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MELTON in the MORNING! (May 8, 2023)

What a weekend, am I right? Patrick discusses the most recent drama in the MLC universe, including Ray DeVito and his obsessions with writing checks his chin can’t cash. Patrick has determined, along with religious counsel from Reverend Mir, that Ray may beyond saving. Kevin continues his weekend streaming warpath. Chad gets rattled with an unexpected attack of his friends on Friday. Patrick gets nearly $500 from a drunk fan on Saturday night. Mersh is sad and wants your good vibes. Our DISCORD is popping so come on down:

MELTON in the MORNING! April’s Tragic Beans (May 5, 2023)

It’s FRIDAY, baby! We love to see you squirm! And it’s Cinco de Mayo, but let’s not be cracking open beers at this hour, ok? Not talking to anyone specific! Just anyone. Any Floridian. Today’s Friday Art Project – design your best idea for the Steel Toe Coffee Company logo and/or label! The best part of waking up is scrimp eggs in your cup! We also discuss yesterday’s MLC fallout, discuss future possibilities with Opie and Stuttering John, and put a very naughty cherry on top for your best weekend ever!

Melton in the Morning – May 3, 2023

Stevie Lew is on Steel Toe Morning Show today! Will it be good? Funny? Silly? TOO much? We find out! Plus all the latest gossip from Chad, MLC and those crazy boys! New evidence has been made available which appears to show Chad on camera while the phone call comes in to Bob, meaning Chad could not be the one who made the threatening call to Bob. Yet some people are not sure. Stevie Lew geeks out on Steel Toe, giddy over being on the show with one of his comedy heroes, Aaron Imholte. Lil Mir is officially the spiritual leader of the Onions. We reach 500 members thanks to some very generous chat members giving up the goods! Thanks for hanging this hump day with your favorite hump-back host!

Melton in the Morning – May 2, 2023

It’s TUESDAY, TUESDAY, gotta get down on Tuesday. Everybody’s waiting for the mid-weed, mid-week! Patrick begins the show discussing yesterday’s controversial show with Kyle Anderson, Patrick wades in to the latest insanity in the MLC versus Chad Zumock universe, not knowing exactly where this conflict is going or why. Bob Levy unloads on Chad after a supposed phone call at the end of Monday’s MLC show where Chad calls in and threaten’s Levy. Was it Chad on the phone, though? Can anyone piece together the timeline and divulge if it was even possible that Chad was behind this call. Is there any chance of deescalating these men and getting them to settle their differences. We also check out Mooby’s girdle and watch his latest insane spin on Steel Toe Morning Show and their prize night.

Melton in the Morning – May 1, 2023

It’s a new week.- a new month, for that matter – and we are kicking it off with comedian Kyle Anderson, one of the only people insane enough to wake up at 2:30am to do a podcast for the promise of nothing but dozens of likes and some cold McMuffins with a friend. Kyle is a comedian who you may know as the creator of a certain popular viral video documentary about a comedian you may or may not have messages from in your DM’s. Watch as these two obese men giggle nonstop at the nuance and depravity of the likes of Steel Toe trying to launch a coffee and Michael Ray Bower plugging merch and explaining conspiracy theories.

NLO 1462: Wayne, Wayne, Go Away

Rodney Wayne, one of Earth’s slowest-brained Neanderthals, has taken months to respond to the Vegas comedy community’s critique of his gnarly appearance and disgusting talent. Wayne has incorrectly hooked up a microphone in his spare bathroom to record one of the most softboi responses to a critique he could muster, and it’s packed with lies that must now be refuted with evidence. If you’ve ever wanted to see a guy admit all his losses, insane coping rewrites of documented events, and how not to handle someone teasing you, make sure to watch this train wreck. You didn’t like Patrick showing your son on his stream? You messaged him and told him to take it down? You won’t stand for it?

Melton in the Morning – April 28, 2023

Happy Friday! Another week of calamity over in the Imholte household has Moby and the Scrimp shambling and constantly worrying about their bottom line. Sometimes they hit the goal, sometimes they don’t, but it’s always accompanied by a rant against the haters full of lies and copes. Bob Levy calls in to talk about recent drama with Chad Zumock and The BS Show. Tom McCaffrey is a real bitch of a comedian. Ray gets bodied on his own show again and wants to do solo shows now. Carlos Danger is a good guy. Chad Zumock is continuing to try to take a shark bite out of MLC. Jake Hudson shows us what southern cooking is all about.

Melton in the Morning – April 26, 2023

Happy Wednesday, ya worms! So much drama in the NLO, it’s hard trying to keep up with who to be angry with. We talk about elves and why they are so hot, and all the guys in the chat room try to get it in with one of our own. The ladies of NLO are the hottest on the internet. Moody brags about being able to get a new booster soon for the thing that we all forgot about. Some intense discussion follows. Jake Hudson shoots his loyalty load too early. Bob Levy has had about enough of your bullshit. He’s fighting with Chad and taking down anyone who gets in his way. The mudshark marches forward.

Melton in the Morning – April 25, 2023

Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Like a diamond in the sky, Patrick shines through to make your Tuesday far more “meh” thank it could have been. Patrick is live this morning to try to make up for yesterday’s debacle, but will he succeed? On this show, we break down all the recent drama between Chad Zumock and Kevin Brennan over the future of the MLC podcast.Today Kevin plans to have Karl from WATP on, and Chad knows it’s just meant to troll him. Chad calls in to defend calling Patrick a tall dumbass. Bob Levy and Shuli Egar are trying to drive the Shuli Network right over Nobody Likes Onions’ grave by stealing the early morning time slot. This means WAR!