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NLO 1156: Cruhz

Patrick is solo today after a last minute guest cancellation. A troubled teen stabbed himself on stage and didn’t mention NLO. Patrick talks about a recent experience at a show where he almost got an epic World Star Hiphop video, but it turned out just to be a titty grab. Learn more about the undertaking […]

NLO 1151: Skeletee

Comedian Dave Siegel joins Patrick in the studio for this tee-rrific show. Patrick is bitching about doing a morning show, and Dave didn’t bring him any coffee, which doesn’t help. Dave shows off his Skeletor/He-Man shirt. We talk about a recent article about the Beth Stelling rape situation that needlessly shift focus where it doesn’t […]

PM in the AM – Dec 17, 2015

Butch is in attack mode with several new tweets and threats. He’s trying to get Patrick blacklisted at comedy clubs. Let’s see how it goes.   `

NLO 1145: Dinah the Dummy

Patrick does a show with fan and real, live Bitcoin guy Mandrik. On this show, we of course will address all the latest with the Butch Bradley comedy club situation. Coby is being more stubborn than ever, and apparently there is now a mediator of sorts involved in the situation. A new face emerges from […]

PM in the AM – Mon Nov 30, 2015 (Part 2)

We’re reeling from Butch’s calls. We take a call from Sean in Liverpool who has some unique perspectives on the whole ordeal. Enjoy this extended morning show.  

PM in the AM – Sun Nov 29, 2015

The day after Black Saturday, Coby and Butch become AWARE. Listen live as all the shit breaks loose live. The music has been edited out from this for your listening convenience – original show was about three hours long.  

NLO 1143: Do AC

It’s been a week and so much has happened in the world of NLO. We’re joined today by comedian James Hesky, who also wasn’t paid by Coby Frier and Butch Bradley for his weekend in Atlantic City. We also take a phone call from Coby’s former business partner, adult film actress and Miss Howard TV […]

NLO 1142: Black Saturday

Patrick has gathered everyone together to hear a special story. It’s a story about how a comedian, once upon a Halloween, worked for a comedy club in Atlantic City, NJ. Now if you’ve ever visited New Jersey, you know that strange people and things are afoot. Come along down this rabbit hole as Patrick, along […]

NLO 1140: Young Cory

Patrick is joined in the studio by a young comedian named Cory. Cory Chappo was on an NLO show in NYC a few years ago, and currently lives in Pittsburgh. Cory tells us how he had to flee the comedy community in Florida. Cory gives us advice for how to hit on women on the […]

Trump Hosts Saturday Night Live

We watch Donald Trump awkwardly stumble his way through hosting SNL. There’s sketches, embarrassing blunders, and more awkward badness as the night progresses. Put on your cringe hats.    

PM in the AM – Weds Nov 4, 2015

Patrick recaps some stuff from his week in Atlantic City. Bitcoin is on the rise again and Patrick is all hyped about it. We check in on the morning’s news stories.    

NLO 1137: Candy Con

Patrick is fresh off the boat from Atlantic City, and has tales to tell. There’s much more about the Halloween weekend at the Jersey Shore than can be recapped in this show, and of course there’s plenty of other developments. Patrick is continuing to lose weight and is pretty much shocked at how it’s going. […]

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