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Roast – March 2012 (Mike Bridenstine, Tess Barker, Moshe Kasher)

This is video of the roast from Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at the Hollywood Improv. Patrick talked about this on the latest show with Tom Segura (Show 768). Mike Bridenstine hosts, Patrick and former guest Tess Barker are on the dais. Also on the dais is hilarious comedian Moshe Kasher who will be on the show soon. Sorry for the HORRIBLE camera angle. The podium was moved before it started and I had no idea until I saw the tape! I made an MP3 format for you on-the-go creeps. Enjoy this roast!


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19 Responses to “Roast – March 2012 (Mike Bridenstine, Tess Barker, Moshe Kasher)”

  1. Heather Thompson = Momedy

  2. I’m an on-the-go creep, feels good man.

  3. Keep your babies out of my pussy. 

  4. This was fantastic! 

  5. That crazy bitch needed to dial it down a notch.

  6. This is great!

  7. It seems like Patrick thought he did worse than he actually did. I thought it was pretty great. Only he and Bridenstine really made me laugh.

  8. Patrick crushed, man. Not just saying that as a fan. Is the LA style of comedy to act like you’re completely disinterested in your own jokes and generally too cool to be there?

  9. Patrick that was great!

  10. “Josh Denny will be the only one there” *queue Stewie Griffin laugh in background* 

  11. That was awesome 0:07:30-0:08:00

  12. I didnt think the crazy bitch was going to be quite that crazy. I thought Patrick was exaggerating. NOPE!

  13. Omg Patrick! You killed! Tears were rolling down my cheeks! Love this! I can’t with the Morgan Freeman joke. Well done!

  14. Moshe’s awesome blossom joke had me bust out laughing.

  15. Man, Brido spent a lot of time behind that pole.

  16. wow this was awesome. Pat did great… Heather Thomson… not so much. just entertaining to see her take a verbal shit on stage and see all of the other comics uncomfortable reactions to her failure.

  17. Hahah I love it when comics get all touchy whenever someone makes fun of Tina Fey.  Most of them fake being edgy and are too scared to make fun of established comics.

  18. Why have I never heard anyone point out how Moshe Kasher sounds like motion capture? I THINK ABOUT IT EVERY TIME I HEAR HIS NAME!

  19. If you converted that woman’s jokes into a line, it would be a directionless scribble with no discernible start or finish

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