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NLO 1406: All Dogs Have Dreams

Patrick didn’t want this show to be like this, but sometimes you can’t control the direction of a circus. Patrick reveals a recent issue he’s been having in bed. No, not like that. But it involves pillows, intruders, sleep paralysis, and questions of time and space. It’s even having an influence on Patrick’s dog’s sleep habits, and we need answers. Thai Rivera left his apartment because it was too expensive, and had the cops called on him for being abusive and belligerent. Rumor has it that he’s sleeping in his car with Bijou while driving between here and Reno to service his new boyfriend/victim. Josh Denny is more emotional and angry than we could have ever known, and he lets it slip in a recent video therapy session. Juul wants to draw Patrick’s blood for money.


Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1406: Josh Denny Breaks Down!

Josh Denny has had about enough. He’s a man with limits. He has been quiet about this for almost eight years. Or four. Maybe six? Who remembers? But enough is enough. Patrick may think he’s won, hiding his vitriol behind his paywall because he’s terrified of the wrath of Josh’s attorneys. Plus, it’s easy for Patrick to go through life worry-free due to the privilege he’s derived from his private school education and inheritances, which has all contributed to his generational wealth. What the fuck is this about? Josh is on an emotional, angry bender, and it seems money is the root of all his bitterness. You won’t believe how little this dope knows about ANYTHING as he tips hand after hand in a game of ignorance poker the likes of which has never been seen.

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