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NLO 1230: Thainosaur

January 16th, 2017 | Posted by Patrick

It’s pretty much like a Game of Thrones episode, because we’ve got Brits and a dragon. Not a dragon. Just Shooby in a stupid dinosaur costume with a voice that is suffering the effects of a week of partying on Holy Ship. Long-time fan Dave from England (or as you may know him, Gay Dave) is here with his friend Ari. These two pals are making their way around the Eastern seaboard, and trying to crash Donald Trump’s election party. We’re having an informal meetup in Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend, and we aren’t sure about the Nelly concert anymore, because it’s just awkward.



NLO 1229: Hoagies and Hate Crimes

January 10th, 2017 | Posted by Patrick

It’s a packed studio and we’re all bundled up with some hot buttered rum. Patrick doesn’t know what it is, but comedians James Hesky and Tim Unkenholz are enjoying it, courtesy of Ross Parsons. Somehow we argue a lot about New York delis. We’re pontificating about the Facebook live torture from last week and arguing about hate crimes. Patrick plays devil’s advocate to Hesky’s Trump frustrations. We learn that robots are smarter than we think, and left to their own thoughts, they will try to eliminate us. There’s a new ransomware virus that lets you infect your enemies rather than paying up.



NLO 1228: Butt Nuggets

January 4th, 2017 | Posted by Patrick

It’s our first show of 2017, and it’s pretty much the same as 2016 over here at The Onions. Shooby sits into talk about his upcoming music festivals, including the drug boat he always goes on and Coachella later this year. A McDonald’s employee was arrested for stealing food in a unique way. Patrick has been talking to a reporter about Dan Nainan, who has re-emerged in the news lately with claims of being a millennial. Mariah Carey had one of the worst fails ever at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Kid’s animal toys are telling them to have sex while they sleep. Amazon begins testing deliveries with drones, and much more.