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Nobody Likes Onions

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PM in the AM 23 – How-To Basic

Joined by Lukster, Patrick is back for another morning show. This time the gang talks about videos and Lukster turns Patrick on to a maniac on YouTube.    

NLO 1021: Grapefruited

Josh Denny and D-Fritz are in the studio before Patrick heads off to Europe for a few weeks. For some reason, Patrick and Josh keep talking about porn and black people when they get together, and this show is no different. We meet a lovely woman named Angel, and we get some sex tips from […]

NLO 1020: Baby Corn

Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio, and don’t worry about there being plenty of ice. On this show, we go over Cornell’s recently created wishlist for both his baby and himself. It’s full of about 58 baby halloween costumes, video games, and other street wear that has no business on the baby […]

PM in the AM 20 – Rap Battles and Hymns

Patrick wakes you up with another stellar installment of PM in the AM. On this show, Lukster calls in and we listen to some rap battles, discuss the news of the day, and finish off with some holy hymns.    

AS 1015 – Cornell Reid, Scott Bowser

Cornell and Scott stick around to check out some more YouTube videos. We also make fun of Bar Rescue some more.    

NLO 1015: More Ice

Cornell Reid and Scott Bowser are in the studio, and there’s plenty of ice. Patrick is having a series of mini panic attacks about the Federal government and what they think is their fair share of money he doesn’t have. Cornell is still having a baby, and for a few minutes we make some very […]

AS 978 – Al Jackson, Dave Williamson

Al Jackson and Dave Williamson stick around for a very Sharkeisha aftershow. Enjoy.    

NLO 941: Larva Lamp

Comedian, actor, and all-around fun-maker Ben Gleib is in the studio. We’re doing a special night-time show. Patrick wants to know what Ben is doing with Michelle Trachtenberg. We talk about Ben’s appearance at our Indianapolis hotel afterparty. There’s lots of drinking, and Patrick has a new haircut. A caller named Tommy calls in, tries […]

NLO 934: Clewd

Hilarious comedians Ken Barnard and Ricky Carmona are back in the hot seats. We are really diving in to the world of the supernatural today. We are watching a video of a guy who thinks he can manipulate clouds and how they move just by his thoughts. Everyone seems to love Ken’s Asian impression. Or […]

AS 888c – Patrick, DarkCast

Patrick comes back for almost four more hours of bonus stuff. Patrick and fans make fun of other comedians on Reddit and try to figure out why everyone over there has an attitude. There’s talk about music and more. Patrick and Moody discuss dating.  

AS 888a – Patrick and the End Times

Patrick does a solo aftershow and watches some YouTube videos sent in by fans. We spend a lot of time on a video about the end of the world as religions see it. World War 3 and death are all around us.  

AS 867 – Josh Denny, D-Fritz

Josh sticks around for a bit to talk exercise and nutrition with Patrick. Patrick receives an email with a clip of another podcast talking about Patrick and NLO, and the guys listen and respond. We take calls, and Megan from Buffalo calls in again. We watch people sing a capella for no reason at all […]

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