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September 14, 2023 – INSANE Gun Safety Video, Replay It Again, MAN!

When will this week be over! Jkjkjk we are having a good time over here. Patrick can prove it by ranting about a bunch of stupid things right off the top! Ray DeVito is having some kind of breakdown. Have you caught the new show sweeping the Shuli Network! Patrick has got a drinking game that you can play at home. Climb aboard a magical moon ship to the far away land of Derek Savage, and dare to learn the seductive art of gun safety from a man who looks like he has several types of whiskey radiating from his mouth and/or body at all times. But at least there’s ALMOST no Cool Cat in this project.

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NLO 1457: Females Ain’t Funny

Patrick is back with a satirical show that’s sure to sooth your succulents. If you aren’t a cactus person, you’ll probably still enjoy it. Patrick has ideas for how to really make Valentine’s Day pop by changing things up the day before. He’s had about enough of women thinking they’re equal or funny and he’s going to recalibrate their tiny brains in this episode. Patrick makes an earnest plea for support of the program after crapping all over half the audience. We get a live report from a show where apparently some comedy thievery is afoot. The truth about Jozalyn Sharp finally comes out, just days before her album. Comedians from far corners of nowhere are taking out insane ads on Facebook.

Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1451: Wild Women

Patrick doesn’t want the fun to stop. Join him in catching up with some of the most wild stories on the internet that were popping off during the holiday season. We watch a big old fat lady who thinks she was kicked out of an establishment for being too fabulous and sexy while revealing her giant tub of a gut to everyone. Patrick recalls that this was a common sight on any flight with lots of Indian people. We also watch a woman lose her mind at a Florida airport by smashing everything around her and throwing computers at employees and customers. We should all use this a lesson to keep our composure and watch how we behave when the world and more importantly Worldstar is watching.

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NLO 1287: Shifty Iffty

The hilarious Eddie Ifft joins Patrick in the studio to talk about a lot of stuff. Patrick is intrigued by some recent events involving old show guest Graham Elwood getting in a spat with Eddie.

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NLO 1237: Life of Eli

Comedian Eli Nary returns to the show to finish telling us the story of his breakup. Superfan Nate joins the show as the audience for the day, and he also helps Patrick out with some

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NLO 1173: Cho-Down

Patrick is joined in the studio by the one and only Shooby. Patrick talks to the young millennial about smoking and drinking. We watch a video of comedian Margaret Cho having a meltdown at a

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NLO 1140: Young Cory

Patrick is joined in the studio by a young comedian named Cory. Cory Chappo was on an NLO show in NYC a few years ago, and currently lives in Pittsburgh. Cory tells us how he

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NLO 1134: Bathroom Codes

Ya boi D-Fritz visits the studio for one day only to do a show. He’s lucky enough to be around for a therapy session with Patrick and Chip Chip Chris involving a bathroom at a

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NLO 1106: Mojito

It’s the middle of the night and a long lost ghost of shows past is here. She hasn’t been seen in a year or so, but she’s here now – it’s Mikala! Maybe you remember

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NLO 1067: Not Now Niko

Patrick is joined in the studio by a complete spaz fan named Niko. Niko is from Canada but is originally from Croatia, and he talks like a bad guy in all the movies. And when

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NLO 1032: The Dookie Story

Patrick is back from DC, and despite being sick he has a story to tell. While his trip to Washington was mostly surrounded by positive and fun times, there was one incident that left a

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NLO 989: Cheesecaked

Sean from Liverpool makes a last appearance before heading off to Las Vegas. He’s still on his neverending six week honeymoon, with his wife whom Patrick has been teasing all week. She may or may

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NLO 988: Be a Girl

Cornell Reid and Sean from Liverpool are in the studio today. Cornell has discovered a new thing that lets girls rate guys on Facebook. Only you have to be a girl to even get access.

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NLO 980: Cash Trash

Shooby is in the studio today to help walk Patrick through the dysfunction. We talk about all kinds of stuff on today’s show, including the last show, which will be released to Overdose fans only.