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Nobody Likes Onions

Entries tagged with "crazy"

NLO 1108: Sweet Pickles

Patrick is bouncing off the fucking walls in this show. And we said FUCKING. Let’s all talk about the recent racial bombshell – President Obama did Marc Marons podcast and wow, is it a doozy! Everybody’s dropping nigger-bombs and stuff. Also we take a ride back to Sweet Pickles, the bus full of pedophile animals […]

NLO 1067: Not Now Niko

Patrick is joined in the studio by a complete spaz fan named Niko. Niko is from Canada but is originally from Croatia, and he talks like a bad guy in all the movies. And when we say he talks, boy does he never stop talking. Ever. Enjoy this insane show where Patrick attempts several times […]

NLO 992: Relationshit

Moody is visiting from New Zealand, Shooby, and fans from Ohio. This show started out with a high energy feel. So many visitors, and so close to NLO week. But drama always finds NLO and this show will not let you down. Adam and Kirstin are two kids who are here to have fun with […]

Zipperfish Creep Show – Part 1

Once upon a time there was a guy named Walrus Jim who did a show called the Zipperfish Creep Hour. Then it turns out he still does it. And this is what it is.  

Oscar Coverage Aftershow – 2013

Patrick talks to fans after The Academy Awards to discuss…things. Patrick yells at a fan named Adam about his new P-Melt iPhone app.  

NLO 431: Eat Dead Pigs