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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "racism"

NLO 1229: Hoagies and Hate Crimes

It’s a packed studio and we’re all bundled up with some hot buttered rum. Patrick doesn’t know what it is, but comedians James Hesky and Tim Unkenholz are enjoying it, courtesy of Ross Parsons. Somehow we argue a lot about New York delis. We’re pontificating about the Facebook live torture from last week and arguing […]

NLO 1208: Some Aussholes

Patrick and Sean sit down with comedians Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine from Australia. Brendon and Craig are doing a show about race relations in Australia, and spreading the word about the history and present of the oppression of indigenous Australians in a comedic light. Brendon, who is no stranger to the fringe, having won […]

Aftershow 1170 – James Hesky

James Hesky sticks around for a short aftershow. We watch a video of a white guy and a black guy open carrying an AR-15 through the streets to see what happens when cops stop being polite and start being real. The real cops!  

NLO 1108: Sweet Pickles

Patrick is bouncing off the fucking walls in this show. And we said FUCKING. Let’s all talk about the recent racial bombshell – President Obama did Marc Marons podcast and wow, is it a doozy! Everybody’s dropping nigger-bombs and stuff. Also we take a ride back to Sweet Pickles, the bus full of pedophile animals […]

NLO 1038: The Fly in the Room

D-Fritz is in the studio for today’s extra-long episode. We’re going crazy over a big fat fly that is humming around the room. Patrick tries to kill it about seventeen times, and fails miserably. Patrick gets an email from a company with some energy spray. Fritz has a super racist girlfriend. We get a little […]

NLO 1034: Going Vinyl

Josh Denny is in the studio to announce his new vinyl album kickstarter. We talk briefly about Dookie and see what’s new with America’s favorite loony toon comedian slash Weight Watchers employee. Then the fuck boys move on to talk about Adam Richman, host of the show Man versus Food, and his recent interaction with […]

NLO 1031: Neti Pot

Josh Denny is in the studio today to talk about sharing Patrick’s neti pot. Patrick bought a neti pot and can’t stop talking about how wonderful it feels to clean out all the holes in your head. Josh talks about the more of the wonders of being a cab driver, including multiple stops per week […]

NLO 1029: Papa Nougaty

Josh Denny joins Patrick in the studio for a surprise midnight show. Patrick is not feeling well, after spending days fighting strep throat. We get a bunch of calls from creepy fans that go bump in the night. One fan who cleans airliners for Southwest Airlines tells us a lot of tips that could help […]

NLO 1023: Jan 2014 Marathon Show Part 2

The Marathon Show from January 2014 continues with Jake Lloyd, Moody, Josh Denny, and more! On this show, we talk to some fans who have some issues with the show. We get a call from a listener named Samantha who thinks she is too good to sleep with Patrick. Josh comes under fire from an […]

NLO 1022: Jan 2014 Marathon Show Part 1

The kickoff of a 24-hour marathon show with some NLO favorites. Moody and Jake Lloyd are in the studio to take this first shift, and of course spirits are high. Josh Denny is also in the studio, defending his accusations of racism. Some things never change, eh? Anyway, enjoy this. If you’re listening for the […]

NLO 1018: Cheesy Chinese

Tony Gaud is in the studio again for this show. We talk about a lot of things, including why Chinese food doesn’t have cheese in it. We try to think of a Chinese food that would be good with cheese, but can’t. We also listen to the recording of Los Angeles Clippers owner talk about […]

NLO 1008: Quakes and Rapes

Comedian and red-vine enthusiast Josh Denny is in the studio, and this one is long. Josh recently got in to an argument with several sassy ladies, as well as a TV show writer, on Twitter by making some rape jokes. The guys share a disturbing preference for the same porn star when they handle their […]

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