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NLO 1092: Allies

Alli Breen joins the show for the first time in New York. We talk more about Adam Carolla and the recent ruling on the podcast patent he was fighting. We talk about the trans and gay community, and how they need to just chill out. No comedians are ever happy with their careers, from LA […]

Marathon Show – January 2014 – FULL VIDEOS

The entire 24-Hour Marathon Show video from our January 2014 Marathon Show in Los Angeles. This show features tons of great guests, including Moody, Will from NZ, Chip Chip Chris, Ken Barnard, Cornell Reid, Danny Lobell, Sean Green, Tess Barker, Josh Denny, a magician, an impressionist, maybe a satan worshipper, and so much more!   […]

NLO 1091: Wage Fap

Everyone’s favorite boi joins Patrick today via Skype from Los Angeles. The two talk about all of the recent hullabaloo involving the victimization of women. The wage gap. Rape culture. Discrimination in the workplace. Is any of it real, or are men just being made to look like boobs while everyone sits around feeling too […]

Road Audio: Tampa – Joe Comedy

Patrick records a rambling nut outside of an open mic in Dunedin, FL. This guy really tells it like it is.    

NLO 1089: NoPo

Patrick does a show with Tony Gaud in Tampa, Florida. The two are broadcasting from a rental car outside of Tony’s house, because, as you will see, there is a lot of commotion. Patrick talks about some stories from his current trip, and also teases some upcoming bonus audio with a nutjob comedian in Tampa. […]

AS 1086 – Chip Chip Chris

Patrick and Chris dive deeper into Carolla on this aftershow. We find out about some drama between him and his former news girl.    

NLO 1086: Stern Comedy

Patrick in joined in the studio by the one and only Chip Chip Chris. Patrick will talk about recent travel experiences, including a black woman at the ticket counter in Ohio who just didn’t want to do any work to make sure he got home at a reasonable hour. Chris relates his most recent experiences […]

NLO 1085: Cleveland Rocks

Patrick does an express road show from a hotel in Cleveland. Topics for this show include Cleveland, and how the shows are going, some crazy new drama, and a deep dish-cussion on pizza and a place in Ohio that has employees who are super high. Patrick teases a recent three hour bonus show that is […]

AS 1076 – Lukster’s Comedy Critiques

It’s an almost 3 HOUR aftershow with the one and only Lukster. On this show, we talk about all the recent standup specials that are making their way around this comedy circuit. You won’t believe what Patrick shoves in his mouth. And we find out exactly what’s wrong with women.    

NLO 1070: Ostentagious

Patrick does a short show from San Antonio with NLO-favorite, Ryan Stout. Ryan is in San Antonio for the holidays, and pops out to one of Patrick’s shows in town. The two make off to the green room to do a quick podcast. We talk about comedy green rooms, and some mother insider comedy talk. […]

NLO 1065: Ask Me Everything

Patrick does his first solo show in New York to plow through some stories. We talk about what’s gotten in to our old pal Josh Denny, who is apparently gone completely fruit loops with delusions. From asking his fans if they would participate in a Reddit AMA to belittling other people while boasting about his […]

NLO 1063: Great Scott

Comedian Scott Erick joins Patrick for today’s show. Scott is well on his way to being super-smashed, aka drunk as balls. We talk a lot about a story that seems to be polarizing a lot of people this week – the Michael Brown shooting. We read some of the eye witness testimonies, talk about how […]

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