December 9, 2023: MERSH Ain’t Fat! Kate Meaney Embarrasses Herself More! Saturday Vibes!

The rich come out on a Saturday to pick squares and embrace possibilities. The Imholte’s are in Las Vegas and the rumors are trickling in. Patrick has a challenge to issue to Aaron and April, but they’re too busy running around Las Vegas like rubes, dazzled by all the lights and free drinks. Kate Meaney has another video where she’s singing to all of us with he childish angelic voice. Watch as she stands on a table in her rich mom’s home and sings in to a gold club. Patrick’s in the mood for Mersh, and we watch some of this donkey’s latest clips. Mersh is going on a trip and wants everyone to know about his catsitter and the new automatic feeder he splurged on for his cat family. Mersh is also sick of people saying he can’t get laid, and he also doesn’t like Patrick calling him fat, no matter how much it’s the truth.

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