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NLO 1179: Cory Loves Dwarves

May 26th, 2016 | Posted by Patrick

Tattoo lady Cory swings by the studio to suck the air out of the room like a cigarette. Cory is coming to Edinburgh for the Fringe festival for a week, and Patrick couldn’t be more annoyed as she digs through her purse for cigarettes and nail polish. We talk about the first penis transplant, and what that means for normal guys. Patrick discusses the benefits of tweeting when you have a problem with companies. We look into a new workout program for sex addicts, an awkward on-screen exchange with reporters, and have several other awkward moments of stuff you’ll love to hate.



NLO 1178: The Purgemen

May 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Patrick

James Hesky is in the studio and we’re sipping on bourbon like gentlemen. Your Friday show includes breaking news of a shooter at the White House, the latest on that EgyptAir flight that went down Wednesday, and Kanye West going bananas on the Ellen show. Kanye believes he can change humanity in the next one hundred years, if only someone would help him help us. We get the latest political opinions from James, including how real shit is getting with Donald Trump, who is now backed by the NRA. Patrick tells a story about watching a Mexican guy knock another guy out at the border.



NLO 1177: Cignificant

May 19th, 2016 | Posted by Patrick

Patrick is joined by Shooby and old co-host Roy Johnson in this show. Patrick is back from a three week trip across the western part of the United States, including Idaho, California, Las Vegas and even a quick trip down to Tijuana, Mexico. Roy Johnson is mellow as fuck in his Oklahoma life, and we try to convince him to come out and perform for NLO Week. Shooby has brought home some giant red speaker he thinks he can sell for a profit. Donald Trump pretends to be his own PR person and lies about it, a crazy lady walks through a Target screaming about trans bathrooms, and so much more.