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May 7, 2024: Steel Toe Morning Show GETS WORSE! The BIGGEST Ladies We Know! TRAINING TUESDAY!

We’d be ignoring our civic duty if we didn’t bring your daily dose of Aaron Imholte coping about his missing wife April Imholte, and losing his mind over his haters and the goal. How long will this guy continue to spaz out at the very people that support him and his insane fantasy to be behind a microphone for a living. Glitter and Lasers heads out on the water to see if she can float. What happens when a fat girl at sea can’t fit in to the bathroom? I know a bunch of fish and sea turtles that don’t want to find out. The chat determines what kind of fat is acceptable and we coin a new term, “normal fat.” We take Training Tuesday back to where it started with a visit to America’s most dangerous breakfast spot, Waffle House.


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Patrick is here on a Friday night to continue watching the appearance of Jesse PS from PodAwful as he attempts to navigate the muddy waters of St.Cloud Minnesota. Jesse mostly plays with Aaron, trolling him with confusing narratives about Opie and Anthony and his missing wife. Aside from hammering Aaron with the same truth bombs that the rest of the internet has been screaming at the weak-chinned non-man for over a year. Let’s watch a troll mess with a man who thinks he is beyond trolling and see what happens.

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