NLO 1369: Dranksgiving

Patrick gathers all the people from around the internet who want to escape from their families in to one chat room to guilt eat and cry. Patrick is getting close to signing on his new house, and has stories about HOAs for days, but the chat doesn’t seem impressed. Patrick drinking always ends up leading to some really dark ideas. Does anyone wanna do some cool YouTube channel stuff as a prank? We talk Thanksgiving food and what not to eat this holiday season. Should Patrick grow a man bun? Steve Curran makes an appearance to troll Patrick in to letting him call in to the show. Moody piles on like the follower he is. Dave Chappelle feels bad about not making money. Steve Curran is curating White Claws and cheese while trying to avoid catching COVID from his cousin.

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Episode Guests

Steve Curran

Steve Curran

The Desert, California

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