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MEMBERS ONLY: Cool Cat VS. Dirty Dog – An Insane Watch Party!

Welcome to the jungle! It’s been a fun week in the miseryverse, with Kate Meaney teasing a new podcast, Chad Zumock beginning to spiral about Atlantic City, and so much more! What does the night hold for those bold enough to venture in to the night with these Onion knights so bold! Come along and join the brigade, and have a laugh or two with your pal Patrick before this weekend’s Christmas chaos befalls you.

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Members Only – 420 Awards (2023)

Help ring in Patrick’s birthday for real for real by watching the latest edition of Daddy Derek Savage’s latest edition of the 4/20 awards! He’s just four months late this year! The latest iteration of Derek’s delusional dream has the best production value ever, and we are here for it. Will Steve Pearl do another HILARIOUS standup set to no applause? How many times will Derek raise his white power fist? Will Cool Cat show is face? What if this awards show becomes the sleeper hit the nation has been waiting for? Only time will tell if this man’s desert dreams will ever come true.

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NLO 1382: Getting Gooky

Patrick is joined in the studio by comedian Matt Markman, who has the honor of being the first guest in our new studio. Matt is vaccinated, and Patrick recently had his first shot of the Pfizer shot. The guys discuss vaccination and conspiracies, along with what might be in it for Bill Gates if he is, in fact, microchipping all of us. Patrick wants to get a puppy, and is overwhelmed by the number of “doodle” breeds available. Rick’s Wings N’ Rings has some new dishes they’d like to promote during the show. Matt prefers comic book movies to things like Godzilla vs. Kong, but Patrick appreciates the latter for it’s authenticity. A Tampa Bay Buccaneer us under fire for using a racial slur in a tweet. Rage rooms are taking over, Cool Cat is back, and more.