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February 20, 2024: KATE MEANEY’S Cocaine Habit! Chad Zumock Is An INCEL!

The dabblenerds are at it again, shaking things up and switching sides to stick it to each other. Watch as they all turn and turn and turn, revealing each other’s private informations and hoping for new future alliances amongst the same old losers that they’ve embraced in the past. Kate Meaney, NBC executive Mary Ann Halford and comedian Kevin Meaney’s daughter, is looking for a new daddy once again, an she’s looking in all the wrong habit. How bad is Kathleen Meaney’s coke habit? It’s hard to tell! Chad Zumock strikes out in NYC and is very bitter about it. A favorite fatty friend of the show has a song she wants to sing to you. Nobody Likes Onions has the tools to make sure you always have the right inventory for your franchise.

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NLO 1401: Boobies & The Blowfish

Patrick wants you to subscribe and follow his standup YouTube channel for a project he will be doing all October long, writing new bits and uploading successes and failures along the way. Patrick talks about some recent outings, which leads to a discussion of Eddie Ifft, Chad Zumock, and Graham Elwood. Patrick recounts his experience with Graham Elwood years ago, and we watch the awful music video he made. Josh Denny has been making the rounds as a new right-wing nut, and he’s against abortions now. We find an old show where Josh talks about convincing a maid he knocked up to kill that baby, and check out his newest show, Next Week Tonight. There’s also some rumors going around about the recent fentanyl oopsie involving the death of three comics.

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NLO 1400: Hilton, Horns & Honey Boy

Patrick is back after struggling to get the studio PC up and running for four days. He is in a surly mood after having his beard lopped off with no warning. Things didn’t get much better with his accommodation in NYC, where the hotel had leaks, no television or housekeeping service, and so many. ore gruesome issues. He is now banned from that Hilton property after yelling at one of the concierge trolls. There’s blood all over the house, but it’s dog blood. Don’t worry, it’s the good kind. Patrick made a dry run at smoking a brisket, and can’t stop eating crap. Texas is a hypocritical basket of barbecue. All this and more comedy drama in the Las Vegas scene!

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NLO 1260: Race Off

Patrick and Mikey sit down with Australian comedians Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine. This year, the duo is back at the fringe with a refined version of the show they were playing with last year,

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NLO 1236: Bergman in Boise

Patrick is in Boise, Idaho doing comedy shows for some mountain people. Joining Patrick on this show is Ohio comedian Keith Bergman, who tells us all a harrowing tale of how he came to have


NLO 761 (Full HD Video)

Comedian DANNY LOBELL and intern JUDY are here there and everywhere. They detail Patrick’s new weight gain plan, watch porn intros, and share their experiences auditioning for TV roles. There’s also a news story about…