Podcasting since 2005.

For over fifteen years, Nobody Likes Onions has been making audiences laugh at the absurd, the obvious, and the wrong. Comedian Patrick Melton, along with other entertainers from Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and around the world, gather around microphones three times a week to present their unique observations and opinions about current events, pop culture, and real-world experiences in their personal lives.


NLO ascended to the top of the podcast ranks quickly, making a name for itself early on with famous guests, interesting co-hosts, and innovative comedy formats typically not portrayed in terrestrial radio, and growing into a massive form of entertainment for it’s tens of thousands of listeners worldwide. The culture of NLO  spans over a decade, with a rich tapestry of comedy and podcasting history, often involving inside jokes and references that can take time to understand.


The shows range from engaging and serious, to silly and ridiculous. Listen to a few shows and we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Nobody Likes Onions continues to be one of the most popular and fastest growing independent internet comedy radio programs in the world, due to its professional production value, universal content, aggressive marketing and merchandising strategies and word of mouth.


Shows are sometimes pre-recorded, but are usually broadcast live. This mix gives the show a dynamic blend of audience interaction and produced content. All shows are available as downloads in MP3 format, and are also available to be automatically downloaded to your computer or portable audio player via iTunes or any other podcast software.


Originating in Florida, the show has previously called both Los Angeles and New York City home in the past, while also delivering content from around the globe. Nobody Likes Onions is currently based in Las Vegas, NV.


Go listen, already.

How do I subscribe to NLO?


The best way to make sure that you are always getting the newest episodes of NLO as soon as they’re released is to subscribe. To subscribe, all you need is a program that can handle podcast subscriptions, such as a podcast app for iOS or Android, or a podcast directory service, such as Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher or LastFM.


Just open up your podcast application and type in this feed:




Many online services also allow you to subscribe to your favorite website or podcast RSS feeds. Just login to your aggregator service (like Yahoo!, Google News, etc.) and add the feed URL above.


What is podcasting?


Wikipedia says that “podcasting allows individuals to have a self-published, syndicated radio show.” Podcasting can also be thought of as casual content creation. The simplicity of podcasting allows almost anyone to have a voice – from individuals to corporations. Most free podcasts suck, and we suggest you don’t bother looking around for more to listen too, because you might get frustrated and throw your phone at your oldest relative.