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PM in the AM – Thurs., Feb 4, 2016

BONUS SHOW: a morning show from this past thursday, usually for OD members only. Patrick discusses a recent interview where Sarah Palin snaps at the Today show hosts for getting personal with their questioning. Some YouTube dorks are mad at some other YouTube dorks for trying to copyright videos or something. Groundhog Day is the […]

PM in the AM – Birthday Celebrortion

It’s Patrick’s birthday and he’s scouring the web for things to laugh at today. We laugh at some lighting dork, and then we get diverted to our old pal Cool Cat. You won’t believe what Daddy Derek has been up to!    

NLO 1103: Massausages

Patrick is joined by everyone’s favorite Fritz. It’s the middle of the night and Patrick is doing a special show to commemorate our tenth birthday in the podcasting world. You didn’t get us a gift yet? There’s still time. Fritz is in love with Fag Dad, our new YouTube sensation. We hear all about it […]

NLO 1102: YouDorks

Shooby is in the studio today and we have so much ground to cover. Patrick is giving away a corkboard or something. We update everyone on the latest Dan Nainan stuff. Patrick hasn’t been sleeping, and Shooby is starting to wonder if he’s a zombie. We talk about this big scandal featuring tech podcast man […]

PM in the AM 37: More YouTubing

Patrick talks about everything from Adam Carolla to fag dad. Fag dad is our favorite new gay dad on YouTube.    

PM in the AM 36 – YouTube Stars

Patrick wakes you up and teaches you about the new YouTube stars. These guys are on ads all over New York City, so let’s have a look at them!    

AS 1101 – D-Fritz

It’s an aftershow with D-Fritz! We also take your calls, watch some more Tommy, and check in on fag dad, our new favorite YouTuber.    

AS 1100: Moody

We talk some more about all the YouTube dorks who have been attacking. Moody calls in to offer support.    

VIP VyBz Webshow

Moody joins in to punk some stupid craigslist ad we saw. We build a website, YouTube channel, and so much more. This is a fritz.Production for tru niggaz!    

Meet the Slaton Sisters

The show meets the biggest thing since time. These two gigantic bitches eat and waddle around their world while we all just sit in wonder. Featuring Lukster!    

PM in the AM 23 – How-To Basic

Joined by Lukster, Patrick is back for another morning show. This time the gang talks about videos and Lukster turns Patrick on to a maniac on YouTube.    

NLO 1021: Grapefruited

Josh Denny and D-Fritz are in the studio before Patrick heads off to Europe for a few weeks. For some reason, Patrick and Josh keep talking about porn and black people when they get together, and this show is no different. We meet a lovely woman named Angel, and we get some sex tips from […]

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