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Aftershow 759 – Josh Denny

Join Josh, fan Chris, and intern Judy for this aftershow, discussing not only women, podcasting, interns, but also other things. Patrick wants to know what the deal is with ham salad. And more gross things….

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NLO 756: The Iowa Corn

Patrick is rocking solo in the studio today, taking your calls and taking care of business. He talks about his current situation, shirt orders, Overdose, interns, donations and more. But don’t think that means there

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NLO 712: Luxor Hotbox

Still in Las Vegas, Patrick sits down with Cleveland comic Ryan Dalton to talk about the Luxor pyramid and why it sucks, Ryan’s married life and how to deal with women, and much more. There’s

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NLO 604: Clam Snapper

Patrick is joined in the studio by Renee Gauthier, a comedian, and more importantly a woman. She’s showing off by not being a raging bitch, and she’s talking Canada all nice-nice with a fan, which

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NLO 523: Fancy Flying

Patrick is finally back in Los Angeles, home from the hell that is the midwest. Fat people, heaping helpings of hospitality, and a complete lack of ability to put him on a plane to a

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NLO 480: Fingerblast

Black people usually die young, Asians tend to live forever, and white people fall somewhere in the middle. Indian people are seldom attractive, and Tiger Woods only cheated on his wife because he has hot

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NLO 479: Meet Matt

Patrick and Johnny are joined in the studio by a long-time friend of Patrick. Matt is a musician and student of the world, and he has opinions on a lot of things you people need

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NLO 457: Fucking Females

We return from our hiatus, and we have a lot to talk about. The show has some changes going on, so bear with us while we play with some new formats. We talk about Patrick

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NLO 431: Eat Dead Pigs

Patrick is joined in the studio with Johnny and Chef, and there’s lot of new business to discuss. Johnny seems to be bailing on our London trip, and that means there will be disappointed fans