Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1353 (Part 1)

Patrick is hanging out for an eight-hour mega-broadcast. Superfan Moody quickly curbs any instinct Patrick has to venture back to Thai Rivera coverage. We take a wonderful detour into the life of Michael Ray Bower, aka Donkey Lips from a show in the 90’s called Salute Your Shorts. It’s from a thing called Nickelodeon. Before the internet. Anyway, the dude is like borderline homeless now and he’s cooking tacos in his fucking toilet. We wish this wasn’t true.


AS 868b – Mikala, Fans

Patrick is solo for awhile, and then fans call in. Patrick may or may not be texting pictures of his penis to random people. Mikala comes over to cheer Patrick up and brings him some…

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Overdose Show 26

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NLO Shows

NLO 757: Parkour Couture

BRIAN KING is in the studio trying to cheer up sad Patrick, who is suicidal because of his current unfortunatisms, and some tax things and a lawsuit thing. Yeah, when it rains it pours. And