NLO 1400: Hilton, Horns & Honey Boy

Patrick is back after struggling to get the studio PC up and running for four days. It still isn’t working great and this show may have some glitches! He is in a surly mood as of late, after having his beard lopped off with no warning at a questionable salon in Buffalo, NY. Things didn’t get much better with his accommodation in NYC, where the hotel had leaks, no television or housekeeping service, and so many. ore gruesome issues. He is now banned from that Hilton property after yelling at one of the concierge trolls. There’s blood all over the house, but it’s dog blood. Don’t worry, it’s the good kind. Patrick made a dry run at smoking a brisket, and can’t stop eating crap. Texas is a hypocritical basket of barbecue. Win a Got Em mug by leaving bit ideas for an upcoming project in the comments. Craving that Vegas comedy drama? There is a new king of cringe in Las Vegas, and he’s making lonely videos inside cringe clubs and trying to sell mystery candy. We revisit the biggest SJW liar puss on the comedy scene, and his attempt to try to call out an actual joke thief. Grab your salsa!

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