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STEVIE LEW vs. CAT FOOD! A Real Fight Between Real Guys!

Our boy Stevie Lew is all grown up, and he’s fighting some guy named Ryan Cat Food! Why? I’m not sure. There’s some beef, and it can only be handled by stepping in to a padded square and physically pummeling each other with fists which are also coated in tons of padding. Stevie has been preparing, working for months in the gym to up his boxing prowess. Who will win? Who is Cat Food? Will this be stupid or good? Only time will tell!

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NLO 1287: Shifty Iffty

The hilarious Eddie Ifft joins Patrick in the studio to talk about a lot of stuff. Patrick is intrigued by some recent events involving old show guest Graham Elwood getting in a spat with Eddie.

NLO Shows

NLO 1160: Nahhhh

Comedians Chris Gardner and Evan Jones are here to argue about candy. Not argue, but for some reason that’s how we kick things off. Patrick doesn’t understand why we don’t have new candy or new

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NLO 993: Flame Retarded

Moody continues his residence in this show with our very own D-Fritz. The big item on the agenda today is the fire story. What fire story? Oh, the story about how Patrick almost burnt down

NLO Shows

NLO 992: Relationshit

Moody is visiting from New Zealand, Shooby, and fans from Ohio. This show started out with a high energy feel. So many visitors, and so close to NLO week. But drama always finds NLO and

NLO Shows

NLO 987: Sean of the Wed

Patrick is back in the studio with regular shows after too weeks. In the studio today is fan Sean and his new wife Laura. Patrick does what he can to be nice but also tries

Bonus Stuff

Real Talk – From Show 984

Enjoy the “real talk” cut out from show 984 – this is the middle of the show. Hear Patrick and Josh bicker like little bitches while Al sits on the sidelines. I’m sorry and you’re…


Overdose 24 – Nerdathon

Patrick joins forces with fans like Dan from Denver and Craig from NY, along with others who call in and participate in the chat. We play Grand Theft Auto 4, go out cop killin’, and…

NLO Shows

NLO 691: Poor Paul

It’s a threesome in the studio today. Patrick is joined by Sean Klitzner and comedian Jonny Loquasto. Jonny is here to talk about his new CD (hey, Pantswise), but not before Patrick and Sean tease

NLO Shows

NLO 660: Comedy Punch Out

It’s a super-long show, as Patrick is returning from traveling and doing comedy. He talks about the cities he has visited, and the crowds and how he ended up punching a guy in his head

NLO Shows

NLO 587: Great Big Fat Person

Patrick is joined by fellow comic Mike Bridenstine, and the two have just come from a less-than-stellar lunch experience with a waitress who couldn’t have cared less. They talk about growing up, middle school embarrassments,