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May 14, 2024: Aaron Imholte & April Anderson SPLIT! Did AARON IMHOLTE Expose His Children to DRUGS?!

Aaron Imholte has ruined April Anderson, the simple Minnesota farm girl he plucked from a factory while cheating on his pregnant wife. And now that April’s prime years have been sucked away, and her innocence and self-esteem have been pummeled by the internet and her once-loving husband. Did drugs and copious amounts of dangerous unprotected sex with swingers cause April to run for the hills? Only time will tell, as Mooby lets his resentment fester and leak out through his narcissistic holes. The beginning of the end has been sweet so far, but Mooby’s pride and narcissism are just ramping up and it won’t be long until he starts trashing his former blonde princess.


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Members Only: Minnesota Racist Radio Host APRIL ANDERSON Wants A New Life!

Aaron Imhote has tossed April Imholte to the wolves, letting her start her life over and reclaim her once-promising future in the stark Minnesota landscape. April Anderson is out looking for work, wondering where the next chapter of her life will take her. But will the habits and hauntings of the past make things difficulte for her to forge ahead? You decide.

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