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NLO 1238: Tight Head

If ever there was a drunk show, this is one of the drunkest. James Hesky joins in to shake his head disapprovingly of Patrick’s rantings on everything from Trump blow jobs to Nazis that maybe weren’t so bad after all. We talk about the latest drama in our ongoing podcast war with Mike David. We […]

Bonus Boise Show – Keith Bergman, Sophie Hughes

Patrick does a drunken 5am roundtable with comedians Keith Bergman and Sophie Hughes. Kerstin the waitress also joins for a violent story. It’s mostly comedy talk but lots of stuff that is not super appropriate, too.  

NLO 1235: Rainspotting

Patrick does a late night drunk show with Edinburgh Mikey and fans. And when we say drunk, we mean drunk. It’s almost 5am in Edinburgh and we’ve been drinking beer and whisky since about 8pm. Mikey is under fire for having the most unproductive day off ever. We find out what it’s like to be […]

TCJS 2/15/2017 – Shooby, Moody

Shooby joins in for a Crazy Joe watch which is one of the best we’ve seen. Moody calls in to add some New Zealand flavor. Shooby gets drunk and orders burritos.  

Bonus Show – Creepy Uber Driver

Phones calls from fans Edinburgh Mike and Steve Curran. This time Steve has his weird older gay Uber driver hanging out with him. We watch some video from Edinburgh and more.  

PM in the AM – Monday, Oct 24, 2016

Patrick check out the latest news stories, including the AT&T Time Warner merger and more. We watch drunk girls squat and pee and also magic tricks with Penn and Teller.  

NLO 1215: The Fringe is Fin

Patrick, Sean and Edinburgh Mikey wrap-up the fringe experience with this extremely drunk show. We’re watching crazy Joe live during the show, and Mikey is a big crazy Joe fan. We’re already pretty drunk, and we’re drinking more, courtesy of the Thinking Drinkers and their generosity. We’ve figured out how to break into other flats […]

FringeCast – August 22, 2016

We turn on a microphone in a room with tons of drunk fans and anything can happen. Join Patrick, Edinburgh Mikey, Wes, Steve, and Shooby as they sit around and just talk about their fringe experiences and things they’ve seen.  

Fringe Drunk Cast – Aug 12, 2016

Patrick and Edinburgh Mike are smashed and have been drinking until the sun comes up. Hear about our latest Fringe adventures and our night of debaucherous drinking on this bonus show.  

NLO 1185: The Brexit Club

Shooby sits in for this Thursday evening show, as we bite our nails about the Brexit. The United Kingdom is in the middle of a political gaffe that has stolen the attention away from the United States and Donald Trump this week. It looks like they may be leaving the European Union, and Sean from […]

AS 1180 – Shooby, Oomung, Moody

Shooby is here and we finally get Oomung on the phone. Oomung couldn’t be more disrespectful. After ranting, he hangs up. We watch the latest Tommy video where he gets drunk and rapey. We take a call from Moody from New Zealand.  

AS 1169 – Shooby’s Shit Story

As teased, Shooby has a story about taking a shit. This is fucking epic, and I can’t believe he kept this to himself for YEARS. Here it is, in all its truth and glory.  

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