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Steel Toe Watch Show – March 15, 2023

If Steel Toe Morning Show and Aaron Imholte can schedule time around his kids and making his wife clean up eggs and vomit to do a show every morning, so can I. Let’s watch our humpday edition of Steel Toe, which, with any luck, will see a squirming Corey Adam come to terms live with the monster Aaron has become, slinging hack jokes and impressions while trotting out puppets and party favors to beg for more money that Corey sees in a normal week. Can we help Corey Adam out? I think we can. Corey Adam will be getting half of the superchat money from today’s show, to help make up for the low pay at his main show.

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BONUS – April Showers After Hours

Chad Zumock’s attack has launched an internet fury that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Alamo. Who attacked Chad? Who sent them? Was it the mealy-mouthed morning show host with a flush wallet and a will to silence? Was it a biker bar owner with a need to salvage a reputation? Or was it a millionaire head of a fledgling network that has had enough of Chad’s repetitive insults and accurate decimations of a legend’s fading relevance? We WILL find out. Join us. We are going ALL NIGHT LONG.

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Steel Toe Shine Box Volume 3

Patrick continues down the rabbit hole of the Steel Toe Morning Show, watching Aaron Imholte join the guys over at Who Are These Podcasts in mocking some of Chad Zumock’s content to see if it matches the same energy Chad bought to the fight. We examine Steel Toe’s many logos and merchandise to see what sticks out, so to speak. Why does the Steel Toe in the logo have a hole in it? Why does it have a URL across it? Does Aaron iron his own merch? Yikes! Aaron Imholte is stuck in radio world,, fantasizing about Howard Stern coming on his show. You better hope Anthony doesn’t hear about this! Patrick wants an established title. Aaron’s confidence has been teleported over to Chad, who has a new glow.

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[BONUS] Chad Zumock VS. Steel Toe Morning Show! You Decide!

In late 2021, Patrick was introduced to a comedian named Chad Zumock when they worked together in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A year later, Patrick has noticed an increase in chatter about the Z-Man, and Chad has recenly been arguing with a radioman named Aaron Imholte based in Minnesota. Allegations of stolen credit cards, drunk driving, a mysterious Dry Bar Comedy special, ties to other podcasts and hosts, and so much more! We try to unravel this mess of broadcaster ball-busting, but the thread we pull just keeps getting longer. Watch as we trace the history of Chad Zumock through Kevin Brennan, Anthony Cumia, the Steel Toe Morning Show, and so many others. Who’s side are you on? Who’s the unreasonable one?