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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1225: UberXXX

December 5th, 2016 | Posted by Patrick

Comedian Mike Suarez is visiting Brooklyn from San Antonio, Texas. We’re talking about the same thing as the rest of the country this week, which is pretty much just Donald Trump. The Chinese are mad, his campaign manager is a clueless babbler, and it looks like he may have an autistic son. Trump supporters are the rednecks we all feared. There’s a cafe opening up in London that lets you get a blowjob with your coffee. Shooby tells a story about a recent date that is both stupid and kind of great. We watch the latest OK Go video which was shot in high speed in just over four seconds.



NLO 1224: Stranger Things

November 30th, 2016 | Posted by Patrick

Shooby sits in for our Dranksgiving Weekend show, where we just get trashed. Safety pin friendly! We are making fun of the annual black friday shoppers and the swath of destruction they cause every year at Walmarts around the country just to save forty dollars on a television. We keep playing the soundtrack to Stranger Things and giggling like it’s a joke for some reason. James Marsden has an unnatural crush on Helen Mirren, which is pretty gross. You won’t believe how much money some of these podcasts are making. We hijack South Park’s ‘member berries and bring them over to the onion.



NLO 1223: Hamiltrump

November 21st, 2016 | Posted by Patrick

Irish comedian Collum Tyrell joins Shooby and Patrick in studio. We’re all still adjusting to the impending reality of an America under leadership of Donald Trump. Patrick thinks the millennials are poor losers because of their exhaustively curated lives. Even politicians in other countries are trying to rally their people against Trump. Kanye West stopped a concert to go on a pro-Trump rant for forty minutes, causing a lot of people to boo and walk out. Shooby reveals why he’s bringing home strange men at odd hours of the morning and more on the latest ShoobyNews update.