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Nobody Likes Onions

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NLO 1004: Three Musk

Cornell Reid is in the studio and he’s running late. As it turns out, he got a ride home last night and didn’t realize he didn’t have his car until show time. Patrick thinks candy isn’t exciting any more as an adult. Cornell has some big news which is surprising for most of the fans. […]

NLO 1000: Live in Los Angeles

Patrick is joined live in Los Angeles by fans and special guests! Our 1000th show, recorded live in Los Angeles on February 1, 2014, features Moody, Al Jackson, Daniel Fritz, Chip Chip Chris, Cornell Reid, Karl Hess, Scott Bowser, Danny Lobell and more! Find out about pizza slice sizes, what Al’s neighbors are up to, […]

Show 1000 – Nobody Likes Onions

This is the full video of our 1000th show, recorded live in Los Angeles on February 1, 2014. The audio for this show will be on the regular podcast feed. The video features Patrick joined by Moody, Al Jackson, Daniel Fritz, Chip Chip Chris, Cornell Reid, Karl Hess, Scott Bowser, Danny Lobell and more! Enjoy! […]

NLO 988: Be a Girl

Cornell Reid and Sean from Liverpool are in the studio today. Cornell has discovered a new thing that lets girls rate guys on Facebook. Only you have to be a girl to even get access. So we’re all switching our Facebook gender (thanks for being so accepting) so we can see what they see. Weird. […]

AS 976 – Cornell Reid, Scott Bowser

Cornell and Bowser stick around for an aftershow. The guys talk more about Bitcoin, and we get a call from our old pals Lane and Stephanie.    

NLO 976: Coffee Mean

Comedians Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio and things are getting cray. Scott is getting progressively more drunk as the show goes on. Cornell is entertained by Patrick making a phone call to the Coffee Bean about some really crappy coffee he had earlier. In between all that madness, we discuss everything […]

AS 971a – Cornell Reid, D-Fritz, Al Jackson

It’s Patrick’s birthday, and this is part one of a great aftershow with Al Jackson, Cornell Reid and our very own D-Fritz. Patrick and Cornell do a puppet show.    

NLO 971: Big Boy Birthday

The studio is packed today, with comedians Al Jackson and Cornell Reid, and D-Fritz in the corner. He’s not on the ones and twos, though. Al Jackson is late and needs to leave early. I’ll let you make your own jokes. Cornell is wearing a big, puffy bully jacket. Al ends up coming back for […]

AS 962 – Cornell Reid, Gussy

Patrick does an aftershow, and Cornell sticks around. He talks to Gussy as fans in the chat, mainly Moody, dig up details on her past, her boyfriend, and find her blog and videos.  

Preshow 962 – Cornell Reid

Patrick and Cornell do a preshow after having some trouble with the stupid studio PC.  

NLO 962: All Gussy’d Up

Cornell Reid is in the studio, and he’s showing some pink. Because his shirt is really pink. We talk about girls private parts and what makes them so awesome. Patrick has an issue with his iPhone connection for his car stereo and wants to get a cool sounding system. Patrick thinks that productive people in […]

NLO 952: Indianapolis 2013 – Part II

Patrick and Cornell head to Indianapolis for a live show, featuring Ego and the Maniacs, and fans Lane and Stephanie, Adam and Kirstin – the famed NLO fuck couple, Mike from Died Famous art, and Adam our iPhone app developer. The show also rapping, drinking, heckling, and more. Watch this entire show in multi-cam HD […]

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