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February 26, 2024: MUNDANE MONDAY! Steel Toe Is GIVING UP! Chad Zumock Has NO IDEA What To Do!

When things are at their worst, couples try to put on a facade. And if that’s not what Aaron and April Imholte from the Steel Toe Morning Show are doing, then they have Patrick fooled. The days of late-night macaroni salad and trips to Jersey Mike’s to chase away the blues with a tuna torpedo are coming to end, and we are here for it. Watch the wind-down of this sad program continue with the latest attempt to phone in a program for their remaining few brain-dead Minnesota fans. Chad Zumock appears for the first time in a week to do the muscle-memory version of what a 62 IQ child thinks a podcast might be. Patrick hasn’t seen it at all, and it’s time we take a thorough account of just what the mudshark thinks he is still doing. Strap in, spergs! We have a lot to catch up on!


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MEMBERS ONLY: GLUG GLUG! Chad Zumock Is A Walking Red Flag!

Happy Friday night and welcome to a members only stream. There’s lots of members streams out there, but this one is just for making fun of comedian Chad Zumock as he navigates a world that has rejected him. Determined to make people thing he is a still a working comic, and clamoring for relevance with some of the most B-list comics ever, Chad continues his fight for mediocrity and we are here for it!

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