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NLO 1396: Pellet Girl

Patrick wants to have a late night chat with you, the fans. It’s time to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the comedy drama and focus on the things that matter in life – dad living. Patrick talks about his recent acquisition of a pellet grill, to the dismay of “real bbq guys” everywhere. Patrick doesn’t care what you’re Busch Light-drinking-ass thinks or how if you “ain’t using wood, you ain’t cookin’ good.” Rhymes are for idiots and snake bite victims. Patrick talks about an ad for a music video that doesn’t make sense at all. We take a call from Mike Boudet from the Sword and Scale podcast to discuss whatever the issue with Ian Bagg is. We learn that women complain the most, Adam Corolla is getting a secret divorce, and so much more!

NLO 1395: Unwell, Unwell, Unwell

s Vegas is heating up, and the smoking embers of bridges here in the comedy scene can be observed from miles around. Nobodies are starting new drama, bored weirdos are making big accusations, and the rat king himself, Cry-Me-A-Rivera (aka Thai Rivera, aka Balentin De Anda, aka Candy-Ass Daddy, aka ET Torso, aka Mumblestiltskin), is beginning to find himself VERY unwelcome at more and more places in a city that is ever growing wary of his shirtless photos and awkward toothy grin, coupled with the not-quite-right eyes of a poorly-constructed children’s doll. Rumors, inside Information, and scandals afoot! We hear rumors of his next move, plans of a comedy special, and more! Find out who ASSAULTED the best LGBTQ+ comedian in the WORLD!

NLO 1394: Gossip Brunch

Patrick sits down on a Sunday to have a little hang with you, the loyal listener. Patrick gabs with the chat a bit, as there’s quite a bit going on that’s grinding his gears. Patrick is sipping on Starbucks coffee, which he had delivered. He’s aware that this is the epitome of white girl privilege, but that’s how he rolls. Brad is sick, and has cost a fortune in emergency vet bills. Her digestion isn’t running smoothly, and Patrick is worried about his white tiles and grout standing up to doggie brownie batter. Patrick is thinking about possibly attacking his swim spa salesman, who has misled and pressured him with sleazy sales tactics and is now saying it will be 9 more months before Patrick will be swimming. And of course, there’s more Thai Rivera updates than you could possibly want. We are tired of this little garbage fire, too.

NLO 1393: Fat Pat NLO Sucks

Alex Ansel joins Patrick in the studio to talk about everything from gaming to feuds in the Las Vegas comedy community. The show starts out with a real downer note. Patrick wants to be transparent with the feedback he receives about the show, and in that spirit he reads a very mean-spirited email he received recently. It’s a real wakeup call for the host. Alex brought his Playstation 5 over to enjoy some gaming activities on Patrick’s new massive TV. Patrick still doesn’t understand gaming, but he likes to watch and study people who do. Patrick sings songs to his dog in baby talk to the tune of the theme song from The Little Prince. We get in to the recent drama regarding Thai Rivera attempting to copyright strike our YouTube channel and explain why he doesn’t have a prayer in court.

Watching the Throne (Part 1 of 3)

A comedic review of the latest KING of comedy in Las Vegas. This one is a great tale from the C, and so many people helped provide insight in to the story being woven for your absolute amusement and horror. Bring your popcorn and something sharp to slisp your wrisps. This one will be a long one, so get a babysitter and tell the wife you’ll be out late with the misses. What? Pssssh. You don’t make any sense. In Part 1 we review the lead up to this guaranteed nightmare, and watch in horror as it unfolds before our very eyes for a detailed and thorough breakdown of a man’s breakdown. Enjoy! This show was originally live streamed on June 17, 2021.

NLO 1392: No More Mr. Nice Thai

Thai Rivera issues a copyright strike on Nobody Likes Onions, and Patrick has been itching to share the latest regarding Thai’s super-unbothered attempt to crush free speech. Patrick outlines his planned response to Thai, in as much detail as he’s permitted. This copyright contest can get very ugly very quickly, and Patrick doesn’t plan to play softball with one of Vegas’s most notorious softbois. With legal troubles brewing that could have far-reaching unintended consequences in Thai’s world, and Patrick showing no signs of backing off, what will become of Thai’s new residency? The chat seems to be collectively smacking their heads at Thai’s latest move, and Patrick is asked to give Thai some serious advice as an objective onlooker.

NLO 1391: Going Down In Smoke

Thai Rivera is smoking or snorting more of whatever he smokes or snorts than usual. In this show, Patrick details this insane man’s plan to take Las Vegas by storm with a residency show that promises to be a complete clusterfuck. Void of planning, talent, capabilities, contacts, technical prowess, marketing money or common sense, Thai is forging forward at the expense of a newer local comic named Ralph Tutela. Patrick predicts how this debacle will play out. We then move on to cover Derek Savage’s 2021 edition of the 420 Awards, with less production value and a sadder presence than ever before. Aside from the usual pointless fumbling through handing out awards to people that are not present, this year Derek has convinced some local Vegas comedians to come in and do some of the presenting.

NLO 1390: Pawn Protocol

Chef is back to check on the show he helped grow so many years ago, and his curmudgeonly attitude is still oozing from his pores. Patrick and Chef walk down podcast memory lane a little, and discuss why Patrick is still doing this. Chef is in the babyproofing business and Patrick wants some tips for his dog. Patrick is still losing at poker all these years later. Chef’s Florida neighbor is squirreling away money from his wife. Patrick is confused by whatever bone induction headphones are and why they need to be worn all day. The guys muse about the convenience of having a podcast stenographer. Patrick shares with Chef the origins of Rick’s and how Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars has let his fame go to his head. Patrick argues with Chef about the true meaning of being a father, and Chef shares a new service he’s been using.

NLO 1389: Comedy Whistleblowers (Part 1)

Patrick is back to go over some of the stories he meant to cover in the previous show. Crazy Joe derailed the programming a bit, so today you get leftovers. Patrick is happy to be out in society without a mask, but is super sus about the way we were all told about it. Rachel Maddow is having some issue processing things. Sarah Silverman can’t seem to understand that, in general, men are stronger than women. Patrick breaks down the recent events involving the “cancelling” of Tony Hinchcliffe by a virtue signaling opportunity-seeking nobody comic in Austin. AirBNB is trying to get you to think they are cool by setting up overnight stays in Popeyes chicken restaurants and the last Blockbuster video store in Bend, Oregon.