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NLO 1008: Quakes and Rapes

Comedian and red-vine enthusiast Josh Denny is in the studio, and this one is long. Josh recently got in to an argument with several sassy ladies, as well as a TV show writer, on Twitter by making some rape jokes. The guys share a disturbing preference for the same porn star when they handle their […]

NLO 1004: Three Musk

Cornell Reid is in the studio and he’s running late. As it turns out, he got a ride home last night and didn’t realize he didn’t have his car until show time. Patrick thinks candy isn’t exciting any more as an adult. Cornell has some big news which is surprising for most of the fans. […]

NLO 1001: Minding Moody

D-Fritz is in the studio today and he’s talking a lot of shit. He just cant stop gossiping about the fans and stuff. He also thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone. The other day I walked in to his room, and he just had tons of books on the floor about how to manipulate […]

NLO 987: Sean of the Wed

Patrick is back in the studio with regular shows after too weeks. In the studio today is fan Sean and his new wife Laura. Patrick does what he can to be nice but also tries to get them fighting likes most couples usually do. We talk about some old stories, and some new. Patrick is […]

NLO 986: How To Live Right

Patrick is fresh off a big boy plane from Texas. After spending some time in Houston and doing some shows in San Antonio, it’s good to be home. Patrick gets a welcome phone call from a fan named Ben who smokes a lot of week. Patrick talks about the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and why […]

NLO 984: Red Hawt

Comedians Al Jackson and Josh Denny are here. This ones is a long one, but the public version is shorter. Patrick and Josh get in to one of their epic ego battles, and Al Jackson just sits back to relax. You can here the complete redacted flight on the OD, but the public version is […]

NLO 980: Cash Trash

Shooby is in the studio today to help walk Patrick through the dysfunction. We talk about all kinds of stuff on today’s show, including the last show, which will be released to Overdose fans only. Apparently Patrick stalks a waitress online with the help of some fans. We get a call from a comedian guy […]

NLO 979: Waiting on Patrick

D-Fritz joins Patrick for an impromptu show where Patrick acts a little creepy.  

NLO 978: Ghostbusters, Too

Comedians Al Jackson and Dave Williams join Patrick in the studio for a post-Thanksgiving show. Aside from lightly recapping the Thanksgiving at Al’s, we talk about Black Friday. Patrick cashed out some Bitcoin and bought himself an iPad mini. We talk about some old movies, focusing way too much on Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2. There’s […]

NLO 975: Cashed Out

Patrick can’t stay long, so pull up a chair and listen good. Perhaps a lackluster ending to the entire Cliff Cash saga. Spoiler alert – he’s a liar. Patrick discusses some stupid project down on some lot or something. Whatever that means. Patrick talks about the ups and downs of Bitcoin, and yada yada yada. […]

NLO 974: Cupcakes and Comeuppance

Come for the Dave Siegel, stay for all the yelling! Patrick is hopped up on something today, because he’s wearing his voice out screaming at the guests. You have to watch the video of the show to find out that he’s doing it with a big silly grin on his face, but either way, he’s […]

NLO 973: Pontoons and Problems

Patrick is joined in the studio by comedian Forrest Shaw. The guys kick the show off with a discussion about women comics – a debate that has raged since the dawn of time. Patrick shows off his music career to Forrest. We hear Charles Barkley defend the use of racial slurs in a refreshing way. […]

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