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NLO 1140: Young Cory

Patrick is joined in the studio by a young comedian named Cory. Cory Chappo was on an NLO show in NYC a few years ago, and currently lives in Pittsburgh. Cory tells us how he had to flee the comedy community in Florida. Cory gives us advice for how to hit on women on the […]

Trump Hosts Saturday Night Live

We watch Donald Trump awkwardly stumble his way through hosting SNL. There’s sketches, embarrassing blunders, and more awkward badness as the night progresses. Put on your cringe hats.    

PM in the AM – Weds Nov 4, 2015

Patrick recaps some stuff from his week in Atlantic City. Bitcoin is on the rise again and Patrick is all hyped about it. We check in on the morning’s news stories.    

NLO 1137: Candy Con

Patrick is fresh off the boat from Atlantic City, and has tales to tell. There’s much more about the Halloween weekend at the Jersey Shore than can be recapped in this show, and of course there’s plenty of other developments. Patrick is continuing to lose weight and is pretty much shocked at how it’s going. […]

March of the Pigs – IndieNoNo Edition

For those following the latest on Josh, check out the latest small-batch lies.    

NLO 1125: Accidental Crack

Comedian Pete Lee joins Patrick in the studio for a quick show. Pete can’t stay for long, because he has to get off to therapy to try to fix the problems in his life. We can all identify with that. This show is a comedy nerd-out episode, with Patrick and Pete recounting stories from the […]

NLO 1124: Pablow the Blowfish

Patrick is back from a long hiatus, and it’s time to catch up. We go back to the MTV Video Music Awards and address the two biggest issues on everyone’s mind – Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. Miley is captivating Patrick with a ballad called Pablow the Blowfish. Patrick talks about some upcoming shows, gives […]

NLO 1118: Periodic Table of Pastas

Comedian Luis J Gomez sits in on today’s show, with tattoo-stress Cory. We talk about comedy in summer in the city, and the consequences of not always being politically correct and getting along with other comics. Luis intends to toughen Patrick up, from better tattoos to completely overhauling his eating with the Real Ass Diet. […]

NLO 1117: Washington Weed

It’s an action-packed Sunday afternoon with some of your favorites. We’ve got D-Fritz on the line, and on this show we find out just what he does for a living. No we don’t. We find out Shooby’s favorite new vodka and why his room smells like a spice market. We’re stoked about going to Seattle […]

NLO 1113: Seattle’s Best

Comedian Tony Gaud is visiting the studio from Florida. We weigh in on a lot of the upcoming NLO-related stuff. Patrick and D-Fritz are headed to Seattle to take in the wonder of freaks that is Vlogger Fair, and to do a show. We are in the planning phases and want to do it right, […]

NLO 1106: Mojito

It’s the middle of the night and a long lost ghost of shows past is here. She hasn’t been seen in a year or so, but she’s here now – it’s Mikala! Maybe you remember her and maybe you don’t. But you will. She’s fresh out of the theatre where she saw Jurassic World, and […]

NLO 1101: Equipping Fritz

Patrick is joined by his Sunday pal, ya boi D-Fritz. We are all on pins and needles to see if the money raised by D-Fritz for his new microphone setup was put to good use. Nope. He still sounds like crap, and what’s worse is the rumors are he is spending all of his money […]

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