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NLO 924: Cappin’ Gum


Flip Schultz joins the show today and is not happy about his injured knee. Patrick is in a goofy mood and proceeds to kick of the show with lots of sing-songy rhymes and nonsense. Flip doesn’t know how to deal with it. A tight end for the Patriots has been arrested for murder, and Patrick doesn’t know why people can’t kill more successfully. Patrick tries to get Flip on board with his societal card system. Flip shows us a video that he thinks proves aliens exist. We reignite some hate for Inkey Jones.




3 Responses to “NLO 924: Cappin’ Gum”

  1. It’s 2 different jokes, Jesus Christ man! If those 2 jokes are the same, then my flips logic, every blond joke is the same! Guess what, they are different!

  2. I dunno… I’m with Flip on this one.

  3. You can but its wrong. If your doc was giving you a pill to keep you from having a heart attack and he decided to give you one for something else and take away the pill that prevented the heart attack, wouldn’t you say it’s not the same thing? Well by flips logic a pill is a pill and so it’s the same thing. If its not 100%, it’s different even if its 99.9% the same.

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