Patrick begins the show with a very serious apology to some very special members of the comedy community in Las Vegas. Patrick may have misdirected some of his ire. Tonight we examine the world of Jack Spear, aka Dillion Dilligaf, aka Tim Chizmar’s hero. Dilligaf is the creator and one of the major causes of failure of The Blue Zone Comedy Tour, amongst other awful projects. He’s also starring in a movie about a violent and murderous disable military vet with severe problems negotiating the world. Dilligaf and Chizmar are advertising their Blue Zone Comedy show as the kickoff to a tour with the BEST comedians in the WORLD, and so much more. None of it is true, and these two dorks are super upset that Patrick spoke up. You won’t believe how deep the rabbit hole goes! Dave Stevens is helping Dilligaf fleece fives of unsuspecting seniors in to buying a ticket to this evening of craptacular comedy. And this isn’t the only grift these guys are involved in. Kitty Pineapple has a “dark passenger” named Lance and she doesn’t want you to know! Patrick also catches up on Michael Ray Bower with his latest video announcing merch and a podcast and a paid membership club! Tonight is full of idiots and projects that are sure to go nowhere!

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