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SPECIAL: Legion of Cranks!

Our favorite Shuli Network nuts Bob Levy and Shuli Egar are headed to the big city to appear on Legion of Skanks with Luis J. Gomez, Big Jay Oakerson and more. Let’s watch an see if his really is intent on starting Podcast Wars 2023 or if this is all just fun and shames. Kevin is back on the defense as Chad rakes in the superchats and successfully silences Kevin’s lines of communication. What will happen next? Let’s go!

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EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Just kidding! This is a podcast on a platform for videos and Patrick is a comedian. None of this is of any importance! Patrick watches the late night MLC stream featuring Bob Levy and Ray Devito. Ray keeps saying insane things and lying while trying to still appease everyone. He’s a lost cause. Kevin Brennan and his guests get drunk and have a blast. Patrick gets talked (or superchatted) in to doing another hour, and we wade in to a disgusting minster named Mersh. A superfan named Brandon shows up and superchats about $500 in just a matter of minutes. Hero? Drunk? Who knows?

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Melton in the Morning – April 13, 2023

Patrick has upgraded the entire sound chain in the studio, and gotten rid of the line noise and hiss that has slowly developed and mired the show in an unpleasant audio cacophony. But crisp audio and fun time are on the way. Patrick gets schooled on how to improve the show by David Attenborough. Corey Adam cannot stop showing his ass and we are here for it – you won’t believe how odd his new “show” is. Some ex-comic in Tampa named Mersh or Merch (no one can confirm) seems to be harboring a decade-long resentment of Patrick because of an interaction years ago. Patrick rejected Mersh’s insane offering of post-midnight steaks and skanks, and that has scarred his brain forever.