NLO 1457: Females Ain’t Funny

Patrick is back with a satirical show that’s sure to sooth your succulents. If you aren’t a cactus person, you’ll probably still enjoy it. Patrick has ideas for how to really make Valentine’s Day pop by changing things up the day before. He’s had about enough of women thinking they’re equal or funny and he’s going to recalibrate their tiny brains in this episode. Patrick makes an earnest plea for support of the program after crapping all over half the audience. We get a live report from a show where apparently some comedy thievery is afoot. The truth about Jozalyn Sharp finally comes out, just days before her album. Comedians from far corners of nowhere are taking out insane ads on Facebook. We look at an all-women local show and draw conclusions based on Summer Sinclair being listed on the lineup. Improv comedy is still bad and weird. Did you watch the roast of Mr. Peanut? Tim Chizmar joins us, we run out of time to talk about Jill Carlson again, and we find the worst kind of ASMR your little amygdala can handle.

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