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MELTON in the MORNING! Wordless Wednesday (May 31, 2023)

It’s WORDLESS WEDNESDAY, and Patrick won’t be speaking today. Then why do a show? What’s the point? This is stupid? That last one isn’t a question, but you’re most likely some kind of aut, so we here at OnionCorp forgive you. Patrick didn’t want to spend one day without the companionship that is the NLO chat room and it’s wide band of personalities. Patrick will be taking calls, silently reading superchats, and listening to your creations from our NEW AI VOICE SYSTEM! Anything can happen, and the world is what you make it. So don’t touch that dial. Stick around to see how NOTHING can be EVERYTHING and more!

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Members Only Show – May 12, 2023

It’s Friday and our members only show is about to start popping, so grab an XL soda pop or a bucket of ketchup and get in here! We start out watching our favorite Untrainable, Ray DeVito, as he podcasts yet again about his lack of knowledge and interest in anything other than beer, women he won’t take a shot with, and emo bands he loves. The latest nonsense regarding MLC and Chad Zumock is in the air. We switch over to Pottstown, PA where Bob Levy, Shuli, and Perry Caravello are live streaming, and Patrick is blown away by how insane it is to watch people use a handicapped mentally ill man to get superchats. We finish with our very own naughty elf, Dirty Dalish, sharing a very culinary sexual experience she once had, and diving a bit in to the men on the podcast that is interviewing her.

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Members Only Show – April 28, 2023

It’s Friday and our members only show must go on! Come on baby, light my fire. Come on and inflate my tire. Let’s stream HBO’s The Wire. Chad Zumock gets called a liar. Stevie Lew don’t know about mire. Bologna is that Oscar Meyer. Frodo is about that shire. That chic Gaaa could not be shyer. The Chrysler building has a spire. You dig? Patric does a low-key freestyle hang with fans as we check in on some of the most iconic, insane and boring people in the podcast-verse. Who will win the award for creep of the night? Is Tom McCaffrey interesting on other podcasts? Remember Jake’s finger this morning? Does anything even matter after that?

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Members Only Show – April 21, 2023

It’s Friday and our members only show tradition continues! Join Patrick as the chat baits him in to some of the most stupid conversations. Patrick tries to finish all the weed in the studio but the cough is a lot. We talk about the latest Chad and Kevin Brennan drama, including today’s drunken streaming of the MLC Podcast. Hipstar is one of the most awkward motherfuckers you’ve ever seen in your life. Stevie Lew doesn’t show up. The women refuse to abandon this show. Moody and Patrick try to out-embarrass one another. We catch up with Michael Ray Bower. We find out what a Kevin Dumbrowski is. Crazy Joe may be on the verge of a renaissance.

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NLO 1459: No Bribes Please

Patrick tries to report on the normal topics and operations as the battle between Steel Toe Morning Show and comedian Chad Zumock begin to heat up. Moody has whipped up some new AI voice tools for the chat, but they work about as well as everything else around here. Jimmy Kimmel’s comedy club here in Vegas admits to booking just anyone and not vetting the people on it’s stage whatsoever. Edwin San Juan, local headliner and shy man, begins to slowly break free of his shackles of silence and correct the wrongs he sees in the Las Vegas comedy scene. Kitty Pineapple is bad for Filipino comedians. Komedian Wayne seems like a giant dope. A brief history of Laugh After Dark versus Notoriety Live.

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NLO 1410: Recalibrating Rogan

Let’s have a SUNDAY FUNDAY! Patrick is triggered, but so is the rest of the internet. Let’s have some sips of weeds, smoke some fizzy lifting drinks, and get in to it. How fast will Patrick become fatigued by his clear case of long crow-vid? Will the chat troll him to the point of cutting? Can he navigate ideas and thoughts, pointing out hypocrisy, while not losing any friends? Will he talk shit about a comedian you know? All these questions and more will be answered in this meandering Sunday stroll through Trigger Town! Stop worshipping Joe Rogan, stop worrying about Miss Information. We check in on our pal Moody, who is trying to single-handedly take down Elon Musk. Conflict of interest? You decide!

