scam by a pastor in Maryland. Ray DeVito may be the most challenged adult in the world, and his recent steak experience shows all his flaws. Chad Zumock makes another bad call and goes on to MLC for one of the most pointless screaming matches to grace a podcast in this dumb war yet.

NLO LIVE: Sad World is Sad – Breaking Down the Dabbleverse (July 3, 2023)

Tis the eve of the anniversary of the birth of our nation. And we here at Onioncorp are thankful for free speech, fine foods, and good old fashioned name calling. Patrick is becoming ever disturbed by the ongoing activities in the so-called Dabbleverse, and the cauldron could either be coming to a boil or the flame could be about to die completely. Join Patrick this morning to recap the latest from Kevin Brennan, Bob Levy, Shuli, and KC Armstrong. And find out what this all has to do with some idiot name Stuttering John Melendez. This ship is suffering fom an airlock failure and we are going to need everyone to head to the escape pods – stat!

NLO LIVE: Stevie Lew’s Life on Trial, Chad’s Hat Contest & More! (June 30, 2023)

It’s your chance to air out all the Stevie Lew dirt you have. Patrick has been warned for months about the nefarious back-handed dealings of Stevie Lew and his henchmen. But is the danger real? Is this guy a serious threat to others and possibly himself? You convince us all if you have dirt! We are having a Friday art contest and the assignment is Chad’s next hat and/or costume. What’s your prediction for the mud worm’s next attempt at a personality? Wait until you meet Joey C and dive in to his “content.” Yikes! We got one!

NLO LIVE: Mooby LOVES Rumble’s Numbers! Bower is HORNY! (June 29, 2023)

It’s Thursday and Patrick would like to put all this crazy nonsense behind us. But can everyone else? Patrick has a rough morning screaming at the chat and allowing himself to be distracted by a bunch of narcissistic psychos. Stuttering John seems to be way behind on internet. Kevin Brennan is mad at Patrick for being friendly with Shuli. Michael Ray Bower is more horny than a guy who like banging and considers himself a sex guy. Steel Toe is not thriving on Rumble no matter what the Mooby man says. Is Stevie Lew controlling the narrative while actually being one of the biggest psychos around? Is he a complete fraud? Send in your LEW dirt for our show tomorrow where Patrick tries to reset the narrative an be less cantankerous overall.

NLO LIVE: Steel Toe Strike, KB & SJ Versus Shuli, Ray Gets Puffy (June 28, 2023)

Patrick is back from the beach and ready to catch up with the latest nonsense in the podcasting universe. Ray DeVito thinks he’s a tough guy and stuff. Kevin Brennan is gloating after being the fisherman that was able to wrangle in the whale that is Stuttering John for the MLC podcast. The Shuli Network had a record day live streaming, with the perfect storm of both NLO and Steel Toe being off YouTube due to unrelated reasons. Patrick has been suffering intermittent Internet issues, and Steel Toe Morning Show seems like it’s starting to catch the eye of the YouTube content moderation team for its constant racism and transphobic remarks. Chad is exposed further as a charlatan broadcaster with no following of note, and Patrick thinks he’s caught another big lie by the crudshark!