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February 23, 2024: APRIL IMHOLTE Has RUINED Steel Toe! Aaron is DUMBER Than Anyone Ever Knew!

April Imholte has systematically become broken down as a cohost and a woman on the Steel Toe Morning Show, first by the listeners and now her own husband. Watch as April tries to host the show herself, regaling the chat with tales of how she murdered a deer and let it go to waste and how she is so hungry she can’t stop rubbing her tit. This woman is the single worst decision Aaron Imholte ever made in his life, and he hers. A more disasterous couple there has not beedn, and the road is only getting bumpier as time goes on. Mooby doesn’t know the difference between tires and wheels, and teaches everyone how cars work, proving he may be the dumbest man behind a microphone. Let’s examine April and find out if the hate she receives is worth it, or if it’s just a bunch of horned up incels who wish they could have the way with her bony body.


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MEMBERS ONLY: GLUG GLUG! Chad Zumock Is A Walking Red Flag!

Happy Friday night and welcome to a members only stream. There’s lots of members streams out there, but this one is just for making fun of comedian Chad Zumock as he navigates a world that has rejected him. Determined to make people thing he is a still a working comic, and clamoring for relevance with some of the most B-list comics ever, Chad continues his fight for mediocrity and we are here for it!

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