NLO 1325: Auntie Bodies

The quarantine continues and comedian James Hesky sits in with Patrick from New York City. Patrick announces a partnership with Netflix. James provides some commentary on the situation in NYC, and apparently consistency with social distancing in New York is not a thing. The beaches are open in Georgia, and sports remaining on hiatus are driving idiots nuts. Patrick mixes up one of the most disgusting cocktails that a human can consume to try to flush his body of the virus. James unearths some trauma Patrick may be hiding about some older female relatives. The mayor of Las Vegas is nuts and has a monthly show where she spews her idiotic thoughts. SNL is trying to do a real show real hard. James tries to talk sense in to a racist in-studio guest. Patrick contemplates new career opportunities, gulping ice cream bars, and much more. We’re also giving away bottles of Ham Sanitizer to lucky viewers.

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