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Patrick and a cast of kangaroo pals explore the Australian outback together in an old jeep. Trouble is right around the corner when the gang encounters a dingo in the bush! Patrick enjoys a chill Thursday watching some of the best of Las Vegas doing their thing. We check in with the Ocha Bar open mic, but it’s not going great. The “feature” comic can’t stop pacing all over the room and screaming. The internet saves us all and cuts out several times. Patrick tries to learn how to talk to legit Mexicans. We check in on the state of modern Zoom comedy and try to figure out what the attraction is. Patrick does a lot of impressions that probably aren’t very woke and may end up getting him cancelled.


Aftershow Video

Aftershow 1428: Oh and Eh

A deep dive in to the defunct careers of both Opie and Anthony, and how Josh Denny has decided this wagon without wheels is the thing that is going to get him to the next level. Opie and Anthony were a dynamic duo of radio the likes of which we will never see again, but as they have gone their separate ways, the magic has died. Opie is a lonely, bitter man who makes daily rants revisiting the good old days while talking shit about his former partner to a small pool of fans-turned-trolls who still frequent his social media channels. Anthony has ruined what was a golden opportunity to build a media empire by drinking and burning his head in the sand while idiots steal his money. And Josh Denny, comedy pilot fish, thinks that this old man and his "what was" is enough to propel him in to a golden era of entertainment's future.

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