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Marathon – October 2014 – Part 3

Ryan Stout is in studio for part three of the NLO Marathon Show. On this episode we talk about everything from garnishing wages to stupid girls that take selfies. We get a call from a listener that wants a sweet sixteen shoutout. We were supposed to have a visit from a horrible Christian rapper, but […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 2

A psychic joins us in studio for some readings in this portion of the marathon show. But first, Patrick and D-Fritz talk about the ongoing drama related to moving and selling almost everything in the house on Craigslist. The mini air conditioner is still cranking, and we have to shut it down later in this […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 1

The NLO Marathon Show kicks off with D-Fritz. The studio is hot, and Patrick explains his experience running around and trying to find an air conditioner for the studio, since the central AC unit is not working. We introduce you to Cool Cat, and talk about how Target is really going downhill in the retail […]

NLO 1061: Friending Fritz

It’s our very last show in the Los Angeles studio, and it’s a doozy. The studio is filled with regular favorites D-Fritz and Jake Lloyd, and it’s going to go from one end of the awkward spectrum to the other. The first hour or so of the show is a real battle royale of an […]

NLO 1060: Apt

Because the show is leaving Los Angeles soon, Patrick is cramming in shows. This time he sits down with D-Fritz and talk about his recent experience in New York City looking for an apartment. It’s been a stressful week, but hopefully there is a happy ending. Ebola is taking off in New York, and Fritz […]

NLO 1059: Get Shredded

D-Fritz is in the studio for an impromptu show in the old studio. We just can’t stop cramming shows in before we rip this studio to shreds. Speaking of shreds, we have another story about trying to sell this stupid shredder. The air conditioning is FINALLY fixed and ya boi got to meet the repairman […]

NLO 1057: Jordan_Soccer

Jake Lloyd is in the studio for a special surprise show. Patrick talks about some inside stuff, including the recent marathon show, the status of the move to NYC, and rants about his A/C repairman and how restaurants protect their salsa stash. We get distracted by a newcomer in the NLO chat room during the […]

NLO 1055: House Hoarding

On this show, D-Fritz is in the studio to tell everyone about Patrick’s issue. It’s an issue that affects millions of people, and one that can be quite personal. Patrick is getting ready to move to NYC, and his packing and preparation are being stunted by the fact that he has been hoarding crap for […]

TommyTouch Hangout – Part 3

It’s the final part of our TommyTouch Hangout, and this is the big finale. On this final part of three, we Patrick manages to get in to the TommyTalk hangout and we absolutely ruin his buzz. Watch Tommy go from happy to angry as Patrick kills him with kindness, and talks to the girl who […]

TommyTouch Hangout – Part 2

It’s part two of our SIX HOUR bonus show where we crash a TommyTalks drinking show. On this show, we talk to fans like Cory, Backlash and meet a new fat guy named Brett. Brett seems cool, but we don’t like his hat. There’s lots of fun in this chunk, but it’s all building to […]

TommyTouch Hangout – Part 1

Patrick and D-Fritz hangout with fans in this SIX HOUR epic bonus show. In part one, we find out Tommy Finton, aka TommyNC2010, is getting drunk on his live stream. We start a hangout and try to mess with him, but quickly become sidetracked by our own circus.    

NLO 1054: Outbacklebees

Our favorite Ken Barnard is in the studio, and we promise to keep the Wendy’s stuff to a minimum. We talk about rent and obligations, and Patrick gets some advice from a fan. Ken and Patrick try to guess where the fan is from. We learn about the latest horrible idea plaguing Mitch Hedberg’s widow […]

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