October 9, 2023 – NOTHING CHANGES! Moody & Patrick’s EPIC Flat Earth Argument, Steel Toe Lady Show

Patrick’s friend and beloved chat room moderator joins Patrick in Las Vegas for some shows. Both of them are full and in pain from a night of eating delicious steaks downtown, but they’ve strapped on an energy pack and are here to annoy you with one of the dumbest arguments ever! Moody recaps his American adventures, including a memory of Patrick being too fat to ride Space Mountain in 2014. We dive straight in to Steel Toe an try to catch up on the Keanu and April “hoe cast” that they attempted a few weeks back. Spoiler alert – there’s poop and blood! We listen to April and Aaron talk about crying and missing their friends that they’ve only met once. Patrick baits Moody in to a philosophical flat Earth argument that he then drags out to annoy the chat room. They finish up with some more Steel Toe gold, including April Imholte’s story of how she won her man.

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