Steve Curran

"Separate checks because we ain't faggots!"


Steve Curran aka The Original PayPig aka Big Daddy Hangdown has been involved with Nobody Likes Onions since he began listening in 2012. He has attended NLO meetups around the world, and been an integral part in the ongoing torment and investigation of Crazy Joe, aka Joe Martinez (an alleged child molester and radio man in New York), and has way too much time on his hands. Don’t upset Curran – he’s likely to “destroy your life” by following and/or providing information about you that leads to a few memes being made. Be on the lookout at a Proud Boys BBQ near you for this cuddly, knob-ankled man.
Steve never has shoes that aren’t falling apart and has taken a few pairs from Patrick as hand-me-downs.
The Desert, California

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