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NLO 1152: The Squatter

Comedian Chris Gardner joins the show today to talk about how big his apartment is. Patrick launches into a massive Shooby News update, where we learn some of Shooby’s bathroom habits, and we also find

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NLO 1107: Mozzarella Deli

Chris Millhouse visits the show in NYC for the first time. We talk about a lot of things, including a sandwich with potato salad that Patrick ate in Los Angeles while Chris sat in the

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NLO 1021: Grapefruited

Josh Denny and D-Fritz are in the studio before Patrick heads off to Europe for a few weeks. For some reason, Patrick and Josh keep talking about porn and black people when they get together,

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NLO 1016: GayBLT

Al Jackson and D-Fritz are in the studio for what turns in to a drunk-fest. Sure, the show is good and funny, but the aftershow turns in to a real clusterfuck. Patrick comments on Al

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NLO 944: Stage Dive

This show is all over the place and the studio is packed full of misfits. We’ve got comedians Al Jackson and Forrest Shaw, along with the lovely Mikala and ex-intern turned business professional, Shooby. We

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Central Park Circus

This is the weirdest, most stupid show ever on the corner in Central Park in New York City. These guys jump and dance and yell and do a jumping “trick” that isn’t worth all the…

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NLO 768: Podcast Lessons

TOM SEGURA is in the studio, and tensions are high. Tom is looking for advice on microhones, chairs, software, and settings so he can make his podcast better. Patrick is sick of his shit and

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NLO 757: Parkour Couture

BRIAN KING is in the studio trying to cheer up sad Patrick, who is suicidal because of his current unfortunatisms, and some tax things and a lawsuit thing. Yeah, when it rains it pours. And