NLO 1382: Getting Gooky

Patrick is joined in the studio by comedian Matt Markman, who has the honor of being the first guest in our new studio. Matt is vaccinated, and Patrick recently had his first shot of the Pfizer shot. The guys discuss vaccination and conspiracies, along with what might be in it for Bill Gates if he is, in fact, microchipping all of us. Patrick wants to get a puppy, and is overwhelmed by the number of “doodle” breeds available. Rick’s Wings N’ Rings has some new dishes they’d like to promote during the show. Matt prefers comic book movies to things like Godzilla vs. Kong, but Patrick appreciates the latter for it’s authenticity. A Tampa Bay Buccaneer us under fire for using a racial slur in a tweet. Patrick is suspicious of YouTube relaxing it’s rules for monetizing videos. The guys really try to wrap their heads around an external catheter-pump thing for ladies. Patrick performs a cursory wellness check on our old friend Daddy Derek Savage and Cool Cat, and we find out why rage rooms might just be the latest scam by big box stores to sell more televisions.

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Episode Guests

Matt Markman

Matt Markman

Las Vegas, NV

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