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April 2, 2024: Patrick Can’t Even! Internet Chop Chop! Hackamania VENUEGATE! April Is All Alone!

The Steel Toe delusion show marches forward. This time April has recovered enough to try to host a show on her own again, but we all know Mooby can’t allow his factory-worker wife to run things on her own for too long. Let’s watch the latest cringe sessions from our favorite set of mindless Minnesotan radio hosts. Patrick wants to check in on our favorite fats to see what they have been up to. Our favorite sitting chef has a recipe for a pizza that you’re definitely not going to want to try, and another once of our tubby heroes thinks she’s going to become a runner. Finally, did you know Corey Adam has been busy cranking out reels that nobody watches and he still hasn’t figured out how to get the editing and sound right on his own phone. Strap in!

April 1, 2024: The STUTJO Ultimatum! Celebrate CHANGE With THE WALL! DonkeyLips HATES Help!

Just because it’s April Fool’s Day doesn’t mean we will be tricking people left and right over here. That kind of thing is best reserved for shows who need to distract you with works and whistles. We do a serious, fun show over here. Aaron Imholte needs money this month, and he is definitely going keep reminding us about it so that him and his wife can continue their make-believe careers. Donkeylips aka Micheal Ray Bower does not want a new computer for free. He’d rather keep complaining about obstacles and hardships so he doesn’t ever have to actually try. John Melendez aka Stuttering John inspires Patrick to declare April the month of celebrating change. Won’t you come help us celebrate change and truth?

March 29, 2024: Steel Toe BACKPEDALS Their Own Failure! We CAN’T STOP These Minnesota LOLCOWS!

Happy FRIDAY! Join Patrick in putting a tight bow on this weeks mayhem. We have an art contest today, and it’s sure to make KC Armstrong squirm in his pantaloons! We want to see your best homo-erotic interpretation of KC Armstrong from the Howard Stern show – whether he’s dolled up with nowhere to go, or lounging around with the “boys,” we want to see it. Michael Ray Bower has been putting out no content and wants the haters to know he is killing it. What is this delusion that once “kind-of-celebs” have that makes them thing they have the clout and skills to be big stars today?

March 28, 2024: Kevin Brennan GASLIGHTS His Life! An Offer DONKEYLIPS Can’t Refuse!

Early onset Kevin cannot stop lying to his audience, and more importantly himself, about his relationships with people and his career. Resulting to putting down Dave Attell to make himself feel better about the obvious state of his life. Let’s watch Kevin’s latest show and pick apart what the old man is going through, and what the immediate future could hold for the future of Misery Loves Company. Michael Ray Bower is on a run of bad luck. First, his decade-old computer has given up the ghost, and his repeated attempts to talk it in to working and replace it with an even older machine have failed. As if things couldn’t get worse, Donkeylips could have been involved in the kid-touching scandals at Nickelodeon? Perhaps a recent package can turn things around for the once-prolific actor-turned-sad-sack.

March 26, 2024: Steel Toe Trouble Town! Never Trust Stevie Lew!

As the dust from the Dabbleverse settles and everyone else besides Kevin Brennan realizes that Mike Bochetti’s simple charm has worn thin, Patrick still has some questions. The drama around one Stevie Lew needs to be put to bed. and Patrick has some final thoughts. We watch a recent interaction between Ray Devito, Quadfather and Stevie on a recent podcast, and try to decipher whether or not this entire thing is a big joke. Chad is back in Tampa, and the drinking and depression train is sure to hit the wannabe comedian hard as he falls back in to his daily routine of not working. The lessons of the day are to be careful who you associate with and watch what you say to strangers. Before you know it your own husband could be trashing you on a podcast, or you could be caught in more lies than you can manage to maintain.

March 25, 2024: SHOW CANCELLED! Nobody Wants To Do This! Cancel Your Monday!

Seriously, there isn’t any show. Don’t wait for it. It’s not going to start. Patrick is ill. There is no higher being. We are all floating on a rock through the ether with no purpose or consequences. This is all for nothing. Jkjk but things are off and Patrick is in a funk. Stevie Lew wants to rehash the past and lie again. This guy is addicted to being a victim, and probably doesn’t have anyone’s best interest in mind but his own. Stevie tries to strike a low-blow with some insider info and falls flat on his 6’6″ ass. We find out how important wives are and decide once and for all if anyone cares at all about them. Patrick loves Mersh now and that’s the end of this show. Steel Toe Morning Show was live from Nick the Dick’s house because the Imholtes spent the entire weekend at their home away from home.

March 22, 2024: STEEL TOE Makes Up Another Win! SHULI + SuperTip? Is RED BAR Dead?

It’s Friday and there’s so many loose ends to wrap up, there’s no telling where this show is going to go. Patrick wanted so much for this show to include the conclusion of Michael Ray Bower and his computer tour. He really wanted to show you what Summer Sinclair is trying to pass off as standup comedy. He had so many dreams of dissecting the Insane Clown Posse and their obsession with ratchet people and fizzy cheap drinks. But the Steel Toe is too strong. The Aaron Imholte and April Imholte chemistry proves to be irresistible. Where is April’s ring? Does she have a job? Is Steel Toe Bigger than Red Bar now? Steel Toe Morning Show has buried their heads further in the sand while screaming about how they are beating everyone else.

March 21, 2024: RAY DEVITO Has Some Ideas! KEVIN BRENNAN Is A Teen Girl With NO FRIENDS!

We left the Ray Devito and Kevin Brennan stuff alone for a day or two, but the pink hot dog man cannot let it go. He’s like a scorned rich teen girl with no friends who got dumped and now has to pay less popular kids to listen to her complain about the one that got away. Ray Devito keeps letting people convince him of almost anything, causing him to constantly waver on his commitment to Hackamania. Liam backs out of Hackamania to stick it to Patrick, even though no one knows who he is or why he was coming in the first place. The Steel Toe Morning Show has had some weird behavior this week, and you know Patrick has some thoughts about it. Is April Imholte on some sort of drugs? What’s going on in that house? Is Aaron Imholte using his kids as an excuse? Is Ashley Larue tattling on her ex-husband?