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NLO 1087: Vanilla Nights

Patrick is joined in the studio by Chip Chip Chris. The show is having difficulties with cameras and video, so the show looks like shit. Chip Chip and Patrick are pre-gaming beers for their trip to Rudy’s for beer and hot dogs. Patrick explains the recent lull in shows since moving to NYC. We talk […]

NLO 1076: Sick-Pack

Patrick does a short solo sick show as he recovers from another cold. We talk about the brand new Ghostbusters reboot and it’s newly-announce all-female cast, including a bunch of SNL women. Patrick tries to get people to call in and teach him about humidifiers but no one really cares. We examine a device that […]

PM in the AM 32 – Racist Tour Guide

We listen to a racist tour guide take us through Chinatown in San Francisco. Patrick talks about NYC. Then some shopping for a new mixer for using in NYC. This is the last PM in the AM recorded in Los Angeles.    

AS 1064 – Shooby, Drone Show

Shooby sticks around for an aftershow and we learn about drones. Patrick wants to get a cool drone and fly it around events and the rest of the city.    

NLO 1064: Turnt

Shooby is in the studio slash living room for tonight’s amazing show. First, you’ll hear a story about how Shooby locked Patrick out of the apartment somehow, and listen to the voicemails Patrick left while locked out. Then we’ll talk about Bill Cosby a bit, and why some of the accusations against him are a […]

AS 1063 – Scott Erick

Scott Erick sticks around to sober up on this aftershow.    

AS 1062 – Shooby, CitySoundz

Our first aftershow in New York City. It’s nothing spectacular, so don’t expect a miracle.    

NLO 1062: CitySoundz

It’s our first show in NYC and Shooby joins Patrick. The audio may be a little off and the video is horrible. But we are working on it. Give us a couple weeks, ok? You are so fucking quick to judge. It used to be funny, but now it’s just sad. We talk to Shooby […]

AS 1060 – Meet Vicky!

Patrick does a solo aftershow and we meet a fan named Vicky. Vicky is old and lives in Texas, and shit just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Come on guys, get in to Vicky!    

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 3

Ryan Stout is in studio for part three of the NLO Marathon Show. On this episode we talk about everything from garnishing wages to stupid girls that take selfies. We get a call from a listener that wants a sweet sixteen shoutout. We were supposed to have a visit from a horrible Christian rapper, but […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 2

A psychic joins us in studio for some readings in this portion of the marathon show. But first, Patrick and D-Fritz talk about the ongoing drama related to moving and selling almost everything in the house on Craigslist. The mini air conditioner is still cranking, and we have to shut it down later in this […]

Marathon – October 2014 – Part 1

The NLO Marathon Show kicks off with D-Fritz. The studio is hot, and Patrick explains his experience running around and trying to find an air conditioner for the studio, since the central AC unit is not working. We introduce you to Cool Cat, and talk about how Target is really going downhill in the retail […]

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