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NLO 508: Jamie Kennedy Show

This show was before we were in HD, and before we saved our video shows. But I found this in a folder a week ago and wanted to get it up on the Overdose for the people who never saw it. You can go listen to episode 508 in the archives if you haven’t heard it!


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7 Responses to “NLO 508: Jamie Kennedy Show”

  1. Awesome show. It did kinda get annoying when he kept asking about the show, deja some other comedians that wanted to copy your setup. Plus that whole “keep it clean” stuff was annoying. Understandable because of his shows, but clean comedy is boring comedy. It can be funny, but it has no life to it.

  2. He was being nanny as fuck.

  3. What did Jamie expect?  He’s worked with Patrick before and presumably seen his material.  He was really being a douche.

  4. As excited as I was to see someone like Jamie Kennedy, I thought this was one of the worst shows, at least one of of my least favorite. Meh. Never was a real Jamie Kennedy fan anyway. 

  5. the difference in quality from this show to now is unreal. I can’t believe how much better it looks.

  6. Listening to him ask all those questions reminded me of Segura. It was creepy how he wanted to know all the business numbers.

  7. I like Jamie Kennedy. It’d be cool to maybe see him back on the show some day, but hopefully a little more relaxed. He seemed freaked out by literally all of it, then he lightened up, then regressed. I’m just wondering what happened to that second SM7B?

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