NLO 1405: Goodluck N

Patrick is completing his transition, and not one of the fun ones where you end up with a shiny new reproductive organ. He’s completing his transition in to a childless father. A dad in spirit, if you will. This week, Patrick went shopping for patio furniture and also bought a freezer for the garage. This is peak dad behavior. Patrick is offended at Big Irish Jay’s phone etiquette after refusing to gossip about a friend. Thai Rivera is in a relationship, so star the countdown to explosive and manic behavior when it all unravels this spring. The news is frustrated when black people commit crimes, and they have to try to report around it. Patrick fell in to the trap of unintended racism this week when having some furniture delivered. Christian Finnegan joins the show to talk about his new comedy special filmed in New York City during the pandemic. We remember the Dancing Grannies after they were plowed down in the recent Waukesha, Wisconsin holiday parade tragedy. Bring your own pellet smoker, because Patrick will reveal all the secrets he’s accumulated to smoke a delicious holiday brisket.

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Episode Guests

Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan

New York, NY

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