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Hitting On Gross Cougars

Patrick goes out drinking with Mike Bridenstine. Mike Bridenstine gets HAMMERED. Mike hits on these two cougars relentlessly, and then after the blonde tells him to give up, he hits on two lesbians. This is an interview outside with the cougars, and then Patrick tries to get the fugly one’s number and gets denied. All in HD. This is great!


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17 Responses to “Hitting On Gross Cougars”

  1. Goddamn, Brido. Brido, goddamn.

  2. This is great.  “Would you like him better if he turned his hat backwards?” lol

  3. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike’s got game

  4. Classic Brido. AMIRITE? *High Fives*

  5. Sweet Jesus.

    Please tell Mike not to drink so much the next time…..he’s not exactly a chick magnet when his BAC is over .20


  6. Oh my lord… I wonder why the one isnt married…

  7. “Do you wish to Unsubscribe from the Podcast  “Gentlemen Scumbags”… *CLICK*

    Either up your game Brido or stop drinking…Jesus man…

  8. all 23 year old girls are stupid? nice face, ya old bitch. the red head looks like some sorta dork fish. them acting like their pussies are so precious is hilarious. the whole video is hilarious.

  9. What’s a dork fish? I thought she had a horsey face.

  10. lol seriously… I love how they are acting like they actually have anything to work with. FUCKING NASTY BITCHES haha

  11. Give em hell Mike.

    Give em hell.

  12. ‘I’ve been hard all night’ Haha

  13. I don’t like to bust on someone ‘just’ for being homely, but I’m eating while watching this and I had to exit fullscreen mode because the one on the left’s face is wrecking my appetite.

  14. “…is it holding a phone like a dainty women”. Random women appears  two seconds later talking on a phone. Ok so she’s not exactly dainty, but that was fucking weird Patrick!

  15. If you throw water on the one on the left, will she melt?

  16. god DAMN…the one on the left looked like every woman from southern Oklahoma. Jesus, pack-an-hour whores. 

  17. Bitch looks like Mary Brown from the Blair Witch Project

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