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NLO 1389: Comedy Whistleblowers (Part 2)

The show continues with Patrick diving in to more of the stories that were leftover from the fever dream distraction that was Crazy Joe’s rampage on our last show. Patrick watches a video of a Waymo vehicle driving around Phoenix and getting in to some trouble. Could the Google-backed self-driving startup be the end of Tesla one day? One thing is clear from this disaster – it’s going to be a long time before we really have to worry abeout robots taking over and killing all the humans. Apparently a road cone can throw off some of the most advanced driving AI that exists, and that doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe you should just keep your grandma’s old Cadillac and drive that until the wheels fall off instead of pre-ordering some flashy new electric fidget spinner.

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BONUS: Black Pedro & More!

Black Pedro is on fire this time, with claims of financial success and investing wisdom far beyond the age indicated by his hairline. We are still sorting out some issues in the new studio, so bear with us while we test some things out. We hope it’s worth is, as we embark on a journey to listen to some of the most insane claims of investing knowledge ever. We also check in on YouTube Donut Operator for some cop videos, and Moody shows us a cringey zoom recording of a British council meeting.

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Aftershow 1374: Savage AF, Race Warz

Patrick continues combing over this episode of Savage AF, which is full of stimulating race conversation. The conversation then becomes more personal and Patrick begins discussing race issues candidly with everyone’s favorite kiwi, Moody. Patrick and Moody go back and forth for quite a bit discussing race and identity, both confident and steadfast in their points of view, but also reasonable. Nothing gets solved, the world is still on fire, and we keep on keeping on.

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NLO 1369: Dranksgiving

Patrick gathers all the people from around the internet who want to escape from their families in to one chat room to guilt eat and cry. Patrick is getting close to signing on his new house, and has stories about HOAs for days, but the chat doesn’t seem impressed. Patrick drinking always ends up leading to some really dark ideas. Does anyone wanna do some cool YouTube channel stuff as a prank?

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NLO 1353: Malaween

Patrick is back as promised to continue trying to explore other options in the Onionsphere. Patrick has used three cans of hairspray to both illustrate how long it’s been since he’s had any kind of professional grooming, and to make fun of how Trez Mala composes his “look” on the daily. Patrick begins to try to fix some of the audio sync issues, but this turns out to be a fatal downfall in this show.

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Aftershow 1351: Cooking with Kay

After such a large helping of Thai, we cleanse our palette with some British flavors. Or should we say lack of flavor. Moody, who never has a shortcoming of idiots in his back pocket, presents Patrick with Kay. Kay is a saucy woman from Sheffield, England who has decided she needs to grace YouTube with her cooking skills.

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AS 1330 – Steve Curran, Riffs & Raids

Friday night debauchery continues, and the drinks don’t stop either. Patrick entertains a call from Steve Curran who proceeds to rant and rave about the happenings of the day. Patrick discovers some of the joys of Twitch, including emote explosions and raids, and tries to take it in stride. With so much alcohol and bad decision making, is it any wonder that your guess as to what happens in this show is just as good as ours?

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The 420 Awards (2020)

It’s that time of year again – the grass couldn’t be greener for this years 420 Awards, super not-live from Las Vegas, NV. Moody joins Patrick from New Zealand to watch and provide commentary of the 2020 edition of The 420 Awards, produced and hosted (and probably edited and filmed) by Derek Savage, aka Daddy Derek. With appearances by celebrities, and some key changeups to this year’s awards, it’s going to be an exciting lineup.


Bonus Show – Roy Breaks Down

Roy sits down to do his first show since acquiring the podcast from Patrick for $320. Landry Miller is his first guest, and Patrick shows up later, but after a discussion of Roy coming up…


AS 1293 – Moody

Patrick does a carcast aftershow with Moody on the way to the airport. We discuss the Josh Denny situation that began developing regarding his racist tweet. We finally get some answers about solar roads.  …

NLO Shows

NLO 1293: Mean Smuggin’

Patrick sits down with Moody in New Zealand to talk about all kinds of stuff. Fan Will also joins, as we dive in to the history of New Zealand and find out why Kiwis seem