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NLO 757: Parkour Couture


BRIAN KING is in the studio trying to cheer up sad Patrick, who is suicidal because of his current unfortunatisms, and some tax things and a lawsuit thing. Yeah, when it rains it pours. And when you eat raisins you snore. Patrick talks about his house in Forida, we watch people do the cinnamon challenge, and Patrick talks about not wanting to have kids. No football talk today. Go listen to your sports talk channel on your radio devices. Overdose is growing and has tons of new stuff. Check it out.




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5 Responses to “NLO 757: Parkour Couture”

  1. So, you needed money this whole time to deal with your old home in Florida?

  2. Did you not listen? The home owners association is a completely different case. As Patrick says if you don’t want to donate to his personal troubles then don’t. It doesn’t matter what the fuck he needs it for, the point is he is in trouble so give him a hand if you care. If you don’t care then shut up and keep listening.  

  3. Asshole? I was just trying to get something clarified.

    When I listened, it sounded like the 15k Patrick needed was for the home thing. I wasn’t sure, so I asked. Cool your jets, buddy.

    I’ve already donated. Stop acting like I’m waving money in front of his face and taking it away.

    As far as” personal troubles”.. the fact that Patrick can be so forward about one case and so censored/discreet on another worries the fuck out of me.

  4. I think that’s something new that has happened in addition to whatever he needs the money for. When it rains it pours. I can’t even imagine the stress.

  5. I agree. Cool your jets, buster! You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

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