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NLO 992: Relationshit


Moody is visiting from New Zealand, Shooby, and fans from Ohio. This show started out with a high energy feel. So many visitors, and so close to NLO week. But drama always finds NLO and this show will not let you down. Adam and Kirstin are two kids who are here to have fun with the show. But the show takes a bad turn and we explore this relationship on a level that may or may not safe to listen to. Either way, if you ever wanted to know where you’re at on the relationship-sanity matrix, this show should be a good gauge.



4 Responses to “NLO 992: Relationshit”

  1. Just when I thought Josh Denny was the world’s biggest asshole, here comes Adam. This guy is walking death. I would put this guy in inpatient therapy and possibly suicide watch.

  2. I don’t think Adam is weird for not being receptive to Kirstin (or people in general). I kept getting the feeling that he just wants a friends with benefits relationship whereas Kirstin wants him to listen/talk and shit.

    Anyway its just an opinion from listening to the show.

  3. Dude’s dick doesn’t work, there are no benefits to be had.

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